Thursday, July 30, 2009


I haven't forgotten I have a blog! It's just been a little busy around here. We went to Atlanta last Saturday to spend time with my mom's family for a little get-together at my aunt's house. It was nice to do that since we don't get together very often. While in Atlanta, I got a chance to visit my dad, sisters, and stepmom again before the summer ends. It was one of my sister's birthday, and one was home from college, so it was great seeing them. And then Saturday night we drove to the beach to spend the week. We had a great time with the Kimbles and Morrises -- I didn't want to come home! And Morgan definitely had a ball! In between all this, I broke my camera lens, cried about it (almost, for real), got a "half-way" lens, hated it, cried about it (almost again), and finally ended up getting one closest to what I had. It's been a busy week for sure! I tried updating the blog a few times while away from home, but I never finished a post.

(And sorry I didn't let you know in advance we'd be busy and I may not be updating; I've been trying not to disclose on my blog when we'll be "out of town" or just away from our home for days at a time -- for safety reasons, obviously. I like for my blog to be public and, with that, I have to always take my family's safety into consideration. I know you understand.)

We just got back home tonight, and I'm going to try to unpack some things while I actually feel like it. Tomorrow I will be doing some things around the house, grocery shopping, and getting baby stuff together for the month (remember, I go back to work soon -- yikes!). I hope in between all that I get a chance to update the blog (because of course I've got pictures to share!). Oh! I've been updating my Twitter a couple of times a day, so check there for more frequent updates. Oh, did you check out my little Twitter-bird-link-picture-thingy to the right? It takes you right to my page! :)

Have a great Friday, everyone!

Friday, July 24, 2009

"Kids are Professionals" and My New Twitter Life

One thing no one ever told me about motherhood is how EVERYTHING becomes a photo opp. Before Morgan, I didn't bring out my camera half as much as I do now. And it's not just Morgan I like taking pictures of -- it's any young child, really. You see, young children are experts at this. You snap, and nine times out of 10, you're going to end up with a great shot. You're going to catch some adorable facial expression or gesture. They don't "pose," as we adults do. They don't try too hard. Anyway, here are a few pics from yesterday and today.

Morgan has a million small toys, yet my cell phone is her favorite. She could spot that thing a mile away. And when she does, she drops everything she's doing to go for it.

My camera! Play with your own toys, little girl!
One of the crazy things she's doing with her mouth these days. Teething maybe?
Tired, mama.

"Mama, that doesn't look like my sweet potatoes and peaches you're carrying!"
"But I'm in the mood to take pictures today."

"Okay, now bring on the food before I devour my highchair."
Oh, I've been trying the Twitter thing. It's a little lonely since I literally know three or four people that actually tweet. But I'm going to keep it up because I have a feeling before we know it, we'll all be some tweeting folks. Plus, it gives me the opportunity to post little daily happenings when I can't update the blog. Those little posts will mean a lot a year or two from now, I believe...and I've also run across a few celebrity accounts. Man, celebrities tweet their LIVES away! You can get overwhelmed following 'em. So I chose one for right now because, I have to admit, they're fun to read. Kim Kardashian -- I like her! We share a boyfriend, you know. I told Danny the only man I'd ever leave him for is Reggie Bush. Okay, I'd never date a celebrity -- and definitely not a professional athlete -- but that's a discussion for another day. Anyway, so, yeah, I chose Kim K. She's a business woman, you know -- though one of her latest tweets pertained to her getting ready for bed that night. And she had the nerve to show us the retainer she puts in before bed (which, I'll admit, made me feel slightly okay about having to wear one at night, LOL). I told you, man, celebrties tweet EVERYTHING! I don't think I'll ever be that much of a tweeter (though I did Twitpic my breakfast one morning)!

Anyhoo! I have SO much to do today, so I'm going to have to end this post, folks. Plus, I haven't had anything to eat , and it's almost 1:30. Don't worry -- I've fed the little piglet. Twice, actually. She's probably wondering why Mama hasn't eaten yet. She likes to stare at me eating sometimes. LOL. And OMG, I just looked at Morgan, and her dress (the one she's wearing in the pics) is SOAKED! She's been chewing on it!

Anyway, have a GREAT weekend, everyone! :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Nothin' Much!

We're not up to much these days. I'm enjoying my last couple of weeks of summer. Very soon (too soon), I'm back to work. I'm still working on re-organizing -- or should I say organizing -- my house.

Today Morgan went to see her daycare teacher (I've been taking her so she doesn't forget her), and then we went to the public library. And then I came home and did some things around the house. My days of being a stay-at-home mom are almost over -- at least for nine months -- so I'm just going to enjoy it. I'm going to be soooo sad taking Morgan to daycare in a couple of weeks.

Well, I've decided to venture out a little more into the world of online socializing. Backstory: In the past, I avoided MySpace, Facebook, etc. because I didn't want to associate myself with anything COOL. That was because I was a young teacher at a high school. Every day I encountered a co-worker that thought I was a student (I worked at a very large school my first year, so there were 250+ faculty and staff) and high school boys that (*gasp*) thought I was hot. So in an effort to associate myself with the older crowd and make myself less cool, I stayed away from the MySpaces and such.

Then a couple of years passed, I came became more comfortable with my age at work (I also moved to a school with lots of young teachers), and I probably became less cool. So I finally joined Facebook a few months ago (I managed to avoid MySpace altogether. Just a little to high-schoolish for me). And I like it well enough. Connected with lots of classmates from high school and college, blah, blah, blah. But I still take it pretty seriously and don't be"friend" anyone I don't actually know. Okay, maybe there's one or two people I don't know, like one of my favorite authors (and it's her personal page, too) who actually grew up with a girl I went to college with. So I'd say 99% of the people on my friends list are people I know. There are currently 30+ people waiting for my confirmation...I don't delete them until I'm absolutely sure I don't know them. For example, folks that go by their middle names in real life sometimes put their first names on Facebook, and I think I don't know 'em. Then when I find the time to actually click on their profiles and realize who they are, then I befriend them...

Whoa, I'm sooo off the subject here...

Anyway, I'm sure you've heard of Twitter. Maybe you have a Twitter account. I joined a couple of months ago because my employer tweets updates (that is the correct terminology, right?). But I hadn't signed in since that day. Well, after hearing about Twitter all the time on TV and reading articles on its rise in popularity, I've decided to try it.

Now, if you're not familiar with Twitter, but are familiar with Facebook -- think status updates. That's it. That's all Twitter is. And as a person that never really updates her "status" on Facebook, I didn't think Twitter was for me. Well, apparently, psychologically, people enjoy reading what you ate for breakfast this morning. And that you're on the beach getting some sun. I wish I can remember the article I was reading in the doctors office last week that talked about the psychology of Twitter...

Then I ran across this article today, that talks about how Facebook folks are moving to Twitter. Now that I'm a part of the online socialites, I have to stay up to date! Plus, I'm a technology teacher. I need to be dipping my spoon in the online hot spots. Sooo, I've said all of this to say I'm going to try Twitter. I'm going to install it on my phone and tell you when I'm about to put some hot dogs on the stove. That I suspect a stinky diaper. That I've been waiting to see the dentist for over an hour. Not my style, but we shall see.

Anyway, whew! Did we get a little wordy today, or what? :) Here are some pics from today (just hanging around the house).

Still in her PJs...she loves to hang out on Mama and Daddy's bed.

Playing around...

"Like my orange toy?"
"Mama, I think I want to play with your camera instead."

All over the place.

Me, holding the camera, thinking, "What in the world is she looking at?"
Guess I need to vacuum! Our very first case of "baby finding something you didn't even know was there!" Caught on camera! LOL!
Doesn't this face just LOOK guilty? :)

Have a great week everybody!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Anniversary and the Bow Experiment

Sooo, today was our three-year anniversary! I'll try to spare you the mushiness. :) It really seems like Danny and I have been together forever already. We met in the summer of 2001 -- I was 18 (he was 21). We started dating when I was 19. We dated for a good while before we got engaged in 2006. We were married six months later. And here we are, 2009, and we have such a wonderful life together. Perfect? Absolutely not. But it's ours. And we love it. :)

So, what did we do today? We woke up and exchanged cards/gifts, then went to lunch. After that, we went on what turned into a scavenger hunt! Remind me to never wait until mid-July to get a swimsuit. Not for me (I'm going to attempt to fit into mine from last year -- ha!), but for Mo. We went to at least 10 places and they were all sold out of her size. We finally called the OshKosh store, and they had some left on clearance. Thankfully we ended up with two.

What's up with "the Bow Experiment," you ask? A few days ago, I got to thinking, "Okay, Morgan's seven months old now. Time to girl her up a little." We've gotten this compliment a couple of times: "Ohhh, he's soo cute!" No, this one was my favorite: "He's a big boy just like his daddy!" LOL! Of course I was never offended by these incidents -- I'd think the same thing if I saw a bald baby in a neutral-colored stroller, and that baby looked a whole lot more like daddy than mama...

Anyway, they probably would have known better if the baby girl had a bow or something on her head. And you may have noticed that Morgan doesn't wear anything on her head. It's because I LOVE bald baby girls! It's just something so pure about a little bald head baby girl in a dress (yeah, I know I'm weird)...But now that Mo's a little older, I figure a bow here and there won't hurt.

So, as I'm going into these stores searching for swimsuits, I'm also looking for bows. But I never saw the type of bow I "envisioned" for her. I've run across some cute little ones and some really cute big ones...but I think the little ones would look weird on Morgan's head -- my child has a nice-sized head -- and then the big ones would almost hide her bald head that I love so much! So after I didn't quite see what I wanted, I decided I would sort of make the kind of bow I wanted using accessory pieces from different places (I'm a very picky person to have so little creativity).

So, bow attempt #1: As you can see, Mama picked up a band that was too big for baby's head (didn't think that was possible)!

Bow attempt #2: This band fits a lot better, but Baby Girl was NOT happy.

The back of this band irritated her, I think, so I've gotta find a way to fix that.

In the meantime, she pulls it off...

And decides to eat it.
So, yeah, the bow experiment...Not sure what made me think that starting to put bows on a a baby girl at seven months was a good idea. She knows it's there, and she wants to play with it. So, yeah, I'm quite the genius.

I hope everyone is enjoying their week! :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Seven Months Old

Morgan turned seven months a few days ago, and I need to post about her little personality at this age. You see, this blog also serves as my little baby scrapbook -- I'm not good with writing things down, and I'm not good with getting pictures developed. All the pictures I've ever posted on this blog weren't developed until she was almost six months old. I had just a few hardcopy pictures of my child up until then. Yes, the Internet has changed a lot of things...

Anyway, she turned seven months on the seventh. And she is sooo fun right now! This is the stage where they're not quite into everything (she's not a crawler yet), but they want to be. So they're always reaching, stretching, rolling, smiling, giggling, babbling -- just all over the place. And it's amazing just how much personality they have at this age after being in this world only seven months.

Anyway, Morgan currently does the typical baby talk -- DaDa, BaBa, etc. No MaMa, of course. :) She looooooves when you sing to her. She still has her favorite songs -- Twinkle Twinkle, How Much is That Doggy in the Window, and some songs in French her Honey Gran sings to her. You'll probably think this is gross, but she loves to bite my nose. It's her way of kissing me. :) She's sitting by herself for a looooong time now. All the way through her baby learning video (which she LOVES) and then some. Just today she did some weird things with her legs while she was on her stomach, so maybe that's the beginning stages of trying to crawl. We'll see. For right now, I'm good, though, 'cause Mama has NOT childproofed the house.

She started carrots a few days ago -- her last veggie for right now -- and she really likes them. Tomorrow we start fruit! Last night I made up enough apples, peaches, and mango for the next couple of weeks (I didn't take pictures this time -- I know you're disappointed, LOL). In the morning -- oatmeal and apples! I'm so excited. :) (Wow, I'm such a mom.)

She doesn't like her bouncy seat or swing anymore. I guess she's too much of a big girl now. What she does like more and more is her ExerSaucer. I know I've told you that a million times, but the girl loves that thing! A few weeks ago she REALLY started bouncing in it, and she can tear the house down when she bounces in that thing now. She has so much fun. Thank God for ExerSaucers! :)

Overall, Morgan is just a really sweet baby -- just like any other baby, I know. :) Motherhood is the best thing that's ever happened to me -- the joy that I've had these past seven months is unreal. I have never felt so blessed.

Anyway, I don't have a million pics this time. Here's one I just snapped today while we're hanging around the house. I hope everybody's having a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pic Post

OMG, I am NEVER waiting this long to post pictures again. Forgive me for not having these in order -- it would take me forever to do it on this Blogger interface. These date back to the last week in June on up to just this morning. I will take the time to tell you who everyone is, though. :)

Here is Morgan with my dad, Laurence.
With my stepmom, Antritia.
With my sister, Rika.
With my Aunt Teresa and Cousin Danielle.

Eyeing her cousin MJ's paci.

Getting ready for bed in Atlanta.

Eating her feet since she couldn't have any of the spicy food at Pappadeaux.

With Cousin Suga.

Having fun in the ExerSaucer at Granna's house (my grandma).
With her great Uncle Peasoup (Danny's uncle visiting from St. Louis).

With her PaPa (Danny's dad).
With her Great Granny (Danny's grandma).

My boy-cousins acting silly while I'm trying to take a picture of the girls (in the background). This pic cracks me up.

Grandma on the Fourth.
With Cousin Jarvis.

With Cousin Makayla.

Playing with MeMaw (my mom).

Strolling the neighborhood.

Deciding she'll take Cousin MJ's paci while he sleeps.

With Cousin Joye (MJ and Makayla's mom).

Some of my cousins on the Fourth.
Joye, Jarvis, Elisha, Makayla, and Mandrell (MJ and Makayla's dad).
With Great Aunt Elida
There were jokes about this picture, as you could imagine...with Great Uncle James.

Another pic from our stroll.
Silly Morgan being tickled while getting ready for bed.
Riding around Atlanta. Being peeked at by the bright-eyed Monster. :)

So, yeah, that's our last two weeks. It was so good getting to see so much family! And I'm back in my house! AC is fixed and it feels so good.

So what's in store for us the rest of this week? Well, DK spent the day today going through his side of the closet bagging up stuff for the Salvation Army. That means I have to do my side now. His side can't be neater than mine. We've been putting it off for so long -- it always takes him to jumpstart big projects like that. I'm quite the slacker in the department. I also hope to get to my office/guest room/workout room/junk room. It is a JUNGLE in here! In the next few weeks, DK and I plan to turn it into a neat, welcoming office/guest room (minus the junk and workout equipment). I'm not too thrilled about moving my elliptical to the garage -- because you know I'm going to start using it, right? Right??

Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys the rest their week!

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