Sunday, November 21, 2010

Great Weekend, Relay at Work, and the Elfed Family!

Sunday evenings are usually when I try to update the blog, but it's 8:30 right now, and I'm all of a sudden beat! So forgive me if this post is all over the place...

I've had a pretty good weekend -- got some things done, which is always a great feeling.  I cleaned and organized our bookshelf in the living room (much needed) and also cleaned off our mantel.  Why?  Clearing the way for Christmas stuff!  Not sure why, but all this week I thought about getting out the Christmas stuff.  I've never put up Christmas any earlier than Thanksgiving day, but this year I caught the fever early.  I put up some stuff in our living room and even started on the tree.  Unfortunately it seems that I'm missing a pretty important part of the tree (a part of the bottom that holds it up), so it sort of leans.  I tried rigging it up, but it's still sort of sad.  :-( I'm going to try to find that piece in the next few days before actually decorating it. 

I also got a little bit of pampering this weekend.  Friday at work, I got a message from my husband that basically said, "Tomorrow you're going to get a massage and out to lunch with Ash and her friends.  My treat."  My sister-in-law and her friends were hanging out this weekend and she invited me to join them for a bit.  She and her friends were funny and the massage was great (it was my first). 

The Monster didn't really leave the house this weekend -- I'm just now realizing that.  Particularly when I see these pictures and how her hair looks.  I don't think I even touched it on Saturday!  One thing about Morgan is she is happy no matter where we are -- she loves being at home just as much as she does anywhere else.  Everyday as we're pulling up at the house, she says "home!" like it's the happiest place on Earth.  It's really sweet.  This is her typical day at home:

I bought some oranges this week at work, and she was sort of obsessed.  In this pic, she's in the bag getting more.

Reading... the toy box.

I found some little wooden toys at Target, and she loves them.  It's an airplane, bus, and helicopter.  Yeah, typically little boy toys, but she loves vehicles and talks about them on the way home EVERY DAY. 

When she finds a pair of gloves or mittens in the house, she'll wear them and think nothing of it.

She found some little Mary Janes I recently bought her and put them on with her thick around-the-house socks.  And didn't want to take them off, as you see.

Snack time.

And of course a little YoGabbaGabba.

We had a great, relaxing weekend.  Tommie is staying with us for a few days, so he and DK are going to play this new game he just bought for the Wii.  I'm glad because we've had our Wii for probably a couple of years and rarely use it! 

I'm happy about the short work week -- no students Monday and Tuesday and then off the rest of the week, of course.

Speaking of work, my school held a mini Relay for Life last week!  I'm really proud to work in a place where people care enough to do things like this.  Every year my school raises thousands of dollars for the American Cancer Society.  This year we did a little more and had this 3K event.  Students, teachers, and administrators came together to raise funds and awareness.  

Some of the students -- their backs, anyway!  I can't show their faces, but sometimes I wish I could put them on the blog.  They're pretty much my kids during the day, so they're a huge part of my life.  Oh, how I wish I could tell you about all the sweet and funny things they do and say (and post pics of their sweet 14 and 15 year-old faces), but that would be breaking a million laws, I'm sure!

But I CAN post pics of  some co-workers -- they're adults! :)

Here's Judy!  We've always worked very closely because she came to Hoover the same year I did (though she worked there years ago).  There are actually 20 years between us, though it never feels like it.  She is the most professional teacher I know and has taught me more than she'll ever know.

This is Meredith, who did her internship at our school last year and landed a job this year.  I've actually mentioned her on the blog before when we got our girls together over the summer (she's also the one that made a couple of dresses for Morgan).

Yay for our mini Relay!

Last, but not least, since I'm in the holiday spirit, I decided we should be Elfed. Soooo funny!

Have a great week, everyone, and if I don't get back on before Thursday, Happy Thanksgiving!

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