Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Random Pic Post

My yard signs.

Just a sign that fall is really here -- the leaves are browning!

My birFday was Monday (27 feels great, by the way!). This is what my husband got me. I'm such a geek because I was sooo excited when I opened that box! I have literally taken thousands of pictures since Morgan was born, and my hard drive is really feeling the pain. Now that I have this, I plan to take even more pics and start using the camcorder more!

Now you know I couldn't leave you without a pic of this little thing. She's been sick this week, but seems to be feeling better today. If she doesn't have a fever in the morning, it's back to work for me and back to daycare for her (which is sort of bittersweet, because I've enjoyed my little extra time with her)!

I hope everyone's enjoying their week!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Slumber Party (Plus Preparing for the Holidays)!

There was a high chance of nasty weather yesterday, so Morgan and I decided to stay home instead of go to Tuscaloosa. We chilled around the house pretty much all day until I got my daily call (of many - ha!) from my mom. She had "the girls" for the night, so I told them to just come hang out with us -- so it turned into a slumber party! :) There's my brother's two girls -- Carmelanie and Alteria, my youngest first cousin, Suga, and my mom's godchild, Toriana. Ages ranged from 2 to 9, so Morgan had a variety of little girls to look at!

They got here yesterday evening, so we only had time to eat some dinner and play for a little while. I'd say the last one went to sleep right before midnight, so it wasn't that late a night. Morgan had a good time!

Morgan is blessed to have four big girl cousins to look up to!
This is what happens when the little one doesn't want to take pictures...

And EVERYBODY tries to catch her before she takes off. Haha!

I managed to get a couple of shots after all of that! :)
Just playing around...

The girls had a lot of fun!
In other news, I went to Hobby Lobby Friday night and saw this:
That means Morgan's first birthday is right around the corner. Time flies when you're having fun!

I was actually at Hobby Lobby getting something for my yard for the fall season. My mom was huge on decorating our house and yard when we were growing up, so I guess I inherited the desire from her. And it didn't kick in until Mo came along, though, so I guess I want to give my children the experience my mom gave us. I even put up a Christmas tree last year for the first time since DK and I have been together. That was because I knew by the time Christmas arrived, we'd have a newborn baby girl. :)

I'm going very small and simple for the fall holidays since Morgan is still just a baby. I just got a few small yard stakes. I was tempted to go ahead and get some Christmas yard stakes, but they weren't on sale. I can't wait til Thursday (October 1) when I can stick 'em in the ground! :)

Have a great week, everybody!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Car Seat Clarification

Just want to clarify that although Morgan got a new carseat recently, she's still rear-facing. I don't think it's obvious in the car seat pic I posted recently, and I can't have y'all thinking I'm putting my kid in danger -- haha! Speaking of which -- although I'd love to switch her to forward facing when she reaches 20 pounds or when she turns a year old, I will probably follow the AAP's recommendation and keep her rear-facing as long as possible (possibly 'til the age of two). Weird, I know, but apparently safer. And I like safer.

Hope you've had a great Friday!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Little Miss Independent

I've mentioned before how much Morgan tries to stand alone. Well, now she stands alone a little longer, so it's not so hard to get pics of it. She will do this all day if we let her. And now she's put her two favorite things together -- clapping and standing at the same time. Haha! She's hilarious.

And guess what else? She wore shoes all week! Even to daycare! :) Here are a few pics of her one morning before "school."

Speaking of daycare, she moved to the Toddler I room this week. :-(

Have a great Friday, everybody!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tailgating and New Food!

Last weekend we skipped tailgating because Danny was out of town for work, but we were back at it today. It was a quiet, relaxed day -- it rained half the time, but it was nice and sunny the other half. Morgan had a great time -- she even got in a really good nap.

Yes, that would be a bow on her head! I decided to try again, and this time she didn't seem to mind. I HAD to try today because the last time she wore this outfit was in her six-month pictures. And instead of looking like a pretty little baby girl, she looked like...well...a future starting linebacker for the Tide. Allow me to refresh your memory:

Ha ha! Does she not? Yeah, so Mama had to put a little bow on that head today. Maybe that means we can start wearing bows more often.

Another first today:

Yes, Mo ate store-bought baby food for the first time! It's weird because I don't consider myself a crunchy mom, but I was a little sad when I went to the store and bought this. When she first tasted it, she had a weird look on her face. I tasted it just to see how it compared to the homemade food, and the store-bought was SO much sweeter. It's like I could taste the actual sugar (though I'm not even sure if pure sugar is in it). And the funny thing about it is she wasn't crazy about it (which I was secretly thrilled about). I think she found it much too sweet, too. She ate it, but wasn't crying for more like she usually does with her Mama's food. Eat your heart out, Gerber! Okay, not so's why:

I've briefly mentioned when Morgan first tried chicken (that I made) -- and she hated it. After several more attempts on different occasions, and even using spices (once she was old enough), she still would not eat it. So I tried beef. Same thing. I just left it alone, but brought it up to the doctor that I didn't think she liked meat. The doctor wasn't concerned because she said she gets her protein from formula, but I still wasn't crazy about the fact that she wasn't eating meat. So for weeks I've been asking myself how I could get some meat into her diet. Well, after today's experience with the baby food, I thought I could try these:

Yep, store-bought. And these are meat only. I will continue to make her fruits and veggies. Notice that these are Stage 2 jars (Morgan is at the "Stage 3" level); I plan to mix these with her chunkier foods. Now if she eats these, I'll be convinced that she doesn't like my version of meats. Ha!

I thawed and discarded the chicken and beef out of these tonight, which I made and froze a couple of months ago. They'll never be eaten.

But in the spirit of continuing to make her food, I whipped up a month's worth of pears tonight. (And for the record, I'm not one of those people that are against store-bought food. I just really enjoy making her baby food.)

Here are some more pics from tailgating. (Notice the change of clothes -- spit-up accident.)

Have a great weekend, everybody!
Edited to Add: It's almost midnight, and I don't do well with blog posts this late. So if I'm talking crazy or rambling in this post, please ignore it. I almost always cringe at a post the next day after I've posted something late the night before!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pic Post (Car Seat, Snacks, & Playing)

Here's the car seat pic I promised. :) We got it installed today. She seems to like it!

I've also attached some other pics I snapped in the last day or two. There's one with her self-snacking, one of her new favorite things. And there are several with her standing in her playpen, one of her absolute favorite things. I try to only put her in her playpen when I need to do something and can't watch her every second, but now she WANTS to be in it and will fuss a little when I get her out. She only does it because she wants to STAND. The daycare told me again this week that my child is trying to stand with no support -- and we know she has this thing with letting go -- but tonight she did it for a little longer -- and on our bed, which isn't the easiest place to keep your balance. Time is moving WAY too fast. Maybe I'll be quick enough to get a picture of her standing soon. She tries so hard. :)

Anyway, here are the pics of the little sweetheart. I hope everyone's having a great week!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Growing Girl!

This has been a fun, interesting week -- a lot of firsts, actually. You'll remember last week that Morgan sat in the shopping cart for the first time. This week she sat in a restaurant high chair for the first time. She loved it, too. It was so fun and definitely a new experience for Danny and me. We were just used to her sitting in her carrier playing with her toys and looking at us eat. In that high chair she is a whole new child. She banged on the table, danced, and sang (there are some funny pics from that night on my Twitter). We could barely eat from playing and laughing with her (and keeping her from pulling everything down)!

Last week I ordered her "big girl" carseat and it came in this week! So excited about that! We plan to put it in in the next day or two (I'll be sure to snap a pic).

Morgan pulls up a WHOLE lot now. She tried pulling up quite a bit when she wasn't crawling...but now that she's crawling, it's like she has this newfound strength. She spends ALL her "free time" pulling up, letting go, and trying to stand! Whoa! She lets go with one hand. And then the other. And usually falls at that point. But there have been a couple of times she's stood for a second or two. Daycare said she tried taking a step. Whoa!

And here's the big "first" of the week: WE HAVE A TOOTH! Monday at her nine-month appointment her doctor felt it coming in. And it's here! And there's another one right behind it! Too many firsts for me in one week! She's not my "little" baby anymore. Now she's my "big" baby. It's so exciting, though.

Here are some pics of my big baby:

Tried teething biscuits today.
She loved 'em (and man, those things are messy)!

Doesn't she look mischevious in this pic?

We're lowering the mattress again tonight.

If you look closely here, you'll see that tooth at the bottom.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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