Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Little Character

Hey, guys!  Everytime I go to blog these days, the first thing I want to say is, "I'm SO tired."  But that would be a bit negative, so I try not to share that little tidbit.  But I'm breaking my own rule today.

I'm SO tired.

I'm having a hard time getting in bed before midnight.  And that actually isn't too different for me -- what makes it hard now is that I've been getting up a lot earlier.  I try to work out and get some things done in the morning before work (because there weren't enough hours in the day before to do everything), so my alarm clock goes off very early. 

As for grad school, I'm just a little anxious right now about a class that already seems over my head.  I've never claimed to be the smartest person in the world, but I've never really struggled with academics.  So it's a blow to my little confidence when I start a class and feel like I have no clue what I'm doing.  And this class basically has two parts -- one this semester, and one the next.  I know that in the next few weeks I'm going to work my butt off to "get" this class, but the unknown is what kills me.  What if I DON'T get it?

Anyway, enough whining (I did enough of that in my last post)... on to the positive stuff.

Work has been great. I love my kids -- getting to know them has been awesome. I'm staying caught up on my grading and all the other little things teachers do besides teach. Praying it stays that way. 

Morgan is at a super fun age right now, and I'm really enjoying watchig her develop into this person -- an individual -- with her own matter-of-fact opinions.  Her own fashion sense.  I have to literally pull clothes off of her sometimes in the mornings so I can put her school clothes on (most of what she picks out doesn't match at all).  I have to do a Morgan update soon.  I don't want to forget these moments.

Anyway, here's a post I wrote a couple of weeks ago that I've been meaning to publish:

Earlier in the summer, Morgan and DK went on a trip without me (I had to work).  I tried to find a way to keep from missing Morgan so much, so I pulled out my phone and starting snapping photos of the two of us.  Just something to make me smile while my little munchkin was away.

And then DK walked in and I fully expected him to make fun of my cheesiness.  I joked with him and asked him to join us -- and whaddya know, he actually did!  He hates taking pictures, so I'm pretty sure he did it to make me feel better about the two of them leaving - ha!

But Morgan picked her nose half the time, so the family shots had a little "character."  And I like a little character so this is what I made my phone wallpaper. It's still like this 'til this day. :-)

Don't worry, we're working on the nosepicking thing.

Monday, August 29, 2011

30 Day Shred Update

Three words: I've been bad.  My Shred Buddies will probably disown me after today. :-(

I haven't been on my workout game as good the past week.  I think I was running on adrenaline the first week of school.  By the second week of school (last week), I was just exhausted.  Then grad school classes started back and I all of a sudden I remembered that I clearly said (somewhere on this blog, but I don't have time to find it)  that there is NO WAY I'll be taking classes in the fall -- my family's busiest time of year!  Well, I wish I would've actually remembered that before I was two weeks into the class and realizing that my life is going to be absolutely nuts for the next few months. 

Anyway, I've been bad, but somehow managed to lose a couple of pounds over the past two weeks. Guess I haven't had much time to eat, either, which I know is also unhealthy.  When I have eaten, it's been a Lean Cuisine or Smart Ones meal at lunch.  I don't really like frozen meals like that, but they're just super easy to warm and eat at lunch (and the few varieties I do like get me through the week).  For breakfast, I've been stopping to get a smoothie every morning.  And then for snacks, I've been eating fruit -- and that's only because it's something quick to grab out of the fridge in the AM.  Dinner?  Chicken fingers and fries - oops! - which is why I'm a little surprised about the slight weight loss.

So I guess I've been a mixture of good and bad the past week -- mostly bad, though. :-(  This week I'll do better.  Maybe I can grab some motivation from Brandy.  Let's go see what she's up to!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Stop Following Me, Luck!

Have you ever won a giveaway or sweepstakes?  Most people haven't, and that used to be me.

About a year ago, though, I won my first blog giveaway.  It was a pair of LeapFrog Maracas.  Then in a completely separate incident, I won a sweepstakes from LeapFrog -- the company itself -- for a Leapster Explorer!  Right before it hit the market!  Yay, right?  But both of those were random.

This summer, I had a little winning streak.  I won three blog giveaways -- a children's CD/DVD from Alicia's blog (Mommy Delicious), an e-cookbook from Vanessa's blog (De Su Mama), and just yesterday I received my "I Love Beef!" gift pack that I won at Jasmine's blog (TheMrs. The Mommy. The MD.).  And then a local company was hosting a giveaway for liking their Facebook page.  Well, guess who won a $50 gift certificate to a restaurant?  Scary, I know. (By the way, I was too busy to go pick up my gift card, and now it's too late.  Who doesn't make time to go pick up $50 worth of free food?!)

So, anyway, I stopped entering contests and giveaways for a minute.  Call me crazy (and don't get me wrong -- I LOVE all my cool new stuff!), but I'm a little weirded out by all the luck. It felt crazy thinking, "I'm probably going to win this."  

So I'm done for a while.  UNLESS you want to bring me a lottery ticket.  We'll split the prize.

Edited to Add:  How could I forget?  Luck HAS stopped following me.  I had some good ol' car trouble after school earlier this week that required a husband to leave work and a call to AAA.  So I'm good now.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Little Angel

I remember when Morgan was a tiny newborn, and I would watch her sleep.  I couldn't believe she was really mine.  She looked like a little angel.

Well, ironically, the day of this picture (which was a couple of months ago), her behavior was not quite angelic.  This was the day she had a fit at the public library theater because she couldn't go onstage.  And she cried so much that she fell asleep in the car on the way home.

Yet when I looked back at my little ball of spunk that day, my heart melted just like it did back when she was a baby.  No matter how many fits she has as a toddler or however many "teenage daughter vs. mom" disagreements we encounter in the future, she'll always, ALWAYS be my angel.

Monday, August 22, 2011

30 Day Shred Update

First, I've got to put sort of a disclaimer out there for the pic on my last 30 DS post.  I was amused by the comments from my fellow 30 DS buddies saying I had this awesome waist.  Ha.

Let me start by saying that I do have a narrow waist.  But small?  Not quite.  You see, that pic was taken from the front.  If I'd turned to the side, you'd see the roundness (thanks to a not-so-good diet) and pooch (thanks to that thing called pregnancy).  So I've got to put it out there that my waist isn't quite what it seems on that last pic.  Looks pretty good from the front, I guess, but that's definitely not the whole story. 

I can sleep at night now. :-)

Anyhoo, the first week of the 30 DS was pretty good.  I started back at Level 1 instead of picking up where I left off several weeks ago (at Level 2).

Can you guess which weights I use?  I'm a wimp -- I use the three-pounders.  I'm not quite ready for the five-pounders (which blows my mind since I lift 30-pounds of toddler several times a day). 

I do the all exercises in their full, regular versions, with the exception of the push-ups.  I have to do those in their modified versions -- push-ups are hard!

I'll be doing Level 1 the rest of this week and then moving back into Level 2 the next (maybe sooner).  Gotta admit, I'm not looking forward to that. I cringe at the thought of one of the floor exercises from that level.  And the fact that there is a Level 3 to this thing makes me want to run away as fast as I can.

But I won't.  I'm here to stay.  Now if I can only make it to the grocery store to stock my place up with better food, then I could be on to something...

On your way out, go check out Hope's update.  And scroll down to see her first 30 DS post from last week!  She's had three kids -- one being a MULTIPLES pregnancy -- and she looks SO good!  Motivation!
Have a great week, y'all! 

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Hey, guys!  Just want to pop in to say hi.  My first week at school was great.  I have some sweet students.  In the first week, I had a kid compliment me on my dress and one to bring me ice cream.  That's huge because most high schoolers are trying to prove they're super cool, and telling the teacher she has a nice dress and bringing her ice cream are pretty brave. :)  Then I got tons of excited smiles and hugs from former students.  One student said "the last time I saw you, you had a baby in you.  How's the baby?"  Haha!  (Remember, I taught at a freshman-only campus for four-years, so I've been seeing juniors and seniors who haven't seen me since I was pregnant with Morgan.)  And one student from last year ran up and hugged me and said, I've been LOOKING for your classroom, Mrs. Kimble!" 

This is one of the many reasons I love my job.  Every year I have a twinge of guilt because I'm so strict on my students, but days like this is when I know I'm doing something right. What a way to kick off the school year.

Morgan also had a great week in her new class.  She REALLY loves her teachers and loves being with all her friends.  Her new class has Show 'n Tell every Friday.  She's been in this new class for two weeks, and guess how many times I've forgotten her Show 'n Tell toy.  TWICE.  Mom of the Year, I know.  Thankfully she's not at an age where she actually knows that her mommy screwed up. I won't forget this week. I've put all kinds of reminders on my calendar.  One new thing she's learned in this class is how to say her alphabet backwards.  And I'm having to learn to say them from her because I never learned to say the alphabet backwards.  Did you?

Anyway, I'm gearing up for Week 2 of my crazy fall life (mama, football coach's wife, teacher, student). I've written a post for tomorrow night on my 30 Day Shred update.  I've felt so bad that my blog hasn't been getting much attention that I wrote several mini-posts over the weekend that I'll schedule to post every other day or so for the next couple of weeks.  I take pics all the time -- mostly from my phone -- that I need to put in my scrapbook (this blog).  So that's what I plan to do in my mini-posts.  My life is about to be crazy the next few months, so I have a feeling my blog will be full of these mini-posts.

Speaking of football, the season is practically here!  Danny's been a football coach basically the entire time I've known him, and every year my excitement is even bigger than the year before.  Morgan is ready, too:

I found this great girl through my hairdresser that makes team-inspired flip flops and bows for little girls (or any color you want -- doesn't have to be a team). They are so cute (and her prices are unbeatable).  Email me if you want her info.  I've also gotten Morgan a few outfits for the season.  Found a couple of super inexpensive treasures at the consignment shop and had them personalized, and then I've hit up the Facebook sales hosted by those children's boutiques.  (Have you tried those?  ADDICTIVE.  Super cute stuff.)

These are for Friday nights -- Go Jags!

And these are for Saturdays -- Roll Tide!

Have a good week!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Back At It

I can finally exhale.

The first day of school was today.  It was great.  But honestly, the last week or so has been hectic for me.  I worked all week last week, put in some evening hours, and even sent Morgan to my mom's over the weekend so I could work, work, work. 

You see, you only have one chance to make a first impression on your students.  If they see that you're unorganized and unprepared, they will give you the same back.  I don't accept anything less than the best from mine, and I want them to feel the same about me. 

So when you're moving into another building and have to make a classroom "yours" all over again, it takes work.  Vision.  A plan.  And Sunday evening after working a few hours, I felt good enough to go home and wait for the day to begin.

And it was a good day.  My life feels somewhat normal again. 

I'm "back at it" in another area of my life, too.  My blog buddy Hope and I sorta skimped on our 30 Day Shred last month.  We both got busy, went on vacation, and all those other things that make you want to put exercising on the backburner.

Well, we told each we'd start back in two weeks.  That was two weeks ago.  So we're here again.  And this time, we have two more hot mamas doing it with us.  Talk about accountability. 

And this time Hope mentioned posting a pic.  At first I was thinking, "um, no way," but that's because I'm a coward.  And I'm pretty uncomfortable with my weight right now.  And I feel SO weird doing the self pic thing. 


I did it.

This was at 4:30 this morning AFTER my workout.  Had to cut off the face (straight outta bed, hair looking a hot mess, and sweaty -- you're welcome).

I'm not brave enough to post my weight and measurements.  Baby steps, people.

Plus, I sorta had cheese and crackers, a Twix, and a coke for lunch today.  And I don't have anything healthy in my fridge.  And I probably won't make it to the grocery store until maybe the weekend.

So forgive me if my pic looks the same in a few weeks.  Extra pardon me if the hips are even wider and the love handles are more evident...

No, seriously, hopefully in a few weeks I'll come back and tell you that I've lost a few.  Not sure I'll be brave enough to post another pic, though.

Anyway, it feels good to be working out again.  Day 1 was tough (I didn't throw up this time), but I made it through.  Ready for tomorrow.

Last but not least, I'm "back at it" with grad school again.  It starts later this week.  Two words:  oh, boy.  Let's not even talk about the fact that it's almost football season.  Our life revolves around football , so I'm praying for some serious time management. 

Anyway, glad the day is over.  Now off to watch Tia and Tamera's show.  Single Ladies was the only thing I watched on TV this summer -- and the season finale was last week - BUMMER -- so I'm glad that I have a new show to DVR.  I'm pretty sure by the time I straighten up and shower and all that good stuff, I'll be too tired to watch it, though.  Maybe tomorrow.

On your way out, go check out Kensya's post on Day 1 of The Shred! :)  Try not to be distracted by the super adorable kids.  OMG - so cute.

Have a good week, folks!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

See Ya Later, Summer!

Hey, y'all!  I've been trying to get on this blog all week.  After working long days, all I want to do when I get home is feed my baby, give her a bath, put her to bed, and then crash.  

Work started back for me this week, so I've been in full teacher mode.  The students don't start back until next week, but we've needed this time to unpack (from our move) and get our classrooms ready for students. That means working the regular day, then going to get my child from school and bringing her back to work with me.  Have you ever tried taking a two-year-old into a non-preschool classroom?  Scratch that.  Make that a classroom with 25 desktop computers and all kinds of "interesting" things for her to want to touch.  Nevermind that you made a special trip to Target's dollar section before you picked her up to fill a bag with toy goodies.  Nevermind that you became desperate after the toys didn't distract her and bought The Princess and the Frog on iTunes after you'd JUST purchased the DVD over the weekend that was sitting in the DVD player at home (which comes to a total of $40 for the same movie).  Nevermind that you completely forgot that you HATE public restrooms and when your child had to potty, you had to take her -- in a high school bathroom.  And she wouldn't let you hold her up while she went -- she wanted to sit down.  Lovely.  (The restrooms are actually pretty clean.  But still.)  Having my two-year-old at work with me was quite an adventure.  She likes it there -- didn't want to leave.  Had a fit when it was time to go.  Perfect ending to a long day, folks.  

Let's just say that after two days of trying the take-my-kid-to-work-with-me thing, we went home after I got her from school today. We'll try again later.  

So, yeah, we've been pretty busy.  Morgan started a new class this week and LOVES it.  She talks about her new teacher all the time, and she's only been in there three days.  And when I drop her off, she quickly hugs and kisses me, and then runs off to play with her friends.  

Like I said, our students come back next week.  I'm a bit anxious about the new school year.  Lots of changes.  New environment.  Way more students walking the hallways.  I'm used to a school with 650 freshmen.  Now we're talking 2,600 freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors roam. Upperclassmen.  Different breed.  I've done it before.  But after four year of just freshmen, I'll have to get back used to it.

I love my new classroom.  It's bigger than my last, is more open, and has six big windows.  I love natural light, so that's already a super plus.  

I'm really excited about meeting my students.  I'm teaching the siblings of a couple of students I had in summer school this year.  Then when I was in a restaurant earlier this week, a former student of mine, her mom, and brother came up to me and let me meet one of my newest students -- the brother. :)  As for the other 120+ students I'll meet next week, I can't wait to make them my babies.  I'd never tell them that, but they TOTALLY become my babies.  During the school year, I feel like I have one toddler and 120+ teenagers. Seriously.  One of the best feelings in the world.  Don't worry, I won't go into the whole I-love-my-job thing.  Again.  But I'm thinking it in my head.  

I have some posts in my head that I hope will make it to the blog one day soon.  I have to do a summer wrap-up post and tell all about Morgan at two and a half.  The girl is a mess, I tell ya.  So hilarious.  Stubborn.  VERY.  Yet sweet and loving.  But that's another post...

In the meantime, here's my sweetie before school yesterday.  I went out to the garage to get something out of the car and she found one of our old tennis rackets in the back (DK and I used to play a little bit back when were young, skinnier, dating, and shacking up).

This was just a year ago:

Guitar -- duh!

Don't worry, we live in a cul-de-sac.  So there weren't cars zooming by in the background.  (Oh, you didn't even notice that?  Well, I would've...)

Anyhoo, I'm too tired to go back and see if this post sounds right.  I'll hate it in the morning.  Oh, well, it's certainly not the first time.

Enjoy the rest of your week! :-)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bliss Part II

One thing about waiting several days after a trip to blog about it is you forget all the things you planned to blog about.  At least I do.  Thank goodness for pictures.  

One thing I remember is what Morgan did  the moment she saw me (remember, my mom and I came later, so it'd been a few days since she last saw me).  It wasn't "Mommy, Mommy!!" like I miss was more like:

"Mommy, Mommy, let me show you!  Ta Da!"  Holding up her foot showing me her newly painted toenails, courtesy of her Auntie Ash.  Haha! 

Morgan with my in-laws.  Don't they look so cute in their pink? :)

With her daddy, her beach buddy for life.

I totally have a crush on this guy.  

Neither of us are very fond of this pic (DK didn't shave and I have this awful habit of standing like my back is broken during pics?), but I had to post at least one with the two of us.  This was the best one in the bunch. 

And then the ol' family photo.  Every beach trip I say that we're going to put on clothes and take a nice Christmas card-like pic on the beach.  Never happens.  I think I'll put this on the Christmas card, anyway.  No?  Oh.

Child abuse again. We did this same thing last year, except for back then, she was a year old (clueless and helpless -- even worse).  Please don't turn me in. 

Plus I think she likes it.

My Little Fish

Not sure what this was about.

There's a story that goes with the blue swim cap:  My in-laws were basically making fun of me by putting this on Morgan's head.  Years back, they must have asked me if I could swim.  And they SAY I said something like, "Yeah!  I was a blue cap!" (at Girl Scout camp, that meant you were an advanced swimmer).  So this was their little jokey-joke on me. =)

My father-in-law took his golf cart along this time, and that made traveling around the neighborhood and to the beach quick, breezy, and fun.  And anytime Morgan was pre-meltdown, all they had to do was ask if she wanted to go for a ride on the golf cart.  Sold.  You can see the top of her head in the middle on this pic. :)

Out there catching some waves with my honey.

A few years ago, there was some shark activity around the Gulf.  A few attacks and quite a few spottings.  And if I remember correctly, the sharks were unusually close to the beaches (obviously still a good way out, but still close enough to where a few people swam).  Anyway, that fact kept me out of the ocean for a long time!  I remember we went parasailing that same year, which requires you to go out on a boat and climb onto the boat from the water.  The fact that we had to be IN the water for a short period of time made me SO nervous.  I remember being PISSED because the parasailing people dipped us in the water from the air! Haha!  (Like a shark would see our butts coming down and come up and take chunk!) Anyway, this is probably my first time since then really getting out there.

Mama and me.

Mo with her Tee Tee Ash.

My Mom

My mom and mother-in-law (we have a similar picture from last year).

Another funny thing about this trip is the fact that Morgan heard the ice cream truck EVERY time he came through the neighborhood (even when she was in the house).

Before dinner our last night -- look at that awesome tan!

We had a GREAT time!  And I just learned more details about my family's beach trip next month, and it looks like it's a go! Woohoo!

Now time to pick up while Morgan is still napping.  We went to the dentist this morning, and it didn't go so well. :)  She did NOT like the way that cleaning machine looked.  At least she let the doc check out her teeth and we got a good report.  He still loves all that space in her teeth, which makes for easy cleaning...and a definite orthodontist bill for us in about 10 years.  DK and I both had braces, so I guess she had no chance.

Happy Thursday, y'all!  

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


We just got back from a week of this (the dude in the blue shirt in the middle of the pic  happens to be DK).

I married into a beach-loving family, so we go whenever we can.  It was Miami earlier this year, Gulf Shores a few weeks ago (though Mommy missed that trip), and Santa Rosa last week.  And then it's possible we'll be going next month with my family.

Morgan doesn't know that yet.  I won't tell her until I know for sure we're going.  Do you think she'll be excited?

Yeah, I think so, too.

We had a great time, as always.  Morgan and DK went down with my in-laws last Saturday, but I stayed behind and worked the last couple of days of summer school.  After my mom got off from work Wednesday, she and I drove down (and we all stayed until Sunday).

These trips get even better as Morgan gets older.  She's just more aware of everything and truly loves it all.  

The pool was definitely her favorite, though. 

We bought this floatie probably two or three beach trips ago but she wasn't quite big enough for it.  This year?  Totally different! She's super comfortable in the water.  Danny and I are hoping she'll be a good swimmer like her mommy and daddy. :)

Here are a couple of videos.  The first one is of her Morgan and her daddy as he throws her and she goes under.  The second one is just her moving across the pool in her floatie.

I have more pics to post, which I'll try to do in the next day or so.  

I hope everyone's having a great week.  I've gotta find some energy somewhere.  I've got lots to do before work starts back next week.  At least we have a week to prepare before the students come back.  My last post probably made it seem as though I've been in bed recovering from my little vacation surprise of strep, but I haven't been feeling THAT bad.  There were about 12 hours on the trip where I thought I was going to die (seriously y'all -- chills, body aches, etc.), but luckily those were at night.  And I had my tough-guy-who-can-also-be-really-sweet husband who made 3AM trips to the kitchen to get ice and wet wash clothes to calm my fever.  Then after a trip to an after-hours clinic where we got two shots (we, as in my mother-in-law --  -- she had it, too), I felt better.  Today was probably the first day I feel almost 100%.  Yet I didn't really get anything done...

Anyhoo, more pics to come.  Happy Wednesday, y'all!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I'm Still Here

Hey, y'all.  I feel like I haven't blogged in forever.  Last Friday's flashback post was scheduled a week ahead of time, so I really haven't blogged since last Tuesday.  Not my intention.  I planned to get on here Sunday night and then last night, but I haven't found the energy.  Sunday we got back from the beach (we had a great time), and I'm still recovering from a little bout of strep that I got during our trip (boooo).  Then my house is a jungle (still slowly unpacking) and I'm preparing to go back to work next week, so I'm a little behind in everything.  Maybe I'll get on here tonight or during Morgan's nap tomorrow.  Soon, though.  I promise. I've got some fun pics and videos to post from our trip.

Hope everyone's having a good week!

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