Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday with Morgan & Mommy (and a Little Bit of Daddy)

They say you should take pictures of your child every week when they're young because they change so much and grow so fast.  I think I'm good in that area, but I sometimes forget to take pictures of the little funny things.  So I finally went and got the camera when I noticed this (for the millionth time):

Confused?  Okay, how about this?

Morgan loves these boots and wears them around the house all the time.  And almost every time, she has them on the wrong feet.  Hilarious.

Then I decided to play around and take more pictures. Forgive my around-the-house attire (t-shirts and PJ pants = best things ever) and Morgan's after-school hair. (now that I look at the pic, mine, too)!  This is actually how we look MOST of the time, so I guess there's nothing wrong with capturing it. 

Morgan does this thing where she crawls all over me.  The only problem is she's SO rough.  It usually ends with me being hurt in some way. :) She either headbutts me, steps on my fingers (with those big boots), or plops her almost 30-pound body on a bodypart of mine that doesn't like pressure.  I'll just say it -- we're all grown:  lady lumps!  She has no regard for lady lumps! (Confused?  Click here.)

I always "complain" and tell Danny to come get his rough child off of me.  He says I love every minute of it.

 He's SO right.  Look at that grin.

 Playing puzzles with Daddy.

 Thanks, Daddy (look at that sweet smile).

Time for night-night.  And YES we still wear Christmas PJs year-round in this house.  Especially when they're marked down to $3 in mid-January (regular price $25)!  She has these exact PJs in the next size, too! :)

Have a good week, everybody!

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Well, hello there!

I haven't blogged in a week and a half, so I needed to check in.  We haven't been up to much. 

Just playing a little ball.

And more ball.

And hiding behind high chairs.

And making "chicken" (as she says).


And when we're not doing these things, we're just busy.  I'm back in school, so time management is key these days.  How's it going?  Well, better than I thought.  I think my writing is rusty, but my professor thinks it's great (and that's all that matters)! 

Speaking of school, I remember saying somewhere on the blog that I was afraid I wouldn't be a "smart" as I used to be.  Let me clarify that little statement.  I've made good grades all my life, but it wasn't because I was a genius.  I had to study.  I had a smart work ethic.  So what I should have said was I was afraid my work ethic wasn't all that great anymore...

Anyhoo, it has been okay.  I've procrastinated a time or two, but I've mostly been ahead.  I guess working full-time and being a wife and mama doesn't leave you very much room to do but what needs to be done.  When my sweet monster goes down at night, there's no watching TV or reading.  It's time to get to work.  

Hope everyone has had a great week! Tomorrow's Friday!  No matter how little sleep I get on a Thursday night, I run on straight adrenaline on Fridays. :)

Have a great weekend!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Flashback!

USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor
Honolulu, Hawaii

This was back in 2005 when Bama played Hawaii (I think it was Danny's last season as a football graduate assistant). We were around 22 and 25 in this pic and LOOK it (we look like babies!).  My hair was long, but judging from this pic, I clearly didn't know what to do with long hair. Ha! Happy Friday!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Party, Party

Happy MLK Day!  We've enjoyed our long weekend and were sure to talk to Morgan about the reason for this holiday (I posted about it here).  It's never too early. :)

DK and I went to a cousin's birthday party this weekend and we took Morgan to her cousin's birthday party.  So we got a lot of family time!

Birthday Boy

This is Morgan's big cousin, CJ.  I remember when he was Morgan's age and now he's eight (time, please slow down)!  They're cousins on DK's side, and we don't get to see them much, so I was glad Morgan could spend time with them.

Birthday Girl (in the Pink)

This wasn't exactly a kid party, so my in-laws kept Morgan while we went and celebrated with adults.  I haven't seen my cousin Mary since our cousin's baby shower back in September, so it was great seeing her and other family and friends.

Now for more pics...

The kids enjoyed the pizza, cake, and ice cream.

Morgan has a lot of cousins on Danny's side, and I am so grateful for that.

Inflatables gyms are so popular these days, but this was our first time going to one.  Morgan wasn't sure at first, but she ended up loving it!

Buddied up with Cousin Malik - so cute!

 Mary and her sisters.

 With my mom.

 My brother and his girlfriend, Alethea.

With a couple of my favorite guys (my brother Clif and cousin Lamarshall).

 With my mom and two of her sisters.

With cousin Cassie.

It's almost 5:00 and I've yet to get our stuff together for the week or start my grad school work, so I won't talk your ear off in this post. I did take a much-needed trip to the hair salon, so that's one thing off my to-do list this week. But I still have a ton to do - busy, busy. Enjoy your week!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Well, I've finally done something that I've thought about a few times:  bought a domain name. Welcome to Costs me all of $10/year.  That's 10 whole dollars, but I guess it's worth it having your own little spot on the Web, so to speak.  The old blogspot address will still (and will always) work.

My in-laws have Morgan for a couple of days so the hubs and I can go to a party this weekend.  My father-in-law has already sent me a few pictures today.  Here's one. :)

I know she's having a great time. 

Speaking of parties, we had three this weekend. Unforunately we won't be able to make Morgan's friend from school's party, but the other two will give us a chance to spend some time with family we don't see very often.  Yay for a long weekend!

Boy, do I miss my Monster.  I woke up this morning with plans to clean the bathrooms, then I thought about a few things I'd been wanting to post on my other blog.  Blog or clean bathrooms?  Clean bathrooms or blog?  Check out my recent postings on Live, Learn, and Smile! :)

Before I go, Happy Founders Day to Alpha Kappa Alpha!   Today marks 103 years.  While I'm not currently active in my sorority, I am very proud to be a part of an organization with such rich history and a foundation built on education, health, economics, and service to mankind.

Now, off to be a little more productive and get some things done around here!  Have a great weekend!


Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Flashback!

I know some people who still look exactly like they did as a baby.  

Danny is one of those people.

Me, not really.

Happy Friday!

Monday, January 10, 2011

No Snow (Boooo!) but a New Room (Sorta.)

We were home today (and will be tomorrow) after schools closed because of the winter weather. Very happy about that, but kinda sad that the anticipated snow didn't show up (at least not in our area). We missed the White Christmas two weeks ago because we were out of town, so I was thrilled to think that at least Morgan could play in the "6-8" inches we were expected to get today. Yep.  Didn't happen.

It's okay, though, because I've taken advantage of the time off. I finally took down my Chrismas tree, stockings, and the decorations.  Yes, on January 10.  I'm pretty sure it was toward the end of January last year, so I'm actually doing pretty good.  (Speaking of Christmas, I never finished sending out my cards.  Even after I scored another great deal on cards, I didn't get to send them all out.  Christmas was just so quick this year.  So if you're friends/family and you didn't get a card from us, please blame it on my head, not my heart.)

Anyway, my mom came to get snowed in with us, and I am SO glad she's here.  Beside the fact that she cooked roast, potatoes, carrots, mac 'n cheese, cornbread, and peach cobbler last night, she's helped me with stuff around the house... including my latest project...

I got the urge Saturday morning to make our living room look like adults live here.  So I decided that Morgan's room will now be a nursery AND playroom (she's two -- do I still call it a nursery?).  That meant that I'd be moving most of her stuff OUT of the living room and into her room (and I packed several big toys that she no longer plays with in my mom's car so she can store them at her house).  That lead to me doing something I've needed to do for a while -- finish her room after I moved it six months ago.  I never hung her name back over her crib and didn't add the animals back to the walls.  Just never got a chance.

I decided to do a few other things to her room, too.

Just a quick background on my decorating experience:  I have none.  You should see my house.  I only have a few things on the wall, my wall colors are the same as they were when we moved in, and I have no pretty window treatments! Not sure why I'm like that because I remember as a child, my mom, aunts, and grandmother all cared so much about stuff like that.  I was never bitten by the bug -- until now, I guess.  I'm sort of tired of my boring house.

I'm not a decorator, but I know I don't like matchy-matchy rooms.  I like bits and pieces thrown in from every where.  Old stuff (yard sale, thrift store, pieces handed down from relatives, etc.).  A little new.  Contemporary.  Classic.  I have no style, I guess.  I can't see myself going to a furniture/decorating store and buying a "room."  I like little random pieces with personality.  But that's a conversation for another day...

I decided that I'd do something in Morgan's room this weekend. Before she was born I knew that I would go with a neutral theme for her room, so I went with Jungle Babies (lots of cute baby jungle animals). I've always wanted everything we use for Baby #1 to be used with Baby #2. Besides the fact that it obviously could save money, I would love to be able to say "both" or "all" of my children used this. I've always felt her nursery was a little plain, though...  I've had pieces to spruce it up a little for her, but I never got around to putting them out.  Fast forward to this weekend, and I've started making my little girl's room a little girl's room.  Still have a little ways to go (paint included), but I think I'm off to a good start.

I'd look in thrift stores every once in a while for the perfect book shelf, but we've yet to find it.  So I took the plunge and got something new -- one of those storage shelves where you can put the fabric drawers. I notice that a lot of the kids rooms I see have these, and I've heard they help with organization. 

I recently mentioned on my other blog how I love Target's dollar section.  I've bought everything from wooden toys to board books to a metal mini-trash can for my bathroom.  Good stuff!  Anyway, Morgan's crayons and markers needed a good home, so I snatched this little holder.  Throw in some cute little letters (also from Target's dollar section) and a hot glue gun, and you have a personalized holder.  If I find some cute ribbon, I'm going to throw it on there, too! 

We hung her letters back over her crib.  They could be a little crooked because I didn't use any levels or anything like that.  Didn't have the patience for all that measuring and all last night, so I just went at it.

Put the little wall hangings back up.  Did it differently this time.  Not sure if I like it, yet, but I'm giving it some time.

These are at the top of her dresser.  I've always loved this little lamp because of the cute little monkey on the switch. That little piece next to it is a pretty little container Danny's Granny gave to Morgan that holds coins.  And next to it are some pieces my Aunt Linda gave me that belonged to a great (great-great?) grandmother of mine, Effie.  It's sitting on top of Morgan's first Bible, from my mom, that has her name imprinted on the front.  And then on the far right is her first Easter basket that happens to go very well with her room.  It will hold Morgan's first (silver) cup, rattle, and spoon, given to us by Danny's Auntie Sister, his Granny, and a co-worker.  These items are all on her tall dresser (that she can't reach) and will be for a very long time. 

Above her bookshelf is this precious picture from my Aunt Linda of three little girls.  This picture is so playful and innocent and sweet -- perfect for her room.

Hanging on another wall in the room is this poem from a coach's wife-friend.   She put this sweet piece together and the poem is her own work!  The last time I checked she didn't even sell these things.  It's so adorable.

This isn't a new piece because it's always hung on Morgan's closet door, but it is one of my favorites.  Another coach's wife-friend gave this to us.  Our girls are about a month apart, so we were pregnant at the same time.  It was nice sitting in the stands watching football and talking pregnancy at the same time.  We've had this piece since Morgan was just a few months old, and it still is one of my favorite parts of her room.

So that's her room today.  I have animals on the other walls, but I don't think I like them anymore.  So I'll probably be gradually changing her room.

Anyway, I'm pretty happy about being off tomorrow.  I may get a head start on my grad school classes and may even do some organization maintenance in another room in the house. 

I'll leave you with pics of the monster playing today. 

No, it wasn't cold in the house.  She just insisted on wearing her hat.

Now that I think about it, maybe she was trying to cover that hair.  I took out all the rubber bands so it could be ready for a wash tonight.

She "hurt"  her hand and needed MeMaw to kiss it.  She's so funny.

I hope wherever you are that you are warm, dry, and not driving on icy roads!  Enjoy the rest of your week!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Flashback!

While looking through pics, I realized that 2006 was a pretty big year for us.  We were engaged in January (five years ago TODAY!), married in July, and started our first teaching jobs in August.  Whew!  That makes me tired just thinking about it!

I plan to spread our engagement photos, wedding photos, and other random early-relationship photos over several Friday Flashback posts, but I wanted to get these three together -- they sort of symbolize the year that changed our lives in many ways.

Happy Friday, everyone!

I actually won our engagement photo session at a bridal show.
(Photo by Holloway Photography)

I went with the same company for our wedding photos.

And this was our football program picture that year (not sure of the photographer...).

What a year of huge blessings!

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