Monday, January 3, 2011

Dear Morgan

To My Little Two Year Old,
You've been two for almost a month now, so it's time I write you this letter. :)

You, my sweet little one, are the most amazing person.  Your personality blossoms every day and it's pretty much impossible to keep up with all the new things you're doing and saying.  It's always something -- a new song you know, a new word you know, sentences, expressions, opinions -- it's crazy (and so fun). The longest sentence we've heard you say was something like, "Come on, let's go with Mommy." You were talking to a toy and you guys were following me around the house.  Most of your sentences are shorter than that, though, yet it still amazes me that you even form sentences.

And  notice that you call me "Mommy."  I always said I wanted my kids to call me "Mama" because I thought I liked it better.  Boy was I wrong.  Sometimes you'll say Mama, but most of the time it's Mommy!  Whatever comes out of your mouth when you're calling me is the sweetest name ever.  Well, except when you call me Gerri.  We're working on correcting that, though.  Sometimes when you want me, you'll say "Gerri!  Gerri!" and your daddy thinks it's hilarious.  I did the first few times, too, but I don't want you to get comfortable doing that.  And over the holidays, you started calling your daddy "Danny Boy" because that's what his folks call him sometimes.  You hear and make note of EVERYTHING.  You will not be allowed to call us Gerri and Danny Boy, though, so we're working on fixing that. :)

Another thing that we've noticed about your talking is you use "I" and "my" correctly, versus "me," which is naturally what most kids use first.  We can't say that's our doing, but we hope you continue to do that.  Maybe it's because you don't watch Sesame Street (though I think we'll start because SS is good stuff!).  Cookie Monster says "me" want... and that's cute and all, but whenever I read your Cookie Monster books, I use "I."  We've been living a lie with the Cooke Monster. Sorry. :-(  I wouldn't be surprised if you started saying "me" want eventually, though.  Your regress on things sometimes.

Speaking of regressing, "thank you"  was something you said very clearly and used correctly a year ago.  But something happened that made you start saying the word "diaper" in the place of thank you.  You still used it correctly, of course, but you would say "diaper" for thank you.  (????)  It was hilarious.  And you did it for a while (several months).  We corrected you a lot and about a month ago you finally started saying "thank you" again.  I will never know why you thank you turned into diaper, but I'm sure I'll never forget it. :)

You are very fast.  I want to say athletic, but I'm not sure I can really say that for a two-year old.  But you've always been ahead on things like running, jumping, and even catching a ball.  And you run really fast and can jump pretty high for a two-year old.  Will you be an athletic kid?  Who knows, but you're all over the place today.

You still love music, singing and dancing, and your favorite show (and the only thing you watch) is still YoGabbaGabba, which has all of these things.  You love to sing songs you learn at school, too.  And you love to read books.  You memorize stories after we've read them to you and can go back and say the correct words for each page - it's so cute.  Your favorite book right now is "Please, Puppy, Please" which is about two young children and their new puppy.  The puppy is very mischievous and gets into everything and they go around all day begging him to be good.  You can "read" almost every page in the book and it's so funny and cute to watch.  Another thing I've noticed is that you don't like to skip pages and you make sure that there are no pages between as you go on.  Funny stuff!

I cannot say you are always "sweet" because your persistence and independence gets you in trouble sometimes.  You want what you want when you want it, and when you don't get it you get very upset.  You still have fits sometimes and, boy, does Mommy NOT like that.  We're working on fixing this, though (and I'm hoping it's a phase you'll grow out of very soon).

And as far as the physical stuff, we went to your two-year appointment over the holiday break; and the most surprising thing is that your doctor thinks you'll be tall. You were born tall.  You were barely six pounds, yet you were 20 inches long.  We all remember the nurses commenting on your height.  Then as you've gotten older, and whenever we're in public, people would be surprised at your age and call you "long."  Never in a million years, though, did we think you'd actually grow to BE tall.  Yet your height is the first thing the doctor noticed when he walked in the room (you have a new pediatrician because your old one moved too far away).  When he looked at your numbers, he told us you could be as tall as 5'11.  I'm not a doctor or an expert in any way, but I'm not totally convinced.  Your daddy and I both looked at the doctor like he was crazy when he said that because we're not exactly tall people (at all).  Your daddy has some height sprinkled in his family, and I have a couple of tall people in my family, so I guess it's possible.  Of course I later looked it up online, and doc was right about one thing for sure:  you're probably going to have some height on you.  But it will be closer to 5'7 according to BabyCenter.  If you were a BOY, then you would probably be closer to the 5'11 the doctor said.  Your daddy is thrilled at the thought, though, that you could have some height, and has already said that tennis and basketball are in the future.  The first thing I thought of is dance and that you would actually be tall enough to try out for the Rockettes - ha!  Either way, your daddy and I are tickled that you're a tall girl and think it's awesome.

Another notable thing from your appointment is that you're growing into your head. :)  Most important of all, though, is that you're completely healthy and growing like you should be!

Morgan Monster, words can't begin to describe the love and pride we have for you.  Your daddy and I still watch you sleep sometimes and look at you with the same love and admiration we did when you first got here.  Our hearts still skip a beat when you flash a smile at us.  When I pick you up from school, the happiness just builds like crazy as I get closer.  I get so excited when I get to see you even though I see you every day.  A few months ago, your granddad (my dad) said something to me that I'll never forget:  He told me that these feelings of joy and pride and admiration I have for you right now -- he said it never goes away and that he still feels that way about me.  It was a really powerful realization for me and really put into perspective the love you have for your child. 

God chose your daddy and me to take care of you while you're here on this Earth, and I have never felt so blessed.  Thank you, baby girl, for being you, and being the amazing blessing you are.


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