Friday, April 29, 2011

my little nature girl

We've been going to different parks lately because we've been avoiding our own playground.  There are two mean dogs that we've heard are loose in our neighborhood (and attacked a man!), and I'm not taking any chances.

Morgan has really been into picking up every stick, rock, leaf, etc. she sees outside.  It's fun to watch.

Chasing a squirrel.

"Ducks!  Ducks!  Come here!"

She got egg-shaped sidewalk chalk in her Easter basket this year.

Sandbox.  She told me she needed water - ha!

Like many of you, I'm still feeling really sad from Wednesday's storm.  The images and the videos are unreal.  It's amazing how everyone is reaching out to help.  The Facebook pages (have you seen this one?  Amazing.)  that have been created, the schools, organizations, and individuals who have organized help in some way. 

As I write this post, I'm Facebook chatting with my niece's mom.  A little girl that cheered with my niece -- seven years old -- lost her life in the storms.  A baby.  Her mom and grandfather lost their lives, too. 

Let's continue to pray and provide for these families who are hurting and are in need. 

friday flashback

At the zoo (1980s - I think those are jellies on my feet)!
I think this pic looks a lot like Morgan.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Words cannot express how heartbroken I am for the families of the victims of yesterday's storm.  As I watched the storm live on TV yesterday, it was like I was watching a movie.  Not a town just 35 minutes from my house.  Not the town my husband lived in for years while he was in college and grad school.  Not the town my sister-in-law lives in (she's safe). Not the town we spend many fall Saturdays tailgating. Not the town my friend Nicole* lives in and people we tailgate with.  Not the town where Danny asked me to marry him. What I saw on TV could NOT be that town.

But it was.  And it hurt.  Not because of all the things I mentioned, but because people's moms, dads, CHILDREN, grandparents, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, cousins, friends, and classmates were in the middle of all of that.  And many didn't make it out.  (And not just in Tuscaloosa -- many areas across the South.)

My heart has broken over and over, and I am still completely shaken by the images.  I don't even personally know anyone who lost their life in the storm, so I can't begin to imagine the heartbreak the families of the victims are experiencing.  My prayers are with them.

I woke up this morning feeling completely helpless.  It was almost like I was in a zone and lost all my common sense on how I could help.  I recovered some of that sense this morning as I was dropping my daughter off at preschool.  Her school had already begun a partnership with a local mission.  They're collecting items and taking them over as they get them.

Many are wanting to help but don't know how.  Here's a great resource on that's constantly being updated.  It's a good list and gives options for those who don't necessarily live in a place that was directly affected.  If you'd like to volunteer your time, go to  You'll sign up to be a "Tornado Volunteer," and they'll contact you if you're needed.  I know some of you aren't anywhere near any of this but are wondering how you can help.  There's always the Red Cross and organizations like it where you can donate.

This is an overwhelmingly devastating time, and the best thing we can do is be there for one another.

*  Nicole, I tried calling you and your voicemail is full -- please call me.  I know you're okay because someone posted on your Facebook page that you were, but I'd love to hear your voice.

Monday, April 25, 2011

easter and new orleans

Hey, guys! I think I said in my last post that my life would be somewhat normal afer returning from my conference Saturday, but who am I kidding?  This week marks the end of my semester in grad school.  That means papers and a final (= very little sleep).  One thing I forgot about with this school thing is that you actually get breaks.  I'm coming up on a two-week break soon (woohoo)!  And here I was thinking my life would be crazy for the next year and half straight... :-)

Anyway, the conference was good. New Orleans has always been one of my favorite cities.  This time, though, all I did was attend conference sessions, eat dinner, and go to bed!  I was beat by the end of every day!  I took my camera but didn't take many pics.  There's nothing about a bunch of adults in business suits that make me want to grab my camera. I did snap a pic of my co-worker and I after our train ride back home.

Been up since four-something AM and on a train for seven hours, so I get a pass to look a hot mess, okay?  Thanks! :-)

Yep, you read that right -- we rode the train !  We figured it'd be fun to do since neither of us had done it before(apparently other people do because we met conference attendees on the way there and back).  I'll have to tell you about our unforuntate events getting to New Orleans another day...overall, though, the train ride was pleasant (roomier and more comfortable than a plane or car ride), and I'd definitely consider doing it again.

Breakfast in the dining car where we sat down and ordered off a menu. I had no idea!

We had a great Easter with family.  Morgan got a chance to spend time with her cousins she doesn't see very often.  I took plenty of pics of the kids, of course!

Running behind all her big cousins. :)

Have a great week, everyone!

Friday, April 22, 2011

friday flashback

Did you guys notice I forgot last Friday's Flashback?  That's what busy work days, grad school papers, and work conferences do to your brain. :-)

I promised myself I wouldn't forget this week's.  I'm out of town for work and didn't bring my drive with my old pics on it, so I had to go search an online album of mine to find one.  I try to spread pics around and offer a variety (I think my last flashback was also a wedding pic), but I didn't have a choice today.

Holloway Photography, 2006

Luckily  this week's has two little faces to look at -- our precious flowergirls (cousins of mine and Danny's).   My nieces were also flower girls, but they weren't in this pic.  They were a bit younger than these two, so that probably has something to do with it.

Next week my life will be somewhat back to normal, so hopefully that'll give me a chance to tell you about our little "adventure" getting to the conference and the day Morgan met the Chick-fil-A cow.  And some other stuff probably, but I can't think right now.

Have a Happy Easter!

Jesus said to her, "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die.
John 11:25-26

Sunday, April 17, 2011

around the house with mo

Just a day in the life of Mo.  Even when you choose to stay home all day, little ones experience their own little adventures. Childhood is so precious.

Wearing my nightcap.  And her rainboots, of course. 

Wearing an old pair of her daddy's socks.  And eating oatmeal in the middle of the day.

Oatmeal has always been her favorite food.  And it's not even the kind we eat -- it's the baby oatmeal that only has whole grain oat flour, tiny flakes of fruit, and oat bran.  In other words, it barely has any flavor, but she loves it sooo much.  She's starting to get picky about what she eats, so she'll request oatmeal at random times of the day.  Today we had it for breakfast (like every day), and she wanted it for a snack -- twice.  I'm just glad it's all-natural and healthy.

She has a love/hate relationship with the vacuum cleaner.  She begs us to vacuum and then runs from it screaming but laughing at the same time.  Today she was so proud of herself when her daddy let her take over.  I HATE vacuuming, by the way, so it's Danny's job in our house.  And Morgan's now (I'm only half-kidding).

She really likes drums and tries to do what Marina does on The Fresh Beat Band.  (By they way, she calls Marina "Purina," like the dog food.  Hilarious.)  These sticks were what she got to bring home from a Gymboree class a couple of months ago.  She loves them.

See the Band-Aid on her leg?  I'll save that story for another day (there's absolutely nothing under the Band-Aid, but somehow her leg feels "better").

Yep, she's trying to climb behind the couch.  I tried to hide something from her by throwing it behind the couch when she wasn't looking, but somehow she thought to look there.  It's getting harder and harder to trick her these days!  I've got to find new tricks!

She's into her nursery rhyme book these days.  I bought this when she was just a tiny baby.  You should hear her rhyming out the words (some of which she completely makes up).  Hilarious.

Have a great week, y'all!

{We went to an egg hunt this weekend!  See post below.}

Saturday, April 16, 2011

egg huntin'

I took Morgan to an egg hunt today.  The older she gets, the more excited I am to take her to things like this.

Last year, she wasn't really interested in picking up the eggs -- I remember her just wanting to step on them all (?).  This year, she just wanted to know what was inside the eggs.

So she got her first egg, sat her little self down (on the still-damp-from-the-rain-last-night-ground), and insisted on seeing what was inside.  I had to remind her that we could see what's inside the eggs after the hunt was over (and that she'd better get off the wet ground - ha)!

But my curious child insisted on stopping and seeing what was inside every egg she found.  So she ended up with like five eggs - ha!  I'm proud she got them all by herself .

Mickey and Minnie showed up about five minutes before the egg hunt started (on the other side of the park, though). You should've seen me trying to convince my child that we could see them AFTER the egg hunt, and that if we moved, we'd lose our place in line. She wanted to go over to them right then and there.

After the hunt, we finally went over there.

She would go over to them and treat them like they were the little toddler; she'd grab their hands and hug them.

Then they had a little carousel set up. She rode all by herself (it was the tiniest carousel I've ever seen).

This egg hunt was at a park, so I knew that after the main festivities, we'd be at the playground.

She's usually not a huge fan of swings, but she was today.

Now the slide is her favorite.

We rode this thing a million times.

On our way out, she wanted to see this guy.  She walked up to him also like she's known him forever.  So funny.

On our way to the car. 

When we got home today, she told me, "I had great day with Mickey Mouse.  I had great day with Easter Bunny."  :)  Too sweet. 

{By the way, if you're looking for some good Easter books for your child, visit my other blog.}

Backing up a day or two -- at the conference this week, several of our students placed 1st in their competitive event (two were freshmen!).  We also had some place 2nd and 3rd.  All students that get either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place are invited to nationals.  So proud of these kids!

While at the conference, I ran into my cousin, Dani (her school was also competing).  She's as sweet as she is gorgeous.  I'm so proud of her!

Gearing up for another conference this week, but this one won't include students. Got a lot to do this week, so I'm praying that all goes smoothly.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and have a great week!

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