Friday, November 27, 2009

Hooray for Hoover!

Once again Hoover is going to the State Championship game!  They just defeated Gadsden City in the semi-finals!  Just a little history for those of you that don't know:  Danny's dad is the Athletic Director at Gadsden City High.  So, yes, that would mean Danny and his dad played each other tonight. Talk about being nervous (ME, not Danny), LOL!

The winner of this game will play the winner of the Prattville/Auburn High School game.  Hopefully it will be Prattville because they've beat us TWICE in the championship game since we've been at Hoover.  I'd love the opportunity to show them who's REALLY king!  (Haha!  I'm actually going to be a nervous scare-dy cat that day!)  I cried the first time they beat us in the championship game.  That was 2006.  Last year when they beat us, I cried -- but not because of the game.  I was in LABOR that day!  So last year's loss wasn't so bad because our little girl was born the next morning. :)

Anyway, Hooray for Hoover!  Hoping for a win next week!  Praying that both teams play a good game and stay injury-free!

Foto Friday

Below are some pics of Morgan when she was about 10 months old.

I didn't take these -- I'm not that talented. :)  And I debated on whether I'd ever post these to the blog...You probably notice that these look catalog-like.  That's because they were taken by a photographer from a modeling agency-networking company.  Back in the summer I took Morgan to a child modeling/casting-like thing that came to Birmingham.  Not sure what I was thinking -- I guess my mindset was more like, "Why not?"  Plus, I was off this past summer -- maybe I was bored?  LOL.  And I certainly never thought I'd be one of THOSE parents.  LOL.  And I never thought any thing would come out of it.

Long story short, there is an agency out of Charlotte that has shown interest in her.  This company's clients include Coca-Cola, Sears, Target, and other well-known companies.  While we are flattered, I've learned a lot about this whole child modeling industry.  It's SERIOUS BUSINESS.  It's not all about having a cute baby, showing up for some pictures, and going back home with a check.  It's extremely competitive (there's not a lot of work for babies), and it can be costly (time and money).  Unless you're Julia Roberts, Will Smith, or some other big name, it's the client's job (your job) to keep the portfolio up-to-date.  With Morgan being so extremely young, we'd have to invest the time, money, and energy to change her portfolio very often  -- simply because young children's looks change so much (not only that -- she could look totally different months from now and not have that "look" anymore).  While there are many parents willing to invest in this kind of thing, I've sort of thought about this and decided that we'd be willing to do something like this IF Morgan wants to do that kind of thing later in life.  When she's old enough to say, "Mama and Daddy, I want to sing/act/dance..." or whatever.  In the meantime, she just needs to be a baby.  We still haven't told the agency no thank you, but I think we will next week. 

I hope everyone's having a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

General Update

So sorry it's again taken me a week to update!  Just another very busy week -- so glad to be off for a few days!

What's Morgan been up to?  Well, she's walking everywhere -- we can't keep up with her.  It's so funny seeing my little baby walk.  Where did the year go? 

Speaking of that, many people have asked if we're having a party for Mo's birthday.  I'm weird -- I think a little differently from most mamas.  I don't plan to throw Morgan a party until she's big enough to enjoy it and the people there.  I'm thinking 3-ish, 4-ish, or whenever that may be.  In the meantime, we'll just have a small "Happy Birthday" moment with a cake for her to smash.  Who's on the guest list?  Well, her mama and daddy.  And anyone else who would find joy in seeing a baby get cake everywhere and then take a bath and then take a nap (she's usually sleepy after a bath).  I'll be sure to share the few minutes of fun with everyone by posting pics! :)

In other news, since Morgan is a little bigger, I've allowed something that I was very afraid of when she was a little baby -- co-sleeping! For about a week or so, I've let Morgan sleep with us.  And for no particular reason. I just thought it would be fun and cozy for her to sleep with  Danny and me -- and I was right!  Even though she COMPLETELY takes over the bed (she's a wild sleeper), WE LOVE IT!  I think we're breeding a monster, though, because today she refused to nap in her own bed. Uh-oh!

  • Morgan got Student of the Month in her class!  Haha!  Is that not the funniest thing?  They even gave her a little certificate.  I'll have to put it up somewhere.
  • She started mouthing this new beat/song -- not sure what it is yet.  She really likes music.  There has even been a time when I've walked in her class and they were watching some kind of music show...she was the only kid paying attention and clapping!  I thought that was hilarious!
  • Um...I had to call the Poison Control Center today.  Somebody decided they wanted to taste Desitin during their diaper change.  Everything was okay -- especially since she only got a couple of licks in.  And I would have totally not worried about that until I saw on the Desitin container to call Poison Control "immediately" if digested.  Apparently the Poison Control Center gets that call all the time because I was very routinely told that she'd be fine...and I should only get concerned if she eats about 2 oz. of the stuff.  I was thinking "That's a lot of Desitin!  Who eats 2 ounces of Desitin?!"  But after Googling the situation (I'm rarely satisfied with one answer), I discovered that many kids have eaten diaper rash cream (apparently it tastes good); and those "2 oz" incidents are when mom walks in the room to an open tub/container of Desitin and a happy, full baby.  Haha!  So, yeah, had to document my first (and last, hopefully) call to Poison Control!
Anyway, tomorrow is Thanksgiving!  We're going to Gadsden to Danny's Granny.  I'm making green bean casserole in the morning to take with us.  I hope to get out my Christmas decorations tonight -- and maybe even start on the tree.  We'll see.  In the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Oh, a few pics, of course!  I haven't been taking a lot of pics the past few weeks, so this is just us playing around one night before bed.

She has this thing now where she LOVES loads of laundry.  So if I don't feel like folding laundry, I give them to her and she has an absolute ball with them.  She takes them out and puts them back in.  Keeps her entertained for a while, too!

Walking so casually across the room. Haha!


Blowing kisses.

Eating her shoe straps. 
I have to hide her shoes from her because she loves doing this so much.

For more frequent updates (and pictures), check me out on Twitter!  Happy Thanksgiving!

(Oh, see my special Blogaversary post below!)

It's My Blogaversary!

It was this week last year that I created this blog!  (I'd attempted a "pregnancy" blog when I was pregnant, but didn't really put much into it.)  I knew I wanted to document our new life as a family, so this blog was born.  Last year around this time, I blogged about the following things:
  • Thanksgiving at my sister-in-law's new house.
  • Seeing Twilight
  • My Christmas decorations.
  • Hoover football!  (And we're in the same situation again -- one game away from the 6A State Championship game!  Watch out, Gadsden City!)
  • Being nine months pregnant in Bryant-Denny at the Auburn/Alabama game!  In drizzly weather! 
  • Fearful of the possibility of being in Atlanta for the SEC Championship and going in labor (I ended up going in labor THAT NIGHT -- but luckily, we were home, not in Atlanta!)
  • And being afraid that I was too "small," for my pregnancy term, as people often said.
Well, folks, I don't know what those people were talking about because small, I WAS NOT.  In the spirit of my first blogaversary, I'm posting some never-before-seen pics of me during my pregnancy -- since just a year ago, my pregnancy was coming to a close!  My blog readers are special because I don't show these pics to just anybody. ;-) 

So, YAY, to my first blogaversary!

6 Weeks, 5 Days Pregnant

15 Weeks
I started taking pregnancy pics when I first noticed my waistline was disappearing.

16 Weeks

17 Weeks
Hey, I forgot I had braces the first part of my pregnancy!

18 Weeks
(New haircut?)

22 Weeks
(First record of a maternity shirt!)

Morgan at 23 Weeks

Me at 23 Weeks

26 Weeks

Started taking pics from the front because you could barely tell I was pregnant.

29 Weeks

31 Weeks
This is about where the pics get hugely embarrasing.  No pun intended.

Puffy face. :)

32 Weeks -- I was shaped SO FUNNY!  Haha!

But you can't even tell I was eight months pregnant here...

36 Weeks

37 Weeks

39 Weeks -- Just four days before Mo arrived!
(I debated putting this one on here; I think very pregnant bellies are WEIRD!)

I've embarrassed myself so much, I had to show my post-pregnancy body.
One Month After Delivery

(Now add about 15 pounds to this body to get my current look!  Blah!)

Hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane.  Remember, this blog also serves as my memory book, so you may occasionally run across posts with weird stuff like pregnant bellies!  Haha!  Now, on to a general update post...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

SO BUSY! (A general update & some pics...)

We've been so incredibly busy that I haven't had a chance to update the blog.  My mom, Morgan, I and were in South Carolina Thursday through Sunday, and I'm still very busy at work.  And my house is a jungle (okay, okay -- that's nothing new.  Haha!).  So I'm just a little bit swamped these days.  

What has Morgan been up to? 
  • She now has six teeth!  Last week we noticed four coming in at the top.  They seem to be coming in faster than her bottom ones did because you can see them fairly well now.  Just like the bottom ones, they haven't seemed to bother her very much.
  • She's taking a lot more steps -- she's pretty much walking.  She's really funny about ground textures, though.  Like she doesn't like turf (like on football fields).  She doesn't like straw.  She doesn't like grass that's too high. Weird, I know!  Danny always says she gets the crazy stuff from me -- and he's probably right in this case.  When I was little, and when we were in stores like Wal-mart, I'd get upset when we were in the carpeted area.  I wanted to be on the "shiny floor" the whole time!  Haha!
  • She likes to do the rhythm to B-I-N-G-O with her mouth (she doesn't actually say the letters -- just makes the beat).  It's SO cute.  She's always loved the Bingo song.  I  had to sing it to her an hour straight after we dropped my mom off Sunday night. She was fussy in the backseat -- I'm assuming it was because for 8 hours straight, someone sat in the backseat with her.  So when things went back to normal -- just the two of us in the car -- she wasn't happy.  Anyhoo, yes, I had to sing it an hour straight, all the way home, or she cried!  Haha!
Other than those little tidbits, she's just getting more personality every day.  Doing something new all the time.  Amazing us every day.  Those of you that are parents or are close to young children, you know how that is! :)

Anyway, in the midst of these busy times, rest assured that I haven't forgotten how to take pictures!  Don't believe me about the ground textures?  Look how she's looking at that straw below.  And notice that she's perfectly fine on the concrete.  Haha! Have a great week!

"I don't think I like this.."

"I definitely don't like this!"

"I'm cool as a breeze on concrete."

Saturday, November 7, 2009

General Update & "Guess Who's 11 Months!"

No post since since last Saturday, I know.  Very busy week at work.  My department is preparing to go through this state-review-like thing, and our first "check" was Friday (glad it's over). Now preparing for another one in two weeks...

As far as what we've been doing...nothing much.  I have pink eye!  Yuck!  I woke up Saturday morning with what I thought was an irritated eye.  As the day went on, I knew it was an infection.  To no surprise, I woke up the next morning with the other eye red and irritated.  So I spent three hours in a doc-in-the-box Sunday; I got antibiotic drops that I have been only halfway putting in.  I'm feeling the pain today, though, 'cause they feel just about as irritated as they did a week ago.  Why can't I ever take my medication right?  I take medication to replace the metabolism hormones that my (now removed) thyroid would produce, and I probably haven't taken my medication right in a whole week.  And this happens all the time!  And I wonder why I'm so chunky these days (besides my irresponsible diet -- haha).  Anyway, so I can't wear eyeliner or mascara (which are the only things I put on my face to spruce it up a little!) or contact lenses.  I hadn't seen my glasses since we went to the beach in July.  Luckily I found them.  Certainly didn't miss 'em.

We tailgated today and the weather was SOOO beautiful!  And we had a little cajun food this time-- jambalaya and gumbo (I wonder if it's because we played LSU...I'm just now seeing the connection).  Anyway, it was so good!

And last, but certainly not least, guess who's 11 months today!  Just one month before Mo is a year old!  Time is going waaaay too fast! At 11 months, she's just becoming more independent every day.  She's trying to walk, but hasn't quite mastered getting past four or five steps.  It is SO much fun watching her try.  She rarely likes to be held these days - she loves to play on the floor.  She'll stand, bend over to get a toy, then try to take some steps.  She does this a lot -- it's so funny.  Another thing she does a lot is want you to hold her hand so that you so you can accompany her on her walks -- and she goes really fast and expects you to keep up.  TOO funny!  Her favorite toys are anything that's not actually a toy -- remote control, cell phone, mama's purse, etc.  I try not to let her play with these items so much, so she often has to settle for her second-favorite toys -- some mini board books, a talking bear, and her Leap Frog table.  Her favorite game is "Where's Morgan?  There's Morgan!"  It's basically a game SHE starts -- not me.  It's usually after a bath w/the bath towel.  She'll hold it over her face until I say "Where's Morgan?"  And then, she quickly reveals her little face and squeals when I say "There's Morgan!"  And we have to do this over and over while I'm lotioning her up after a bath!  Best game EVER!

Here are some pics from tailgating:



Dragging her daddy along for a walk.

And again.


Jeff II (the newest addition to the tailgate family)

Knocked Out!

Dragging Daddy again! Haha!

Morgan and Her Daddy (Mama sort of cropped herself out of this picture. 
Hey, I told you glasses and no eyeliner!  You don't wanna see that mess!)


I hope everyone's enjoying their weekend (I know some of you are after today's big win)! Have a great Sunday (and rest-of-the-week in case I don't post again)! 

Please excuse any errors!  I am SO tired.  My attempt at proofreading was suddenly interrupted by my nodding off!  Goodnight!!

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