Monday, May 30, 2011

Weekend with the Three Fs, friends, and food, of course!

We hung out in Atlanta this weekend.  DK, my sister-in-law Ash, and I went out on the lake with a friend and his brother yesterday.

Morgan hung out with my dad, sisters, and stepmom, and that's always super fun for her. Her friend Titus was there (they're about the same age), so she had even more of a blast.  We were able to see them two weekends this month, so that's been awesome.

My sisters, stepmom, Morgan, and me.

Playing Kinect.  

With her Big Daddy (my dad).

Earlier this weekend Morgan got a chance to hang out with her friend, G.  They haven't hung out in about a year.   

She loves following G around. He's a boy and he's five so he's not thrilled about it, but Morgan loves him anyway. :)

Morgan also got a chance to see Dylan this weekend.  Dylan is my friend Tanya's son. He and his mom were in Atlanta visiting family, so we just happened to be there at the same time.  We met up at a playground so the kids could play and we could catch up.  There was very little catching up -- mostly running behind our fearless kids.  :)  Morgan was a baby the last time they saw each other, so of course they don't remember.

Isn't this a sweet picture? 
Dylan attended a birthday party earlier that day, so that's why he looks a little like Batman is this pic. :)

Mo with Tanya.

I'm so proud of Tanya, who recently finished her MBA.  She's also working out of the country this summer!  How awesome is that!   I haven't seen Tanya since last year, so it was great seeing her and Dylan this weekend.

Tanya, me, and Ash.

Can't forget this other weekend highlight:

We love this place.  Best.  Fried.  Alligator.  Ever.

Have a great week!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Our Sweetie's Back!

Our little monster came home today!  She had a great time visiting her great, great aunt and uncle, and I know she's going to be talking about them for the next few days!  While she was there, my mother- and father-in-law took her to one of her favorite places -- a children's museum.  She also saw her first movie, the IMAX film Born to Be Wild 3D.  I was super curious to know how that went because I didn't feel like she was ready for a theater.  They said she did great! 

My father-in-law always does a great job of texting me pics when she's with them.  Here are a few from the Marbles Kid's Museum.

I think it's hilarious that she's getting the bread out of the oven with the uncovered hand. Ha! 

She loves this stuff!

Danny and his sister found this cool app that tracks flights in realtime, so they watched my MIL, FIL, and Morgan en route to Raleigh on Saturday morning.  I installed it so I could watch them come in today.  Pretty neat.

So what did I do with all that free time?  It was mostly play and little work (yay me).  I finally watched the last few episodes of my TV shows. I slept an hour later every morning and even went to bed early one night.  I mopped all my floors yesterday after work and ate out with my hubby a few times (thanks, Groupon and Living Social). I also started packing up my classroom at work and put new bedding on Morgan's bed.  Oh, and I shopped a little. 

Honestly, I hate shopping.  Like, a lot.  But I was in need of new summer dresses. I've been wearing the same few for the last year or two (and honestly, I can't fit some of them anymore -- gotta start eating better).  I mostly love maxi dresses because they're slimming and easy, but I don't like spaghetti strap dresses.  And every maxi dress I found was spaghetti (or strapless).  So I ended up going with shorter dresses.  Cotton.  Washable.  Loose.  Nothing fancy.  I have a very basic sense of fashion (translation: I have no sense of fashion), so you won't see me in many trends.  I did try on a semi-trendy look:  the belted dress.

I didn't buy it.  I just tried it on because I was waiting for some of Morgan's items to be monogrammed and I got bored. If I ever do get a sense of fashion, it won't be a straight-out-of-the-store look.  Kendi Everyday (one of my favorite blogs of all time) - now that's what I consider fashion.

Well, I should really be heading to bed now.  It took my child FOREVER to go to sleep tonight -- she does that sometimes after a trip -- so I'm a little beat from trying to make her go to sleep.  My life is back to normal again! :)  I love it.

I hope everyone's having a great week.  I'm praying for those who lost homes, jobs, and loved ones in the recent tornadoes.  I'll tell you this: I grew up here in the South where you see tornado warning and watches every year. So I'd never been afraid of them.  Now?  Terrified.  The recent devastation has really rattled me.  And we're just reaching the peak of tornado season.  Anyway, praying the rest of this season goes by with no more devastation. 

Hope everyone has a great week (and thanks, Sweetie Baby's Custom Blog Design, for the new look)!

Wordless Wednesday

Saturday, May 21, 2011

morgan's on her first trip without us.

Morgan left for Raleigh with her Honey and PaPa this morning, and they'll be gone for FIVE days.  My little sweetie is such a big girl -- she was so ready to go.  She didn't care that Mommy and Daddy weren't going with them.  The day before, I told her that she'd be getting on an airplane again.  She was so excited she didn't want to go to bed last night.  She is OBSESSED with planes, buses, and trains, all of which she usually gets a chance to ride at the airport.  I'm excited for her to ride all her favorite things, but I'm more excited that she'll get to spend time with her great-great aunt and uncle.  The last time she saw them was two summers ago when she was only five months old.

I was sad Friday -- I won't lie.  You mamas know -- it doesn't matter that your children are with loved ones who will provide them with the utmost love and care -- you still worry a little.  And then when it's hundreds of miles away, you worry a little more.  But I know she'll be fine.  I just sometimes feel like she's still a baby.  That she needs that storytime with Mommy every night.  That she needs that glass of water after we've tucked her in and turned out her light (totally her stalling method).  That she needs that talk at the end of the day about how her day went (where she also tells me who went to timeout -- sometimes herself -- and why).  That she needs her oatmeal just the way her daddy prepares it every morning.  That she needs the funny little routines we've established during teeth brushing time and bath time.  That she needs that time in the early evening where we burn off our leftover energy at the playground... or days after school where she wants to take all her books and toys to Mommy and Daddy's room and play on our bed (still trying to figure that one out -- I love it, though).  That she needs all of our little routines to function when all she really needs is a lot of love.  Which is why I have no need to worry.

So to get through my time, I'll be looking through my phone at all the pics we've taken lately (I haven't picked up my camera at all this week because I've been playing with my new favorite app, Instagram).

Awww, how I miss my sweetie already.  But you'd better believe I'm going to take advantage of this baby-free time.  She hasn't even been gone 24 hours, and I've gone to the hair salon, checked out a couple of yard sales, gone to lunch with DK and my SIL, and took a three-hour nap.  And I have four more days like this, and I'm debating on how I could use it.  I have the last few episodes of Grey's and Desperate Housewives on my DVR that are calling my name.  And there are always tons of blogs I could catch up on.  I could finally put up some stuff in her room that I've been meaning to put up.  Or I could organize my kitchen who is in need of some serious TLC.  And there's always my side of the closet that is just sad.  Or I can be super smart and get ahead on my grad school classes. Hmmm.  I'd like to mix work and play these next few days -- but if it's mostly play and little work, I won't feel bad!

Hope everyone's having a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

back at it

At least I will be tomorrow.  My classes are starting back.  One of the classes shouldn't be so bad since it's an independent study and I've chosen to renew an industry certification (which will be killing two birds with one stone since that certification is also required for my job).  My other class is another story.  I looked at the syllabus today, and... let's just say I'm glad it's summer.  Even if I teach summer school for a few weeks, it won't be as bad as the regular school year.

I can't believe school will be out in a week.  A WEEK.  Where did the year go?  I wish I could teach my kids that I have now forever.  They are so sweet (for teenagers, anyway) and funny and they work so hard.  I'm pretty sure I'll feel the same way about my kids next year, but it's still hard to see them go. 

Before my super busy days started back, I had a chance to spend time with some dear friends.

The three of us don't get together much, but I can always count on Shelia and Donna to be positive, supportive, and real.  And full of laughs.  They're gems.

Hope everyone's having a good week.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

week and weekend wrap-up

We've had a great week and weekend.  Earlier this week my in-laws were passing through and brought Morgan this:

(By the way, doesn't her smile look a lot like this one?)  She loves "motorcycles" (as she calls them) and finally has her own. :)

Also this week was our spring game.  I didn't realize how much I missed football until we were on our way to the stadium.  I got all giddy and nervous like I do on Friday nights. 

DK in coach mode.

Happy to see her daddy after the game.

Talking to Uncle T during the game. 

I wish I could say she sat there and watched the whole time.  She did the complete opposite 95% of the time we were there.  Thank God my in-laws were there, too.  When we're all together, we basically take turns entertaining her in our own little ways.

Also this week my little one and I had dinner out twice -- just the two of us.  HUGE.  Danny and I usually don't go out to dinner with her because...well, she's two.  And it usually is too stressful, so we just skip it (or wait until we have a sitter).  And I absolutely don't take her to eat when it's just me.  However, it went a lot better than expected.  :)  Maybe it had something to do with the fact that we didn't have to wait long for our food (went to a deli both times).  We have to try it again soon.:-)

This weekend we initially had a full schedule -- playdate, baby shower, birthday party, and date night.  Some friends from work and I were going to get our little ones together Saturday morning but decided to cancel since rain was in the forecast (though it never rained).  We went to a birthday party later that day, though.  I didn't get to attend the baby shower unfortunately.  It was at the same time as the birthday party and about an hour away. I couldn't resist taking Morgan to the party.  I knew she would have a blast.

The birthday girl, Kelsey!

It was a luau/pool party.  The weather wasn't hot like expected, so a lot of the kids skipped the water play.

These two crazy kids didn't mind, though, and got in the pool anyway.  They had a blast, so I guess that's all that matters.  That's Kelsey's big sister, Kendall.

After the party Saturday, Morgan went over to play with her friend KJ while DK and I had date night.  She and KJ love each other, so they had a blast.  My friend Martha was baking brownies, and she said Morgan walked into the kitchen and said, "I smell 'cupcakes!'"  She is definitely my girl! :) 

DK and I went to see Jumping the Broom and had dinner at a local seafood restaurant.  Are we the only ones that base date night plans on whatever Groupon, Living Social, etc. deals we have?  Between the two of us, we have movie tickets, numerous restaurants, ice cream, yogurt, and whatever else we see that works for us.  We'll probably never pay full price for date night again!

We've been playing a lot of Little People this weekend, too.  I was in the toy section recently and saw this bus (which happened to be from the Little People line) and said, "Gotta have it."  Morgan LOVES looking at buses every morning and points out every one (and I mean every one.)  I ask her where the buses are going, and she'll tell me they're "taking the kids to school."  Sometimes the buses are "going to Miami."  Yep.  The local school buses go to Miami some mornings.

Turns out she loves Little People. Lots if imaginary play.  You should hear the conversation she has with them.  I've seen LP toys a lot but never thought about getting any (Morgan's more into drums, guitars, books, and puzzles).  She likes them so much she even remembers their names.  I'm a sucker for it all so I went back and got her the Little People house - ha!

I had a few other things to blog about but my mind keeps wondering back to all the things I need to do today.  So it'll have to wait 'til later.  Have a great week!

Friday, May 13, 2011

friday flashback

It's funny how Morgan looks like Danny and me when we were babies/toddlers.  This is Danny when he was (I guess) about a year old.  Morgan's smile looks just like this. :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

relay for life, mother's day, and lots of family time

Mother's Day weekend kicked off with good times with my mom!  We did Relay for Life Friday night and enjoyed the mother/daughter company (even the couple of times we argued.  We never stay mad at each longer than five seconds.)  Sooo many thanks to the wonderful family and friends who helped me reach (actually exceed) my fundraising goal!  I debated whether I'd raise funds -- especially since it fell just the week after the tornado -- but something told me to send out that email, anyway.  A few family and friends donated, and in a matter of just a few hours, I'd met the American Cancer Society's suggested fundraising goal!  You guys are absolutely amazing.  Thank you.

Then this little one got a visit from grandparents and aunts!  My dad, stepmom, and sisters live a few hours away, but had been planning to come see the little one for a few weeks.  The weekend finally came, and we couldn't have been more thrilled to see them.

Morgan calls my daddy "Big Daddy," and I'm sure she said Big Daddy a million times Saturday.

Yep, Dad's up in the of the monkey bars (or whatever this thing is). 

Getting some help from Aunt Rika. 

Getting help from Aunt Lauren. 

She saw other little kids (well, big kids) walking on this wall, and she wanted to do it, too.

Sis, Stepmom Antritia, Sis, and Me

Counting the trains.

We had a wondeful day with my dad, stepmom, and sisters.  My dad's clearly in love because not once did he ask to take a pic with my sisters and me.  That's NEVER happened - ha!

Then to wrap up an already amazing weekend, we spent Mother's Day at my Grandma's.

Little Kinsley (the newest great grandbaby) was there, and I was so happy to see her! 

I held her a lot...and SOMEONE was jealous. 

My Aunt Vonne and her two. I remember loving on Xavolon when he was Morgan's age, and now he's about to be a high school senior -- crazy.  And the little one in the front is the youngest grandchild.   My brother's the oldest (about a 20-year age difference).
My Aunt NeeNee and one of her boys.

As serious as he looks in this pic, he was being SO silly!

He used to make me laugh 'til my stomach would hurt, and that hasn't changed.  Can you believe I used to boss him around?  We were born two weeks apart, and had always been super close.  I said something to him Sunday, and he told me, "Hey, I'm grown now.  You don't boss me around anymore."

And then there's my brother.  He's probably the only grandkid in the family who didn't let me boss him around all the time.  When we were little, he used to be SO mean to me and beat me up all the time!  As an adult, he's one of the sweetest people I know.  How does that happen?

Grandma with her youngest great-grand.

My mom is so funny when she tries to copy the things I do (check the pose).  Hers is too cheerleader-ey!  Ha!  (And she didn't want to take pics because she had on her after-church clothes with her church jewelry still on.  I wouldn't have been able to sleep tonight if I didn't make that clear - ha)!

And this sweet pic was one of the last I took.
Funniest quote from Mother's Day:

Grandma:  "Gerri, I've just got to say this:  That dress is ugly."

I could have DIED!  She is so funny and blunt and it gets worse (or better, I say) as she ages.  I was still chuckling every once in a while long after she'd said it.

She said something to the effect that my dress looked old-timey, and I couldn't help but come back with "Well, Grandma, do YOU want it?"  Ha!  {You did get that, right?}

I thought what she said was so funny because I actually hate the dress, too!  Since I've been eating like crazy and have gone way too long without taking my thyroid meds correctly (nothing new), I'm carrying around a few extra.  I don't have much that fits, and I refuse to buy new clothes until I get back at a decent weight.

Leave it up to Grandma to say what everyone else is thinking.  Good times, good times! :-)

Morgan got to spend time with even more family since she spent the night with my sister-and mother-in-law Friday night while we were at Relay for Life.  And then she got to see my father-in-law Sunday evening as they were passing through our way.  Poor Danny missed out on all the fun this weekend since he worked a football camp.

We had a lovely weekend filled with quality family* time. We're incredibly blessed.

Have a great week, everyone!

* My Aunt Elida was also at my grandma's for Mother's Day, but it seems I didn't get a picture of her.  I sure do hate that. :-(

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