Friday, January 23, 2009

Got It (Happy Baby)!

I'm always pretty slow with the camera when Morgan smiles (or can't find it!), but I got it this time! Below are a couple of pictures from a few minutes ago. :-)


This past week has shown me just how much my life is changing. And quite honestly, the transition hasn't been as hard as I thought it'd be.

In a nutshell, I went back to work. Which means Morgan went to daycare. (Sad face.) Monday was a holiday so I didn't have to go in until Tuesday. But to avoid being a complete nutcase and bucket of tears on Tuesday, I took Morgan to daycare on my day off. Danny and I dropped her off about 11:00 that day. I just knew I'd cry...but I didn't. (Happy face.)
And she stayed for a while, too, as it gave Danny and me a chance to get some things done. We ran a few errands and grabbed some lunch at a new little restaurant by our house. He had basketball practice at my school later that day, which made it so convenient for me to go to my classroom to prepare for my week back. I had a unit waiting for me when I got back, but I felt the urge to whip up an activity on the presidential inauguration. :-) It went well!
We went to pick Morgan up that evening, and she'd had a good day. She slept most of the time. One of the teachers was already attached to Morgan by the time we picked her up. She said she had to keep herself from holding her the whole time. Hey, I don't mind my kid being a teacher's pet!

The next morning was when I thought I'd cry. It was a tough morning for the simple fact that it was my first time getting myself ready for school, her stuff ready for daycare, and dropping her off by myself. I was frazzle-brained, but it went pretty well. Cry, I did not.

And the week went on. It got better. I can do things faster already. I got to school 20 minutes earlier today than I did the first day back. So here it is -- the end of the first week of my new life. "Working mom" feels good. I'm tired as heck, but I can work on that. Morgan's daytime sleep has already lessened considerably (thanks to daycare). Her first day or two, she slept all day. Yesterday and today, she slept no more than four hours per day. I'll take it! She's been waking up once or twice a night. She pretty much goes back to sleep after eating, so that's all that matters.

Oh, how could I forget! Morgan went to the doctor this week to get the last tiny piece of the umbilical cord out. Danny took her since it was my first week back at school. I had a million questions for the doctor and my husband, that I love soooo much, was sure to ask them all for me!

First of all, Morgan is fat. I mean REALLY fat. At least that's what we thought. Danny even thought we were overfeeding her (I didn't). When she was weighed at the doctor's office, we discovered that she does, in fact, weight 10 lbs (I was expecting nine -- not 10)! But the doctor says that's she's healthy and not gaining too quickly. And what she's eating is PERFECT for her age. I guess we were just being worrisome parents. (She's still fat, though.)

She's getting over some baby acne, too, that has her skin super dry. I was afraid she had eczema, but it turns out she doesn't. Happy about that.

Then her tongue bothers me. I try cleaning it often, but it's still a little too white for me. I feared thrush. Of course it's not thrush. She said if it was thrush, I'd "know it" and the white would be more places than her tongue. It's just milk and she said to clean it with a wet washcloth. I've been doing that, doc! Apparently it's nothing to be concerned about, so I'll just leave it alone...for now.

I had a couple of other questions for the doc, but I can't remember at the moment. Plus, this blog is extremely wordy, so I'm trying to cut back...

Overall, my new life has proven challenging. But it's nothing I can't handle. It's Friday, and I feel great. I didn't go crazy! They say the first week is the hardest. Seems like I am, in fact, a BIG GIRL! :-)

Below are some recent pics.

Looking like my daddy...

Just finished smiling (mommy's slow with the camera).

On the way to my first day of daycare.

About to leave for my first day of daycare.

Yep, I still love baths. :-)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Who are you, and what have you done with my baby?! (Bath Update)

MORGAN LOVED HER BATH! She was a totally different child -- so peaceful. She looked up at me as I washed her hair. She loved when the water rolled down her little chest and back. Get this -- she cried when I got her out!

I'm convinced it was the location that had her upset. That freakin' window in the kitchen must have cold air coming through. BAD window!

I'm so glad my daughter doesn't hate baths...ahhh, what a way to end the day.


After Morgan's umbilical cord fell off during our trip, we were excited to get home and give her a "real" bath for the first time. Her first bath was Tuesday, January 6, and it was NO FUN FOR MORGAN! She hated it. Typical, I guess. This bath was given by both parents.

Fast-forward to the next day. Danny's at work and I get the bright idea to attempt the next bath alone. I did this for two reasons. 1. Her first bath was rushed. She was screaming so much, I felt like I was torturing her. So I made it quick. As a result, I didn't feel she was clean enough. 2. I knew the majority of Morgan's baths would be given by me, so I needed to get some practice doing it alone.

I shouldn't have attempted the second bath. For two reasons. 1. She didn't need it. It's no secret that babies don't really get dirty this early in life. You could even get by with just a couple of baths a week, according to many Web sites. It could have waited. 2. I needed a little more practice (with help -- with her daddy!) before attempting it alone.

But I attempted to give her the bath, anyway. Typical.

So I put her in there. She was actually pretty calm at first. She seemed to enjoy the warm water -- for about 10 seconds. Then I guess it got old because she started screaming. But with that cry came a look I'd become all too familiar with -- the BOO BOO look! I'm laughing and thinking, "Oh, no, Morgan, you CANNOT be doing what I think you're doing." Well, lo and behold, we have a new friend in the water. I grab that little turd as soon as it hits in an attempt to prevent "water contamination." I was successful.

Until the look came again. "No problem. I can just grab this next one, too," I was thinking. Well, I didn't plan on the next one being twice as long. So when I grabbed it, it broke up in the water. Boo boo debris EVERYWHERE. So at this point, I'm like, "I've gotta get her out of this crap -- literally." :-)

So I take her out, wrap her in her towel, and lay her on her play gym until I quickly change the water (and get rid of all the extras in the water).

I ended up running new water and giving another "quick" bath. She hated it. But boy, was it funny.

Since I'm still not satisfied (she still hasn't had a "good bath," if you ask me) I'm attempting her next bath in just a few minutes (hey, it's a new week!). This time I'm going to place her tub on the nursery floor -- I think putting it in the kitchen sink under a window wasn't the best idea. She seemed awfully cold...

Wish me luck! I hope the worst has come and gone...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Just a Few Pics

I've really been slacking on the pictures, so here are a few random ones:

Morgan and Daddy in Nashville. Man, she looks tired!

Morgan and Daddy

1 Day Old!

Morgan and Daddy Again

Froggy Baby!

Gosh, I love you!

This one's blurry, but I had to post it as it's showing Morgan's fascination with the ceiling fan.

This is Morgan's fascination with Mommy!

Getting ready for her first "real" bath.

First road trip!

Morgan and Daddy at the hospital -- she's just a few hours old.

Morgan's First Christmas Morning

After her first "real" bath. NOT a happy baby!

Morgan and Daddy just a few minutes ago -- they WERE watching a football game...
(mouth wide open -- just like Mommy!)

Next time I'll try to be a little more organized with the pictures!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

She's a Whole Month Old!

Morgan is a month old! Man, that's crazy! It's been two weeks since I posted, so I'll try to remember everything.

Christmas was good. It was hosted at our house. It was my mom, grandmom, my brother and his girlfriend, my aunt and her husband, and Charles and his son. From Danny's side, there was his sister, his mom and his dad. The food was good. They played cards. We watched movies. And everyone loved on Morgan.

That morning Morgan got her first Christmas presents. She sooo won't remember, but that's what cameras are for, right. :-)

Our Trip to Nashville
Went to Nashville like we do every year and stayed at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. Still one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. Morgan and I pretty much stayed in the room all day. I completely enjoyed that since never in my life have I been able to stay still for so long. I honestly can't remember what I did all day -- never got bored, though. Man, is that what babies do to you? Got a chance to go to the mall, too. Took advantage of the Bath and Body Works semi-annual sale. Got some lotions and a candle. Danny bought some shoes from Hibbett's or something. And of course we visited the Carter's outlet for Morgan. Got her some more sleep 'n plays -- she really didn't need anymore, but they were too cute.

By the end of the Nashville trip, I was sooo ready to just go home. Not in a bad way -- I just wanted to be home, you know? Traveling with a baby is hard. But, as said in a previous post, our next stop wasn't home -- it was New Orleans. I considered staying home and just letting Danny go without us, but he wasn't having that. He wanted his baby with him (he didn't care if I stayed or went, LOL).

New Orleans 
I enjoyed being in a city I love again. I honestly couldn't tell it'd been through a disaster. But we were only in the Bourbon Street area (downtown, I guess?); I'm sure that was purposely nice and clean (for tourists).

Morgan and I stayed in the room most of the time, obviously. We could've gone to the game (since it was inside), but I decided against it. I would have had to hurt someone if something was spilled on her or some fan accidentally did something to her. And if that did happen, what could I say? I mean, who takes a four-week-old baby to the Sugar Bowl?

We did get a chance to eat some locally-inspired cuisine (my kind of food!). We even took her on Bourbon Street (thank God it wasn't cold). We took a picture. It totally makes us look like bad parents! LOL! Danny, me, and a baby stroller...and fools with beads and drinks in the background. It honestly wasn't that bad! LOL! 

The last time I was in New Orleans, I was 15. Ten years ago. I honestly don't remember seeing the X-rated things I saw in the Bourbon Street shops this time. Man, it was hilarious. I walked into a store and saw a man-part (I'll call it that) on a string of beads. I mean...seriously? I must be pretty sheltered because I thought that was crazy!

We had a good time. The drive to and from Nashville and New Orleans was fine since Morgan slept the whole time.

Morgan!I think I saw a smile for the first time yesterday. :-) I've seen tons of gas smiles, but I really think this one was for mommy. Or maybe she knew it an anniversary for mommy and daddy. Exactly three years from the date (January 7, 2006), Danny proposed! :-) We got married six months later...

She's definitely gaining weight. And she often tries to move her mouth when I'm talking to her. According to books and Web sites I've read, it's time for stuff to start coming out of that little mouth -- coos, grunts, gurgles. I've heard a few grunts for sure. Can't wait for the coos and gurgles. :-)

She's Mommy and Daddy's little "Morgan Monster." She does things that absolutely cracks us up. She has definitely made life brighter for us.

I go back to work in less than two weeks. DREADING IT! BADLY!

Life is still great. Next week, I'm going to establish a routine so that my first week back at work won't be too bad. I don't think it's going to be easy, but I can't expect it to be.

Morgan is in my lap right now...she just drifted off to sleep. Now I'm going to lay her in her pack 'n play in hopes of getting some things done. I really should be sleeping when she sleeps...something else I have to work on...


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