Friday, February 26, 2010

Attention Bargain Shoppers!

Okay, so I don't have one those helpful bargain blogs that list all the great deals you can find at stores -- but I am definitely one of those people that visit those blogs pretty often.  So I felt it was my duty to pay it forward and share with you some amazing deals I ran into earlier this week -- by accident.

So where I work, we find all kinds of reasons to play games and buy each other presents (teachers and staff).  Right now we're doing a Secret Snowman kind of thing.  The person I have to buy gifts for is very artsy, loves to quilt, and stuff like that, so I was excited because of all the fun things I could buy for her.  So I thought it was the perfect opportunity to visit the new JoAnn's fabric store that recently opened in my area.  I see JoAnn's deals all over my favorite bargain Web sites, so of course I had some coupons ready to go!  Well, I left them at home this day.  :-(  When the girl at the cash register told me that she didn't have any extras, I just decided I'd buy my person a gift card so that she could go find some good deals on her own.  (Note:  If I work with you and you've figured out who my person is, please pretend you know nothimg.  I don't think I've ever told this person about my blog, so I'm hoping she will never see -- or hear about -- this.  :-)

Since I had no real luck at JoAnn's, I decided to stop at the Hancock Fabrics store in the same area (this game consists of multiple small gifts over a period of weeks).  Now I've passed by Hancock Fabrics a million times and have never been inside. So I go in and look for some quilting stuff and notice some holiday decor (Christmas, Thanksgiving -- even Halloween) on some shelves nearby.  Me knowing it's February, I was very curious to see how much the stuff was marked down.  Half price wasn't going to be enough for me to fork over the dough (especially since that's probably what they sell it for when it's in season).  And 75% wouldn't be enough for me, either, because that's too close to half (regular) price.  But the deals were way better than this.

Since I've managed to make a short story long, allow me to show you what I left out of there with! Ta-da:

Okay, okay!  It looks like a lot of junk in this pic I'm sure, but this stuff is cute!   Yeah, I know they look like little what-nots, but they're actually pretty nice in size.  Compare them to our couch in the background.     These prices were a STEAL, y'all.  Check this out:

(If you can't see the marked down price, click the picture to get the full-version.) 

I loved having my living room decorated for the holidays this past year, and now I have more to add!  Here are a few closeups of my newly acquired stuff.

These snowmen were adorable.  I got two big ones and two little ones.  A snowfamily!

And these crosses are nice and study.

I'm not a crafty person, so I had no idea Hancock Fabrics was a huge chain.  Once I realized this fact, I decided I HAD to share it on my blog for all you other frugal folks out there.  And obviously you may go to your local Hancock and they look at you like you're crazy when you ask where's the leftover holiday stuff. LOL.  After all, it IS almost March.  But it's worth a try.

Oh, I almost forgot.  Most folks that post this stuff to their blog also put how much money they saved and all that good stuff.  So here goes:

The retail price of all this merchandise was $310.  How much did I pay?

  !!    $30    !!

Yep, the stuff was over 90% off.  I feel like Rocky!

Have a great weekend, everybody!  If you're in Birmingham, stop by the Hancock Fabrics near the Galleria! :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Busy Week, Busy Weekend!

Hey, guys!  Sorry I'm posting late. I had an extremely busy week at work and then went straight into a busy weekend.

We were able to see a lot of family this weekend.  On Friday, Morgan went to stay with her Honey and PaPa (or so that was the plan...ha ha!).  Her Honey picked her up from daycare early that day, and they spent the day shopping and visiting family.   I wasn't surprised when I called them and Honey was already worn out (and it was only 4:00)!  Shopping with a toddler (who wants to get down and walk everywhere) is an adventure in itself!

So while Morgan was with her grandparents (and her Daddy was in Gadsden too), I took a much-needed trip to the hair salon (hallelujah)!  And I'm not sure if it was because I was doing nothing but sitting in the salon chair (not doing laundry, not unloading the dishwasher, not picking up the living room), but I COULD NOT stop thinking about Morgan!  I missed her terribly -- probably more than I did the first time she stayed away from home.  So imagine my delight when Danny came home with her that night.  Yep, that means she did NOT stay the night away from home - the grandparents sent her back!  Morgan wore poor Honey Gran out.

So the next day we were back in Gadsden.  We went to see Cousins Harolyn and Jasmin who lost their father (Jasmin's grandfather) last week.  :-(  Then we went to see Tommie, Danny's cousin/best friend/cards partner, who recently came back home to Gadsden.  Tommie's dad makes the best polish sausage and salad with crabmeat in it!  So Danny went to play cards with Tommie, and I went to eat!  Ha!

And apparently Morgan went to play with Spice, Tommie's mom's dog.  At first, all she wanted to do was poke at Spice's eyes (???).  Then she wanted to play with Spice's water and toys.  Poor Spice still followed Morgan wherever she went.

Spice wasn't sharing the toy!

Instead of staying in Gadsden, it was a perfect opportunity for Morgan and I to stay with my mom (who lives just 30 minutes away).  Morgan had a ball there because my mom has lots of toys at her house.  She has two other granddaughters (now 7 and 5) who she's always kept tons of toys for. 

Morgan was OBSESSED with the mini broom and threw a fit when I didn't let the broom in the bathtub with her.  My mom joked that she's surprised that Morgan even knows how to use a broom because her mother does not! Tsk tsk, Mama!

I had to post this pic because apparently I'd just scolded her about something.  How do I know?  This is the look I get sometimes.

I used to make fun of my mom because she would take a gazillion pics of my nieces (to the point where it was annoying -- does that sound like someone you know?) and did cheesy stuff like measure their heights everytime they would come visit.  But when I had my own child, I realized just how awesome she really was about all of that.  Here she is getting Morgan's height for the first time.

This is Morgan in the playroom/girls' room. 

She was in love with this chair for some reason.  It's a bit too tall for her, which made it so funny to watch her try to get in and sit down.  She would usually fall over before making it up there, or get up there and sit dangerously close to the edge like in this pic.  And then she started insisting on STANDING in the chair, which made me go hide it for the rest of our visit.

My mom noticed that Morgan wasn't too interested in baby dolls.  She has one or two at home, but she usually just gives them one kiss and throw them down.  All she was interested in this day was poking at their eyes.  Where does she get this eye-poking thing?

On MeMaw's exercise stuff.

Helping my mom bake cupcakes.

Then on Sunday, we headed back to Gadsden to eat at Danny's Granny's.  I've mentioned before that Morgan has lots of cousins on Danny's side.  Well, I got a chance to snap some shots of them that day!

Malik giving Morgan a ride in the police car!

Karleigh helping Morgan out.


Malik and big brother, CJ.

I'm trying to take pictures, not realizing I'm about to be shot with an arrow!  Haha!

I had so much fun with Little Tracy.  When he realized I was taking his picture, he gave me a little show.  He'd hide behind the tree, and then poke his head out.  TOO cute!

Kinleigh, CJ, and Kelcei taking a break from their soccer game.

My kid had a ball just walking around pushing a wagon.
I guess she's not big enough yet to want to play with the big kids.

Little Miss Karleigh -- look at this face!

And her big sister, Kinleigh.

CJ resting against the tree.

And Kelcei in her Barbie ride.

Tracy with his big sister, Tameah.

Awwww, riding her little brother around.

The oldest of them all, Haleigh.  She was a toddler when I came around, and now she's 10!  Whoa!

Morgan can now show you HER nose sometimes (and not just yours LOL).

Kicking the ball.  All of her big cousins play soccer, so maybe she will, too.

We had a great weekend as you can see!  I am officially counting down the days 'til Spring Break, which will be here in a few weeks.  I'm excited already!  We have no travel plans.  I would be perfectly fine staying in town, organizing my house, playing outside with my little one, taking her to some kid places, reading a book -- you get my drift.  A vacation to me doesn't always have to involve a destination.  But being married to my husband, you just never know.  I remember earlier in the summer he mentioned us going to Switzerland to visit his cousin Cyretha for Spring Break.  I swear to you, if we had passports (something that's been on our to-do list forever), he would be planning that trip RIGHT NOW!  Now because that trip would be a LITTLE more expensive than a last-minute road trip (ha!), I can honestly say that there will be no overseas travel for us this Spring Break. But I can't rule out anything else.  For example, there was that year that he decided we should go visit our friends Martha and Kent in Tampa, and we were on a flight the next day.  And then last year, we were THIS CLOSE to buying a plane ticket to New York City and leaving the next day.  And there have been other times when we've done last-minute traveling.  Yes, I married a crazy man that thinks that traveling is as easy as going down the street to the store.  I have to admit, though, it's one of the things I love about him.  I have to remind myself of this very fact, though, when I'm going crazy packing (because I'm the one that packs mine and Morgan's stuff - he just packs his little man bag and is ready to go)!

Anyway, sorry in advance if this post has typos or is all over the place -- I'm trying to finish it during my lunch period at work since I won't have time to do it this evening.  I hope everyone is having a good week! :-)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Weekend

We had a wonderful Valentine's weekend!  Danny had to go out of town again for a coaching clinic, and we went with him this time.  Usually we go to one in Destin around this time, but this year it was Mobile.  Most wouldn't be too excited about that change, but I actually have never visited Mobile (I think I may have boarded a cruise ship there 10 years ago for my senior trip, but that doesn't count because I didn't see anything).  So I was pretty excited.

We went downtown to take Morgan to a children's museum, so it's no surprise that we ended up seeing a Mardi Gras parade. 

 For her Valentine's present, we took Morgan here:

This place is pretty much like the McWane Center in Birmingham.  She's been to the McWane Center, but she was barely six months old and obviously wasn't old enough to enjoy it (but my niece did!).  This time it was totally different!

This big guy was walking around the lobby.  I wasn't going to take my little ONE-year-old to see such a large animal that wasn't exactly pleasing to the eye, but she was so interested in him from afar; she was even yelling at him.  So I took her over.  And she touched his TEETH!

But when he turned his head and looked at her, and she realized that he wasn't just this still exhibit for her to touch...let's just say she didn't want to be his friend anymore. 

So the reason we went to this museum is because they have this exhibit for children ages 0-5. It's set up like a shrimp boat sailing the sea (small pretend boat with a sea of Chuck E. Cheese-like balls -- all blue, of course).

Like any child, Morgan was fascinated with the bigger kids. 

If you look closely at this pic, you'll see a tear that hadn't quite dried up from a few minutes earlier.  This was because we took her out of the balls so she could see other parts of the exhibit.  She was NOT happy.  Until she got on the slide. :)

She found some Legos.

In the Lighthouse

Back in the balls.

She wanted to get on the shrimp boat.  I wasn't going to let her at first because my child is so clumsy and carefree and there were just too many steps and places to fall off.  So of course when I realized how badly she wanted to get up there, we jumped aboard. I kid you not, no more than two minutes later, Morgan was trying to jump ship LITERALLY.  She was trying to climb off the side of the boat!  I would've gotten a picture if wasn't such a dangerous scene. LOL.

So we walked back down to get in the "ocean."

And she just did her own thing.

I was a little nervous about her in the lighthouse area because that's actually a step there.  I tried to be relax and let her do her thing, but of course she stood up and walked straight off the step onto some balls and bumped her head (not hard, but still)!

So we went to play with some puzzles.

And then it was time to go.  This picture isn't very clear, but I think you can tell what happened as we were leaving.  She was NOT happy.

Their feature exhibit was dinosaurs, so I felt we should at least check it out before leaving the museum.

While Morgan wasn't too fond of the dinosaurs, this is the only one I was afraid of.  And that's because he SPITS randomly!  It was too cold for water play!

And to end this post, I have to share with you some random silliness!  I'm sure I've mentioned how much Morgan loves music.  She loves to dance, and she loves looking in the mirror.  Put a musical toy, a mirror, and Morgan together, and it makes for some FUN-NY stuff!

Reaching down to play a song.

Dancing and looking at herself in the mirror!

HILARIOUS!  And just tonight when she didn't want to go to sleep (but was crazy sleepy -- you know how that is), I started singing Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star to her, which usually calms her down.  But tonight, she started singing it back (her own little version, anyway) instead of going to sleep!  LOL!  She's growing so fast!

I hope everyone has a good week!  Mine will be extra busy, so I'm hoping to manage my time well and get plenty of rest! :)

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