Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mom-Cart Disaster

Yesterday while walking into the grocery store, I noticed the line of "mom-carts."  Now I've never grabbed a mom-cart -- they've always seemed so big and bulky. And quite frankly, I've always found them a little dorky.  But all of that flies out the window when you realize you have a toddler that would probably enjoy that cart.  So in we went:

She seemed to enjoy it well enough, but just a minute or so after being in the store, I hear a "boom" and realize that I'd just run right into a cardboard display.  Thankfully it wasn't one of those displays that had items on it.  So I picked up the display and the manager that just happened to be standing right there assured me that it was okay.  It took that for me to realize that the cart had another bottom section that stuck out significantly farther than the top section.  You'd think I'd be more aware at that point.  You'd think.

After going down a couple more aisles and turning into a new aisle, I feel myself run into something else.  Then I heard a shatter -- yes, glass.  I knocked some kind of marinade off the shelf that seemed to be ECONOMY size.  Now I was embarrassed.  It doesn't help that the same manager was walking down that aisle.  I'm sure she was thinking, "Is this lady for real?" though she still gave me a very friendly smile.

So anyway, of course they take care of the spill like it was nothing, but I was actually a little embarrassed after that.  And I'm not easily embarrassed.  But I got the feeling the people that work there thought I was some kinda freak that couldn't drive a grocery cart. 

So, in this case, it wasn't the mom-cart that was "dorky" -- it was the driver!

Here are a few phone pics I took of Morgan as she played outside with Uncle Tommie, who stopped by yesterday.  Of course she's all in the neighbors' yard going up and down the hill between the two yards.

And then Tommie let her play (and fall) on the front step. 

And then of course when he brought her in she threw a tantrum and rolled all over the living room floor crying. I have to keep reminding myself that this is just a phase, 'cause I've never been a fan of that "falling-out" stuff.

Morgan's having a great week at school -- no crying when I drop her off.  We're gearing up for a busy weekend, so I'm not sure when I'll post again (didn't plan to post at all this week, but I had to record my experience with the mom-cart).  Remember that you can enter your email address at the top right of the page to be emailed when a new post is up.

Have a good week, everyone!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dad's Birthday Get-Together

We went to Atlanta Saturday to spend time with my dad and family for his birthday.  It was SO great seeing everyone!  My stepmom and her family cooked a whole lot of REAL food.  Morgan loved the dressing.  She even ditched her usual favorites - green beans and mac n' cheese - for my stepmom's dressing.  I may have to ask her for the recipe (disaster waiting to happen, for sure).

I took lots of pictures!  And usually when there's a lot of family around and/or people I haven't seen in a while, I tend to talk more and snap less.  So I was glad my dad who was around to say, "Hey, get a picture of that..."  Lots of memories captured on his special day.

Happy Birthday, Big Daddy Laurence!

A few of the fellas.

Trying to get Aunt Linda before she gets me.

Aunt Linda with her son, Xavolon.

Guess who came by?

My amazing friend, Tia!

With my fabulous Aunts Linda and Teresa!

And my beautiful cousin, Danielle.  Sweetest girl ever.

Okay, so my dad's yard has hills/inclines everywhere.    
So you can guess who had a GREAT time! Yep, the kid who's OBSESSED with hills!

My dad getting his shift in.  Haha!  Not long after this pic was taken, he said, "I'm tired! I need to tag out with somebody!" LOL!

My stepmom Antritia handling the grill!

Baby Sister Lauren, and her boyfriend.  Isn't this pic adorable?

So, yeah, you can guess what's going on here.  LOL!  Poor boyfriend!

Dad was making it clear that this was HIS girl!

Dad with his girls (with the little one fighting to get down to play). 
My sister, Rika, on the far left, is also one of the sweetest people I know!

DK and Dad

The Fam. :)
Thanks to the steep driveway, I look taller than everyone...when in reality, I'm shorter than them ALL. 

The neighbors had a swing.

And Morgan liked it for like TWO minutes. LOL.  She wanted to get down and run around!

With my big cuzzo, Xavolon.

He wanted a picture with this kid, but she was only interested in playing.

Mo with Tia.  Once again, wanting to get down and play.

Got several shots of these two kids.  Ahh, young love!

Tia with her beautiful kids...

...who are SO funny...

...and so cute.

My dad's neighbors' little one, Priscilla.  She gave Morgan some purple flowers. How sweet is that?

And then my cousin, Neal, and his little one, JB (my first time meeting little JB)!

We had a great time!  Morgan was exhausted and was asleep by the time we were out of the area good.

Hope everyone's had a great weekend, and wishing you all a great, productive week!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

OMG, she did WHAT?

Danny picked Morgan up from daycare yesterday.  Since I had to run an errand after school, I called to see what they were up to.  He said he was putting Morgan down for a nap because she was sleepy (I wonder why.  Does it have anything to do with the fact that this kid has been staying up 'til after 10?).  I was like, "Nooo, don't let her sleep!  She'll have us up all night!" 

By the time I got home, they were both knocked out.  I had every intention of waking her as soon as I got there, but when I saw that sweet, peaceful face, I just couldn't.  Well at least not at the moment.  I let her get like a 25- or 30-minute nap, then I woke her up.  And she STILL was up late last night.

Now, I debated putting this next part on the blog.  Since I chose to share my  memory book with you (and I think this is memory-book-worthy), here goes...

Just like usual, I asked DK how Morgan's day was at school.  In his sleepy state, he said, "She was written up and put in Time Out for one minute."  Now, Danny is silly and plays a lot -- especially when I want to be serious -- so I just knew he was being silly.  So I said "promise-promise?"  (which, to us, means "I am dead serious").  And when he said "promise-promise," my jaw dropped to the floor.  "FOR WHAT?"

"For biting," he said.

My jaw dropped to the floor again!

All kinds of things ran through my head in that split second.  I was thinking, "How could that be?  'Biting kids' usually have a biting problem and bite people all the time" (and Morgan doesn't).  Then I remembered when my friend Tanya told me her son was bitten by a kid at daycare.  And I remember thinking, "That's going to be my kid getting bitten one day, and I'll just have to get over it because it happens."  Not ONCE did I ever consider that it'd be my kid doing the biting.

Danny then goes on to tell me that the teachers told him that it wasn't really Morgan's fault.  They were eating lunch, and Morgan's friend stuck her hand in Morgan's mouth (trying to feed her, maybe).  Naturally, Morgan bit down.  So it wasn't a mean bite or even intentional.

But I still felt awful.  It doesn't help that they actually complete an Incident Report and send it home (though I am very thankful that they are so thorough and "official" with those kinds of things). 

When I took her to school this morning, I asked the teachers about it.  They told me the same thing -- that it wasn't the typical, intentional bite.  But I still felt the need to apologize to the kid's parents -- I planned to write a little note on a card to say sorry.  But it's against school policy to share the name of the kid that she bit.  So I guess I have to get over it.  I pray that that kid's parents are not very upset about it, and that I'm the only one it's still bothering. :-(

But I'm going to put it behind me because there's nothing that can be done.  She didn't mean to do it, and I'm hoping that it's not the start of a bigger (biting) problem.  But whew, talk about a surprise when I got home yesterday.

Anyway, today was Day 2 of no crying when I dropped her off (thanks to the breakfast that was in her spot when we got there).  Thank you, Jesus.  She was tired this morning (I had to wake her to get her ready, which I usually don't have to), so maybe she was too tired to cry, LOL.  Either way, I'm glad I didn't have to see my sweet baby cry again.

Jumping to a totally different subject -- well, not really...I recently posted on my Twitter that I wondered when (or if) I'd get baby fever again.  I had it a couple of months ago when there seemed to be babies galore -- new pregnancies, new births, etc., but I haven't since then.  And I'm kind of disappointed because I've always said I wanted all three babies before I was 30.  (And scratch the three part.  That was when I was childless and "rich."  Now I have one baby and I'm poor. LOL.)  I'm disappointed that the desire isn't really there. Now I have no doubt (Lord willing) that I'll have another baby (or at least be pregnant) by the time I'm 30 -- that's 2 1/2 years away.  But I've always wanted them to be close together.  Morgan's almost 16 months...

The reason this has all come to my mind is because in the past few days -- and every day -- I've come across some kind of maternity clothing item in my closet.  And that's crazy because I thought I packed all of that away.  Is this a sign?  Okay, maybe that's a little dramatic.  But maybe it will have an effect on me.  We're really not ready for another baby, but who's ever "ready" for a baby?

Anyway, I hope everyone's had a great week.  It's almost the weekend!  I'm excited because I get to see my dad, sisters, and stepmom this weekend for my dad's birthday (which is actually today).  Then Sunday I hope to come home and doctor on my house.  Enjoy the rest of your week, guys!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Trip Wrap-Up and General Update

We got home from the beach Sunday afternoon.  Saturday was supposed to be the prettiest, warmest day there, but it ended up being windy and cold.  :-( So we had a little more pool time, and then went and ate.  And that wrapped up our trip.  We had a good time.  Your life changes so much when you have a child.  I remember a time where I would read three or four books during a beach trip.  This time?  One.  And I had to finish the last half of it in the car on the way home, LOL.  But it does make trips so much more special when you have children.  You like to see them have fun and respond to new environments.  It's awesome.

Although we had a good time, we came home with some not-so-good things.  The first thing is a messed up a sleep schedule!  Not me and DK, either -  the little one!  LOL.  I let her stay up past her bedtime a few times last week, and we are paying for it.  And then she's had a fever since Monday morning -- so she must've picked up a virus while we were there.  I'm definitely not happy about that, but I know getting sick is a part of growing up.  Hopefully her immune system will be top notch once she starts regular school.

(Speaking of which, I never got sick during my school years.  Like EVER.  Or college.  I didn't get the flu for the first time until I was in grad school.  And I was working at a hotel front desk then, so I'm sure I got a little careless with my handwashing or something.  But the fact that I never got sick when I was younger makes it SO HARD for me to accept any kind of sickness I have nowadays.  Even if it's not germ-related.  I remember when I got sick with my thyroid -- I thought it was insane that I had to have surgery!  I mean, me?  Surgery?  I remember my grandma telling my mom, "That child didn't start getting sick until she got married."  LOL.  As much as that sounds like a jab at Danny (haha!), it really wasn't.  She was so surprised that something was wrong with me.  And then came the gallbladder early in my pregnancy.  Two surgeries in two years?  That still gets me.  But I'm convinced that God was just catching me up from all the non-sickness I'd had all my life.  And those few and far between ones like the recent stomach virus are just reminders that I'm not invincible.  And if those are the only illnesses He's given me, then I'm a very blessed girl.

TOTALLY off subject. Anyway,  Monday morning we had to get Morgan from school because she was covered in red spots and had a fever.  The red spots apparently are a way that she responds to a fever because it's happened before.  Her daddy went to get her from school and took her to the doctor, who said it was a virus and that she was okay. He even gave us a note saying she could return to school the next day, but I didn't take her.  I do NOT send my baby to school when she's not feeling okay.  I think she needs her Mama or Daddy during that time.  So I stayed home with her yesterday.   

She went to school this morning, and I was afraid she'd cry again (she did Monday morning).   But she DIDN'T! :-)  Maybe it was because she had a waffle sitting there waiting on her.  I don't know but I was thrilled.  My heart didn't break this morning!

So that's what we've been up to.  At her 15-month appointment, the doctor told us that we'd see a big jump in her vocabulary soon.  Well, last week at the beach she said some new words -- "water" being one.  And then in the last couple of days, her favorite word has been "shoe" and "no."  She's saying "no" to everything -- it's hilarious.  When I'm pulling her away from playing to get her diaper changed, she'll cry "nooo, nooo, nooo..."  FUN-NY!  Anyway, she's also doing a lot more singing.  To the right beat, too.  She can sing most of the alphabet song to the correct beat (we're still working on the letters and being on-key -- haha!).  She's also been "popping" on the Pop Goes the Weasel song and can sing parts of songs that my mother-and sister-in-law sing to her.  I know that I say this all the time, but watching her grow up is probably the greatest gift God has given me.  Blessed doesn't begin to describe how I feel!

Anyway, here are some recent, random pics, all taken with my phone.

Walking with her PaPa and Honey across the parking lot (because she didn't want to get back in the car).
We can no longer put her down in public unless we plan to let her stay down.

When I tell you this kid is obsessed with hill/inclines, I mean OBSESSED.  Here she is dragging my poor father-in-law up and down this ramp as we are waiting to be seated at a restaurant.

And when I tell you we have to work in shifts with her, I'M NOT PLAYING.  Here is Auntie Ash getting her shift in.

Walking around eating a snack. 

Exhausted after a day on the beach. 

This was yesterday morning. 
I like to send pics of her to her Daddy when we're not with him. This was right after she woke up yesterday morning. No, she doesn't usually sleep naked, LOL. We just stripped her down that night to keep body temperature down.

And this is the pic I sent him of her brushing her teeth. 

We are having a HUGE problem with teeth-brushing these days.  She all of a sudden hates when I do it and only wants to do it herself.  Which doesn't work for me because I know she's not old enough to do a good job.  But she hates when I brush them, so I'm thinking about getting an electronic kid one, hoping she'll think it's fun again.  They're not intended for kids under three, but does that still apply when I the parent is doing the brushing?  I think I'm going to end up breaking the rules on this one (or be taking her to the dentist for cavities by the time she's two)!

I hope everyone's having a good week!  Again, posting during my lunch period at work, so excuse any grammatical errors, typos, or crazy talk! :-)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Break Part 5 - Beach Baby

Today the weather was beautiful, so we got a chance to go out on the beach. 

The water was very cold, so Morgan wasn't feeling it AT ALL.  Her daddy put her feet in it one time, and she clung to him like this anytime they got near the water after that.

Morgan found a HILL and was obsessed with going up and down, OF COURSE. :)

She went up and down the hills so much that we had to watch her in shifts.  All that hill-play wears the adults out!

It was during my shift, of course, that she wanted to go OVER the hill onto the property behind it, so we had to call it quits.  She was not happy about that.  Big, fat tears, too. :-(  Edited to Add:  I had to come back and crop myself out of this picture because of the major cleavage action going on!  Hello!

She got over it pretty quickly and danced and played in the sand.

She and her Honey played and walked a lot.

Blowing a kiss.

Oops - that kiss came with a little sand in the mouth.

This face best describes her day at the beach today!

She came in, got a bath, and took a really good nap!  I hope everyone's weekend has started off great!

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