Monday, December 22, 2008

Whoa, Baby!

Morgan had her two-week checkup today -- all is well! She has gained 10 oz since our last visit (which was just last week)! She now weighs 6 lbs, 14 oz -- almost a seven pounder! :-) The doctor seemed very pleased with her progress. She also said it's okay to increase her ounces to three per feeding. And we should feed her more frequently in the evening to promote a good night's sleep. So a few things will change after today's appointment.

My doctors appointment also went well. I'm healing pretty good -- he told me there's no need to see him when I return from out of town unless I have problems. He also prescribed me birth control pills (I have no idea when I can start taking him...I need to call him tomorrow). They're the TriCyclen generics that he told me are only $9 at Wal-Mart Pharmacy. It's actually the same pill I was on before Morgan...but I was paying $30 at CVS! Glad to know my contraceptive bill has been sliced to a third!

On another note, Morgan's Social Security card came today. She's official now! Now I have to get her birth certificate. Now where is that paper the hospital gave me to mail off?...

Off to shower (and I really gotta find that paper tomorrow)! DK and I are going to try to watch a movie while the little one is asleep. Wanted, with Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman. I hope I can stay awake because I've heard it's good!


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Two Weeks Old!

Morgan is two weeks old! And we fall more in love with her every day. She's getting a bit used to the wipe-down baths, so she doesn't scream and holler as much when she's getting them. I'm ready for the umbilical cord thingy to fall off, though -- I'm ready for her first real bath! Plus, she has the cutest little tub; I can't wait to try it out.

She seems to be hungry a little more, so I'll be asking the pediatrician tomorrow about increasing her ounces per feeding. I talked with a friend of mine that had a baby a month before me, and her baby was eating three, sometimes four, ounces at this point. She was two pounds heavier than Morgan at birth, though, so I'll see what the pediatrician says first.

We have no more help! :-) My mom was with us the first week, and my mother-in-law was here the second (we have great moms!). Danny and I tried to do a lot on our own when they were here so we wouldn't go into shock when we were finally alone with her. So far, it's been fine. The only thing is Morgan has her days and nights mixed up -- pretty typical, I guess. But we're working on that. We're trying all kinds of things and are hoping to have something worked out in a few weeks. I'd like to have her on a good schedule by the time I go back to work.

Back to work...ugh. :-( It makes me sad to think that in just FOUR WEEKS, I'll be taking my six-week old baby to daycare! I guess not having a choice makes it a little bit easier...but I pray that my obsessive-compulsiveness about her eases up by then. I'd be going crazy at work not knowing how she's doing. And I know I'll do that anyway, but I hope it's just not so bad. Because if she were to go to daycare right now, I'd be a straight nutcase...

Morgan and I both go to the doctor tomorrow. She's going for a two-week check-up (after that, the next one is at two months). My appointment is actually a week earlier than it should be. I'll be out of town at the three-week point, so I've asked my doctor to see me a week ahead of time...just to be sure I'm healing like I should be. I definitely plan to go back as soon as I get back.

We're going to Nashville for the WCA Cheer and Dance National Championship, an event we work every year. It's usually Danny, my in-laws, my mom, and me that goes on this "work trip." This year is different. I'm not working. My mom isn't going at all. And we obviously have a new little person going with us. I'm nervous about being away from home for the first time. When I think hotel, I think GERMS. Ugh. But my pediatrician approved the trip, so I couldn't argue with my husband (who has been insisting we go for months). And I always said that she'd have to be at least three weeks old for us to go...and she will be. Darn it.

And then I think we're going to New Orleans right after that for the Sugar Bowl. By that time I shouldn't be so obsessed with her being okay. I LOVE New Orleans VERY much, and am definitely looking forward to revisiting. I'm curious to see how the city has changed since I went 10 years ago, and after Katrina. I fell in love with the rich culture of New Orleans when I was 15 years old, so I'm sure I'll appreciate it even more as an adult.

Well, I have to go finish Christmas cards that I should've sent last week! And I haven't wrapped one present. And Christmas dinner is at our house, so I need to do some cleaning and stuff. Lots to do, obviously -- gotta go! Still loving life, though! It doesn't get any better!

Monday, December 15, 2008

She's One Week Old

Our little Morgan is 1 week and 1 day old. Life with her is HEAVEN. Granted, we've had help (my mom, my mother-in-law, and my sister-in-law), but we've tried to do so much on our own while they're here. She's had her fussy days (and I'm sure there's more -- and worse -- where that came from) but I wouldn't trade this life for the world!

Morgan has the biggest, brightest eyes I've ever seen. We like to just sit and look at them. I love to hold her and smell her -- and she has the cutest little lips! She does this thing where she's searching for something to suck on -- she looks like a little bird!

From day one, everyone has said she looks like her daddy. Well, that hasn't changed. I probably hear it more everyday. So I guess the verdict is in. And he LOVES her. I mean, of course, he does. But I just think it's so sweet.

Morgan does have my long, skinny fingers, though. And she sleeps with her mouth wide open, like me. She had to get something from me, right? Lucky her (especially the mouth-wide-open thing). :-)

She hates baths! Well, we're having to give her the scaled down version of baths right now ('til the umbilical cord thingy falls off), and she HATES it. She's cold...awww. :-( I can't wait until we can give her a bath in her big, pink tub she has. I hope she loves bathing as much as me, or we'll have a problem every night!

She had her first official doctors appointment today. She's gained weight! She now weighs 6 pounds, 4 ounces. Her next appointment is Monday -- is it possible to have a 7 pounder by then? I guess we'll see!

Overall, life is great right now! She's brought so much joy to the Kimble-Mitchell-Simmons clan. Sometimes I miss being pregnant -- I miss those little jabs I'd get every morning around 5:30. I miss those little stretches she'd do in the middle of the day. And I miss seeing that little elbow/knee poking out around my navel.

But I'm soo glad she's here!
Our Favorite Hospital Pic

Big, Bright Eyes

Baby Bird!!?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We Have a Baby!

She's here! Morgan Danielle was born Sunday, December 7 at 10:00 AM. She weighed 6 lbs 1 oz and was 20 inches long. Everyone was so surprised at how bright-eyed and alert she was (and still is). I'm enjoying every minute of her! My dear mom is here helping me, and she said she's very proud of Danny and me -- especially since she knew we had zero baby experience. That meant sooo much coming from her -- my little mommy confidence is through the roof now. =)

If you don't want the abbreviated version of the birth story (hey, some people wanna know!), you can skip on down to the pictures...

Remember I had the false alarm Tuesday. Then Friday night/early Saturday morning, I had another. The contractions were stronger -- just not close enough together. I was sent home again. Then later Saturday evening, the contractions had gotten so strong and painful that I called my doc and said, "I'm in so much pain, I could vomit" (and I wasn't exaggerating). So since it'd been 12 hours since my last visit to Labor and Delivery, he insisted that I come in. I went in and they admitted me -- sort of a wait-and-see thing.

As the night went on, the contractions got 10 times worse. Ahhhh! Soooo painful! Once I was dilated six, they gave me an epidural -- at that point, I knew I was having a baby! Wow. So after the epidural, I was GOOD, of course, and she was delivered a few hours later.

That's an abbreviated story; I could go on and on (like including the fact that the cord was wrapped tightly around her neck -- yikes!). But I know if I tell you these things, I'd have to tell you every little thing. You only have so many hours in your day! =) Bottom line is, everyone's healthy, we came home Tuesday, and it's been a joy.

And here are pictures of our little girl. Still can't believe we're parents... =)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Decorations

Here are our Christmas decorations! I moved our tree from it's original location. Since we're not doing outside decorations, I figured we could at least put the tree at the front window for passers-by to see! :-)

And I would love to put lights and stuff over my fireplace, but I'm not a huge fan of lights (as mentioned in a previous post). I'm excited about our decorations -- more so she can see them when she gets home! I'm sure a big, bright Christmas tree will be quite a sight for a newborn. :-)

Football Updates!

Hoover won last Friday night! That means we'll be at Legion Field this Saturday playing for the state championship! Apparently Hoover is the underdog this year -- I guess that's fair since this will be Prattville's third consecutive year in Birmingham (the first resulted in a win over us!). But we'll just see what happens. I had faith in us early this season when most people thought we'd be just average, and I definitely have faith that we'll show Prattville an above average team Saturday. I think it will be a great game and have a feeling the people in black and orange will be going home happy. I'm so proud of the Bucs! Yeah!

And the baby attended her first Iron Bowl on Saturday. Yes, my nine-months pregnant butt was sitting in the stands of a crazy college football game. It was drizzling and my hair was a mess, but I was fine. I got a lot of nice comments and sympathy looks from people (I guess I must be huge), but I hope the smile on my face made it clear that I actually wasn't that uncomfortable. I only stayed in there a half before I went back to the tailgate spot, though. I left my husband in there cheering the Crimson Tide on to victory.

I'd much rather be back at the tailgate spot lounging in a chair with my feet on a cooler drinking an orange juice watching the game on the big flat-screen. That was a long sentence, but I'm not changing it. :-)


Well, today I am officially one week from my due date! I stayed home from work today because I had a false alarm last night. I guess I shouldn't call it a false alarm since I knew I wasn't in labor, but it did result in a trip to Labor and Delivery!

I'll try to make a long story short. All day yesterday I was having Braxton Hicks -- the painless contractions. While this is absolutely normal, it wasn't normal for me to have so many at a time. I usually have about three or four a day. Yesterday, I was having at least five in an HOUR. I stayed at school and wasn't very concerned at all. Then when I got home and they became six to siven minutes apart, Danny and I got a little curious. Again, no pain, but we were wondering what was going on. Around midnight we decided to call it a night and just "see what happens." When neither of us could go to sleep -- I guess we weren't comfortable with the uncertainty -- I went ahead and told Danny, "Let's go." I knew I wasn't in labor, but I just wasn't used to having so many contractions. (Hey, I could've very well been one of those women that have a painless labor!)

So we went in and they confirmed that I was definitely having contractions -- six to seven minutes apart. Apparently they were pretty strong, too; she asked if I was in pain (no). I was only a fingertip dilated -- cervix practically closed. But it was softening (which is some progress from yesterday's doctor appointment. Notice the lack of update for that! Nothing new from the last!). So they sent me home (as expected) and told me to call/come back when they are five minutes apart and become more intense.

This morning they were still six to seven minutes apart, but they've seemed to let up a little since then. Now they're about 10-15 minutes apart -- am I going backwards?! I wasn't frustrated or impatient at all before these contractions started -- I was patiently waiting for her to come. But I guess I let myself get a little excited when they started, and am a little disappointed that they're letting up. :-( I did learn at my appointment yesterday that if she's not here by the 10th, he'll induce on the 16th/17th. At least I know she won't be here any later than that.

Anyway, I've been at home all day and originally planned to do more around the house. There isn't much left, really. My tree is up. The nursery's done. The living room and kitchen are neat. I guess I could work on my side of the bedroom -- it could use a little straightening up.

Looks like I'll be back to work tomorrow! Goodness, what am I going to do with my students? It's hard trying to plan when you know you could very well NOT be there the next day. I don't want to leave them hanging or push a sub in the middle of a complex unit. Oh, well. I'll figure something out before morning.

I'm attaching pics of the nursery.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Day After Thanksgiving

We had a great Thanksgiving. It was a special day since it was one of Ashleigh's (Danny's sister) first days in her NEW HOUSE! She closed just the day before! Ms. Pat (my mother-in-law) prepared some good food -- ham, turkey, dressing, mac and cheese, green bean casserole, and sweet potatoes. I ate twice. : )

We left about 7:30 as Danny had to rest up for Friday's game. He sat down and watched a game when he got home, and in between, helped me put up the Christmas tree! It's our very first time putting up a tree with lights and decorations! We've done minor stuff in the past for Christmas. (Okay. REALLY minor stuff. All I've done the past couple of years is put a bell on the door.)

Well, the decorations aren't up yet, though -- I'm doing those today. I wanted to do them last night, but I didn't quite have everything I needed (like ornament hooks!). I was excited because last year after Christmas, I hit Sears up for lots of stuff -- ribbons, ornaments, and such. I got most of that stuff for like 75% off! Well, a lot of it I couldn't use, unfortunately. I loaded up on ribbons last year, but now I'm afraid to put them on the tree since they're fabric. I have this horrible fear that the tree will catch fire. And it doesn't help that last night I dreamed the tree caught fire like five times. Yeah.

So about 9:00 this morning, I got out in the Black Friday madness to get more decorations. I went back to Sears since I pretty much wanted all the stuff to match. Got some decent prices, I guess. But I'm never doing that Black Friday thing again. First of all, I hate shopping. Then to go in there with all those people and have to park ACROSS THE STREET from the Galleria -- ugh, it's just not worth it. The good thing about it is I saw Doreni (Tommie's girlfriend) and her daughter walking to their car as I was walking to mine. It made the trip worth it since I haven't talked to her in a couple of weeks.

Went I got back from Sears, Danny wanted to go to the Carter's outlet store to get a few more items for the baby. We ended up finding a few little outfits -- hopefully one will be her coming home outfit. They are pretty little dresses. One is Christmas-colory, but I don't think she'll be big enough for it. It's a 3-month. Some of the items will eventually go back since we got two sizes in a couple of them. The entire store was 50% off, and then I had a coupon for an additional 10% off. So we got some pretty good deals.

While we were there, DK wanted to go grab some items from the Ralph Lauren outlet for Coach (his dad). So I ducked into the KB Toy outlet store. I said that Morgan would be getting one small item from DK and me for her first Christmas. Well, I'm all about learning toys. Apparently they don't start "learning" until after six months. At least that's what it seems with the toys. I only found about three learning toys for true newborns, so I had to get them all. Plus, they were buy two, get one free.

So today I've accomplished (so far) getting the rest of my decorations, some more clothing for the baby, and all of her Christmas gifts. I now have to do a little more organizing in the nursery (no, I have not finished that yet) and get all of the bags out of the kitchen (kitchen is full of stuff!). And finish the tree, of course! I'm pretty excited! I hope to come back later and post pics of the decorations.

Oh! And Hoover plays Huntsville tonight! If (or WHEN) we win this one, we go to Legion Field! Go Bucs!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Doctor Appointment & Last Shower

We had our 37-week appointment today (we'll be 38 weeks in two days), and everything is looking good. I'm not dilated and there's really no change in my cervix. My doctor insists that I should NOT assume nothing will happen soon. He said that at this point, I could have her tomorrow or two weeks from now! So that's pretty exciting.

I was a little concerned about her growth because people are telling me I'm "small." And to be honest, I've thought so myself; I'm simply not as big as I thought I'd be. And I should be thankful for that, right? Well, a few months ago, I was. But when I'm merely two weeks from delivering and people tell me I look six months pregnant, I start to worry that my baby isn't growing! I even self-diagnosed myself with "too little fluid" or something.

So of course I mentioned it to my doctor today. He said my uterus is measuring perfectly. And to ease my fears, he did an ultrasound to be sure there is adequate fluid. Turns out, everything's fine. He even told me I've gained 20 pounds. So maybe it's just the way I carry. I'm just glad to know everything is fine. And when people tell me I'm carrying small, I'll take it as a compliment now.

I had my last shower today. My department at work threw it. It was nice and intimate. And of course the baby got some adorable stuff. The funniest gift was a nursery sanitizer -- my co-workers can tell you about my phobia for germs. I was SO glad to get it (it was, in fact, on my registry)!

People have been so generous to us, and we are so grateful. We've had a total of 3 1/3 showers. I'll explain. The first "shower" was for three people -- there were three pregnant coaches' wives at the time (the other two have delivered already!). It was a diaper/wipes themed shower, so that's obviously mostly what we got (love the practical gifts!). We also got a few other items such as personalized burp clothes and a hooded towel. It was extremely nice of the other coaches' wives.

Then I had my friends and family shower thrown by my sister-in-law. It was lovely! I got a chance to see loved ones (friends and family) I hadn't seen in a while. Everyone was so helpful with the decorating and cleaning. And of course we got lots of gifts that completely filled her nursery.

Then the shower after that was thrown by my school's celebrations committee. It, too, was lovely, and we got several things for her. I remember getting several books at that shower -- I guess that's typical when you have lots of teachers. Anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE BOOKS! So I was very grateful.

So people have been very generous -- friends and family. There hasn't been much at all that Danny and I have had to purchase to get ready for her. We are so lucky to have friends, family, and co-workers that care so much. If you are reading this, most likely you're one of those people. So THANK YOU. We are extremely grateful.

Well, I should go now. I have to finish packing my bag (which I started last night), and I hope to do a little in the nursery (which I didn't get to yesterday). I DID go see Twilight, and I liked it! It was very much like the book. And the characters were beautiful. I enjoyed it!

Well, goodbye for now!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Appointment Tomorrow

Edited to Add: This was my very first post for this blog, and I just pretty much failed to mention it in the original post.  That's pretty important info, isn't it?  I was very pregnant at this time, so I'll blame it on preggo-brain...

Well, I'm on weekly appointments now (I'll be 38 weeks Wednesday), and our next appointment is tomorrow. They'll be doing a physical exam to determine if we're making any progress. I'm hoping Baby Girl comes a few days late so I can finish the semester at school, but I would be just as happy if she came any day now. Especially since I got this strange urge Friday at work to finalize my sub plans just in case. We're out of the classroom for a week (for the Thanksgiving holiday break), and so much can happen in that time period. So I finalized my lesson plans, cleaned my messy desk, and left it ready for my sub.

It's Sunday morning right now, and, as usual, Danny's sleeping in. I wish I could sleep in. But I'm up bright and early, always thinking about the things I need to do (and strangely enough, the days ends with little of it done). Today my plans are to pack my bag for the hospital and finish the nursery. All the big things are done (I even cleaned out the closet last week and put all her little stuff in it). I just need to finish organizing things.

I also plan to go see the movie Twilight today with a couple of the coaches' wives. They got me hooked on the books a couple of weeks ago. I'm excited about that since Danny and I haven't seen a movie theater since before football season. And because it's probably one of the last times I'll see a theater in a while.

Speaking of football season, we have to win one more game before going to the state championship! Besides a loss to a team out of Georgia, we've had a pretty good season. The championship game is four days before my due date. I wouldn't be surprised (or disappointed) if I'm still big and pregnant at that time. I'll definitely be there if I am! If I can help it, I'm not missing a Hoover football game!

And if Alabama wins the SEC championship that same day, my dear husband has insisted that we're driving to Atlanta immediately after the Hoover game. It WOULD be my luck that I go in labor while we're out of town. I'd be devastated because I'm so set on delivering at Brookwood. My experience with this hospital has been phenomenal, and I couldn't imagine delivering anywhere else.

Anyway, I'm craving a double cheeseburger meal from McDonald's, so I'm ending this post. Goodbye!

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