Sunday, August 29, 2010

Football Season is Here

Hey, guys!  Hope you've had a good week/weekend.  My week was good.  At school we had a club fair, and the club I help sponsor had a great turnout for the first meeting.  I'm only sponsoring one club this year (last couple of years I did two), so I'm looking forward to being a better sponsor.  The last two years we've had students compete and win in regional and state competitions (and go on to compete nationally), and I hope this year to have even more.  Didn't really know back in high school when I was in FBLA, and college when I was Phi Beta Lambda (the college level of FBLA), that I would one day have my own FBLA students.  Funny how life turns out. 

Well, football season is here!  Our lives center around football in the fall.  To the point where other events that happen on gamedays may/may not be attended (it depends on the game -- is that as bad as it sounds?).  There are a couple of things, though, that I already plan to skip games for this year -- my cousin's baby shower in a few weeks.  I haven't seen a lot of people on that side of my family in over a year, so I don't plan to miss it.  And then my Alpha Kappa Alpha line reunion is the weekend of the Bama/Florida game.  I've been very undecided about that one; obviously that's a big game, but it is also DK's birthday. And even though he doesn't care, I do.  I don't want to be miss being with my husband on his birthday. It's on game much do you think he'll care that I'm there? Ha!  I plan NOT to talk at all during the game -- Danny would think that's the BEST birthday present ever! :)  Anyway, I'll probably do just one day of the AKA reunion.  I want do at least that because it would give me an opportunity to visit my alma mater (Bama State -- haven't been there since 2007, I think)!

Anyway, I noticed my last couple of posts didn't have very many pics.  So I made it a point to snap some shots this week.

These two are just some random around-the-house ones that I thought were too cute not to post.  It's rare that she smiles this hard for the camera!

And then this one -- oh, how I live for those big, bright eyes.

Outside one day...

Doing the Mini Spinney one morning before school. (The only way I can do her hair in the mornings is if I play an episode of YoGabbaGabba).

She's been in my stuff (notice the beads).

This weekend we traveled to Atlanta for our first regular season game.  The game wasn't until the evening, so it gave us time for my mom to see her long-time friend who lives there.  Though they talk on the phone all the time, they haven't seen each other since my wedding!  They've been friends since I was about Morgan's age.

Playing Peek-a-Boo

Hangin' w/MeMaw

Still playing Peek-a-Boo

And then the game...Morgan was SO GOOD!  Last year we watched most of our Friday night games on TV because she was just becoming mobile (and I knew she wouldn't be too happy sitting still at a football game).  But that may change this year if she will be anything like she was for this game.  She sat there and watched the game, cheerleaders, and band the whole time. 

And she watched the game like she KNEW what was going on.  She even clapped when she was supposed to (though I'm sure it was because everyone on our side of the stadium was clapping).

She may grow up to be just like her Auntie Ash...

...who probably knows more about football than the average guy.

And then Ash got this great pic of Morgan cheering on the Jags! :)  Too funny!

I'm trying to do a better job of including myself in pics, so I took a quick one with my phone.  It was originally a pic of Morgan and me, but she wasn't interested!

I hope everyone has a great week! 

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Two Things (I Must Be Crazy)

What have we been up to?  Not much -- just back into our school-year routine.  Including Morgan catching what I call the "daycare cold."  It never fails -- within a week of returning to daycare after a break, she gets a snotty nose and cough.  The good thing about it is she'll have the immune system of a champion when she starts big school.  In the meantime, it gives her an opportunity to stay home, or in this case, go visit Granna (who was happy to keep her for me).  She also went to Gadsden to see Granny (Danny's grandmother) this weekend.  No pics of anything this past week (sorry) - I've got to do better!

So that means all I have are WORDS for you today -- I know you're excited!  No, really, I thought it'd be amusing to share a couple of things that have been on my mind lately.  I obviously lose my mind some days...

#1 - Having Another Baby
I think it's because everybody that had a baby around the time I had Morgan is either pregnant again or has already had another baby.  And because people are starting to ask.  It's made me wonder if I'm missing that "magic" age difference between my children?  You know, the 18-months or two-years-apart thing?  But then I am often reminded of why we're going to wait a little longer.  Like when I write that mortgage-sized check to Morgan's school every month.  Or when we're in the grocery store and Morgan whines and makes me wonder if I could handle TWO squirmy little ones in public.  I know none of my reasons are extreme since people do them all the time, but I am confident that both will be done better by this family if we wait a little longer. 

Or maybe we'll do like we did with Morgan -- she was very "spontaneously" planned.  Danny and I had been together for several years and married for almost two.  We had the jobs and the house, and sort of knew that Baby was next.  So one day (almost jokingly), without even having a huge discussion about it, we decided we'd start trying for a baby.  No thought whatsoever.  Three weeks later, we learned we were expecting. I say all that to say that we could've been a little more "prepared," to have a baby, but just decided to do it anyway.  And it all worked out.

#2 - Going Back to School
Okay, when this popped up in my head, I thought to myself, "Maybe I am ready for that next big life change."  But somtimes the thought of having a toddler, working full-time, and going to school seems absurd to me.  But more times than I can count, I've THOUGHT about it, which I guess means I'm really considering it.  I've even thought as far as where I'll go and what degree I'll pursue.  First choice: the next education degree.  I remember being asked by my dean at Auburn to join their PhD program.  At the time, I was about to become a mother and knew my life couldn't handle school at the time.  But I never forgot it.  But doesn't a PhD mean like a million hours of research and huge papers?  More importantly, doesn't it mean more YEARS of school.  I was sort of thinking about something I could knock out in two years or less -- going part-time.  Can we say EdS?

Then I thought about going ahead and finishing that MBA I started.  Even apply to the program at Alabama again.  A couple of things that were going against me when I first applied (and was rejected) no longer exist, for the most part.  The MBA class profile that year at Alabama looked a little bit like this:

Class Size: 60-ish students (I'm sure hundreds, if not thousands, applied for those spots.)
Average GMAT Score: 650-ish
Average Undergraduate GPA: 3.5
Average Age: 26
Work Experience: 2 years +

What did I look like back then?  Not like that!  Not even a recommendation letter from a promiment member of the UA family could help me!  I was fresh out of college - a mere 21 years old.  Too young already (though I'm sure there were a few super-smart 21-year olds in the program).  GPA wasn't a problem.  Here were my killers:  work experience.  Most MBA programs want students with ample work experience.  All I had were a couple of work-study positions and a so-so internship with the state.  Probably the biggest killer, though: my GMAT score.  It wasn't all that great. I didn't study.  At all.  I have never studied for standardized tests.  In high school, I lucked up and scored well enough on the ACT to get a scholarship to undergrad.  So to me that meant I could do the same for the GMAT.  I ignored all rumors that the GMAT is NOT a test you DON'T prepare for. And since I applied at the very end of the application cycle that year (it was another spontaneous decision of mine to even apply -- do I see a trend here?), I didn't have time to "fix" my score and apply again in enough time to start when I wanted to.

So, I say all this to say that maybe I have a chance now.  I'm not an inexperienced 21-year-old anymore (and most MBA programs want some people with education backgrounds in their program).  I know I can do well on the GMAT if I prepare.  But that's it.  Prepare.  Am I really gonna do that? 

So, as you can see, some days I feel like I could handle another big responsibility in my life -- school or another baby.  But most days -- like today (where I've been to the grocery store with a cranky toddler, cooked brunch, cleaned, fought a sleepy-but-doesn't-want-to-sleep toddler at naptime, and have yet to get things ready for the week), I realize that I'm right where I need to be in my life.

Have a great week, everybody! :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

First Week Back and a Video :~)

You may or may not have noticed on my last post that Morgan had little puffs/ponytails! I've mentioned here how her hair was in that "in-between" stage -- long enough to look crazy if nothing was done to it, but not long enough to do anything to. Apparently it wasn't that short because my sister, grandma, mother, and mother-in-law have all managed to put little ponytails or plaits in it. Last weekend was the first time I did anything more to it than comb it and brush it. I can't plait short hair, so for now she gets little puffs! I'm still getting used to her new 'do.  I sorta miss the little wild hair. :)

We had a good first week back.  It was great meeting my new students, and it's always great catching up with co-workers.  I think it's going to be another great year.  Morgan cried a couple of mornings I dropped her off, but we were both okay. Friday she didn't cry because we got there right at breakfast time. :) She went to the potty once this week (at school) and got a sticker. Though I think it was spontaneous, it does make me wonder if I should be a little more serious with this potty thing. The class she's in now sort of just introduces her to it. The next class is where they really, really do the potty thing. 

Anyway, one thing that recently happened in this house is we're now off the paci. She hasn't had one in a week. I've never really made a huge deal out of the paci thing. Many people say if they're not off by six months, it will be quite the challenge to get them off. When we went for her 12-month appointment, doc said time to get her off. But honestly I never took it too seriously. I've found that I'm a little rebellious against stuff like that. I'm not really a fan when people say a kid should be "off" something by a certain age. Unless it interferes with safety, health, or development, I don't make it a big deal. It'll happen when it happens.  Like the bottle -- she wasn't off when she turned a year old, and I didn't care. Her getting off was sort of a spontaneous thing.  Shortly after her first birthday, we gave her a sippy while the bottles were being washed, and she never saw another bottle.  I cared enough about the paci thing to ask the dentist when it'd become a dental problem -- he said as long as she's off by four. (FOUR? Um, no worries there, doc, LOL.) Last Saturday night, DK and I just sort of said, "Let's try tonight without a paci." She was mad! Still-up-at-1:30-in-the-morning mad. She cried. A lot. And just had this PITIFUL look on her face. But by midnight, I said we'd endured too much to turn back. So I (as in DK slept through a lot of it -- that boy can sleep through anything!) turned on YoGabbaGabba, and that calmed her down for a while. I thought, "Okay, she'll fall asleep while watching this." Well, she didn't. She was calm at that point, but enjoying herself. At 1:30 in the morning! So I finally turned it off. She got really mad again, but cried herself to sleep (I know, sad, right?). The next day we didn't give her a paci for naptime, and that night was much better than the night before. And, well, we haven't looked back.  I think I've thrown them all away.

Anyway, it's late and I should really be in bed. Sorry if this post is weird.  I probably shouldn't have updated the blog tonight because I'm tired and sleepy. I know I won't have a chance to tomorrow and it's hard to do the blog during the week, so it was tonight or nothing. So excuse any crazy talk, blabbering, typos...all that good stuff.

And here's a cute little video -- her little voice just melts my heart!  (Ignore our PJs, bed hair, and my annoying voice.  Thank you.)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and have a great week!

Monday, August 9, 2010

First Day of School

Morgan had a great first day of school!  She did not cry when her daddy and I dropped her off.  I took her to meet her new teacher last week, and Morgan was very unsure and held on to me really tight.  Today she had that same look in her eyes but was a little more relaxed.  When I didn't hear her crying when we walked out, I could've jumped for joy. 

Her teachers said she had a good day.  That she was very good at naptime.  I forgot to see how much she ate, but I'm sure there were no problems there, LOL.  And to top it off, on her first day back, one of her classmates turned two -- so there was a birthday party!  Ice cream and cupcakes!  And when I walked in, she was drinking from a regular cup!  She drank from a regular cup a few times in her old class, and I've practiced with her once, but someone was always there to stop the potential spill.  When I walked in today, she's just sitting there in her chair like a big girl drinking out of her cup (with no one there to help).  Awww!

I hope all the other days will be like today (no tears, happy little girl when I pick her up).  It helps when I drop her off right at breakfast time (instead of before) because there's food waiting on her (when food's there, she couldn't care less if I leave).  I'm glad we got this first day over and she'll soon be settled in her new class. 

As for me, I went back today, too, but students don't come 'til Wednesday.  So let's just say my first day isn't 'til then.  In the meantime, here's a picture of the big girl this morning.  And excuse the facial expression -- she still wasn't awake.  We hadn't gotten up that early in a long time.

And you won't believe who voluntarily jumped in the picture!

I hope everyone has a great week!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

End of Summer + 20 Months!

So it's the end of summer!  We wrapped it up by spending time with my cousins who were visiting from Virginia. 

Little MJ 

It's amazing how little boys differ from little girls even at this age.  He's 10 times rougher than Morgan was at his age.  And he has 10 times more hair!

And his funny big sister, Makayla!

Tried to do a group picture, but Morgan refused to sit.  We were messing with her play time.

Their dad is my first cousin and we almost grew up like brothers and sisters -- all of my first cousins and I did.  So, though we all live in different places now, I want our children to know each other and love each other just as much as we did.

It's back to work and school for us this week. My aunt just asked me if I was sad that summer was over -- honestly, not really. While I'd love to be off even longer just to have the extra time with Morgan, I could not have asked for a better summer. We've spent time with family, taken Morgan to some fun places, and gotten some things done around the house. All I really asked for.

Last but not least, Morgan turned 20 months yesterday.  My letter to my little munchkin:

Dear Morgan,
You are just four months from being two!  Your favorite thing right now is YoGabbaGabba videos (we never catch the episodes on TV, so I rent the DVDs from the public library).  I have never been a fan of you watching a whole lot of TV shows (and you've never really been interested), but I make an exception for YoGabbaGabba -- you love them!  Lots of music and dancing -- I often find myself singing and dancing to the songs.  Your daddy does, too. :)  And your Honey and your TeeTee Ash.  You should see all of us grown people singing your songs!

For a couple of months now, you've been telling us "poo-poo" when you've done your business.  We bought a potty back then, but we never introduced you to it. Since I'm a huge fan of routine and consistency, I was afraid you'd get confused and disgusted with the whole thing if we were always gone.  So this weekend, we finally introduced you to the potty!

And instead of doing this: have more fun doing this...

...playing with the lid...

...and the play flusher.

Oh, and sticking your foot in the pot.

Potty training should be interesting!  I don't plan to make it a huge deal -- it will happen when you're ready.  But we're gonna have a whole lot of fun getting there (someone may have to remind me I said this one day)!   :~)

I love you, sweet girl, and am praying you have a great day at school tomorrow in your new class!

Have a good week, everyone!  And for those of you that are teachers, I hope you have a great first week back!

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