Friday, September 30, 2011

I'm 29!

I guess I should blog about my birthday before the clock strikes October (in less than an hour).  I turned 29 this past Wednesday. :-)  Hard to believe I'm wrapping up my 20s.  No sad faces here though, folks, about my next birthday being the big 3-0.  Thirty is just SO NOT old to me.  

But does spending my birthday here make me old?

Okay, I'm exaggerating.  I didn't "spend" my birthday here, but Morgan and I finally checked out the used bookstore that opened here about a year ago.  (Until recently, I thought the place was a men's clothing store.)   We were killing a little time before Danny got off from work.

They have these bins of free books outside every day. They are often books people donate or books the store has too many copies of.  I thought for sure these books would be some random stuff that would be of no use to me, but I found these there:

NO, NOT FOR ME folks, but a friend of mine who is expecting her first baby.  How cool is it that these were in the Free bins?  They look like earlier editions of the books, but pregnancy doesn't change very much, you know?

Of course Morgan was in heaven.  She is SO my child.

Then we met up with DK for dinner.  Here's Morgan showing her daddy her "new" books.

We wrapped up our night with ice cream!

I had a great day at work, time at the bookstore, dinner with my loves, and ice cream!  And then the texts, Tweets, and Facebook messages were icing on the cake. Thanks for the love, y'all.  It was a great birthday!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Family and Cake!

Okay, let's try this again.  I've been using my husband's computer since mine is being repaired, and it's just so different from mine.  I went ahead and installed Google Chrome on his, which is my browser of choice, and I can tell it's already doing better.  I do believe this post will stay and you will end up seeing it. :)

Remember around this time last year when my family and I attended a cousin's baby shower?   In that post I mentioned that an aunt and I share a birthday.  Cool, right?

Well, that baby that was in her mama's belly at that baby shower was born a couple of weeks later -- ON OUR BIRTHDAY.  How cool is that?


Aunt MF (standing, in the green) is the other birthday girl.  :)  MK, my other aunt, is the grandmommy of the other birthday girl, K.  (Our birthday is actually later this week.  So K's not quite a year old yet.  And I'm not quite 21 yet.  And my aunt's not quite 25 yet.....  What?  Okay maybe I'm off by a year or two -- but who's counting?)

My aunt came home to throw Little Miss K her first birthday party.  She said she wanted to celebrate the 21- and 25-year old, too.  How sweet is that?

I had no clue we'd be getting presents, too (fun!).  And our name was even on the cake.  So sweet.

It was great to finally meet Little Miss K. 

I've mentioned before how my family plays games at every event -- birthdays, showers, and even holiday dinners!  Always so fun!

My mom always tells me at every family event to "take out the camera," and I always tell her to "relax...I'll get pics."  Then I get home and realize that I didn't get very many at all.  Mama, you're right.  You're always right.  I didn't even get a pic of everyone that was there!  :-(

But I did manage to get a few:

My Aunt E and Baby K.

Morgan and Mama.  Morgan's supposed "smile" is so funny.

At least my nieces are giving real smiles.

The boys.

Someone was excited to eat a sucker (or three) at the party.

Aunt V and Cousin S.

Mama and her three little sisters, my Aunts V, E, and L.

It was a day filled with food, music, games, and just good times.  And we're doing it again in November for my grandma's birthday.  Can't wait!

Morgan and I followed my mom to her house with plans to stop by and grab some things, and then head to the lake to feed the ducks.  But we decided against it.  It was too late in the day, and a certain person didn't get her regularly scheduled nap.

This was after she and I had a little run in.  This funny pic was taken by my mom, and I can't wait to show Morgan how she had the ability to give the Evil Eye at 2.75 years old (she's looking at me -- yikes!).

But then you see pics like this

..and remember that she's just a sweet two-year-old and not some crazy teenager bottled in a miniature body (sometimes I wonder!).  J and A stopped by to see Morgan Sunday afternoon, and she was THRILLED.  They gave her all the attention she needed to be the performer that she is.  Plus they brought cupcakes, so Morgan was even more thrilled. She didn't want them to leave, but was glad the cupcakes stayed.  She asked if she could have another one for dinner. Um, no. :)

So, yeah, that was our weekend!  Family + Cake = PERFECTION.

Have a good week, guys!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The post that never posted...

Hey, y'all.  I had an entire post created on how we celebrated three birthdays this weekend with family.  But then Blogger, Internet Explorer, or my husband's computer decided to delete it.  So unfortunate.  What's even more unfortunate is that I don't have time to recreate it right now.  :-(  I'll try to get to it in the next day or two.

Anyway, hope everyone enjoys their week!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lion King, YoGabbaGabba, and Things My Kid Says

Okay, I guess I'm on a roll with this blogging-once-a-week thing.  I blog and then I look back up and it's a week later.  Goodness.

We've been good.  Busy, as usual.

Over the weekend, Morgan got to hang out with her cousins.  We met up with Mama and the girls at the movies Saturday to see Lion King 3D.  I heard it was coming out, but I didn't realize it was last weekend (and that it would only be out for two weeks).  I couldn't pass up the chance to see one of my own favorite childhood movies (I was 11 when it came out -- how time flies) with my own little girl.

I was skeptical since we only made it through half the last movie we saw, but I was determined to try again.

Popcorn before the movie = perfect distraction.

It ended up being about the same -- we made it about halfway through before she got antsy.  But I had my mom to help me out with her, so we actually stayed until the end.  As far as how she liked the movie, she loved the 3D thing and glasses, of course.  She recognized the songs, too.  I've had some Lion King songs on her playlist since she was a tiny baby, so it was funny to see her make the connection (she had no clue the movie existed).

I was also a little skeptical about the movie because it was smack dab in the middle of nap time (recipe for drama).  But it ended up working out fine.  She fell asleep on the way home (after also sulking in disappointment because she couldn't go with Mama and the girls).

It was a perfect little outing.

She also got to see some YoGabbaGabba characters over the weekend.

Our local Babies R Us/Toys R Us just revamped their store, so they had the characters in for the Re-Grand Opening.  Morgan was SO thrilled to see Brobee!

And Foofa.

So much that she didn't take her eyes off of them.  Not even when she stopped to see Geoffrey. She didn't pay poor ol' Geoffrey any attention.  And he's the only one in the bunch who actually sends her birthday cards.

And Kung Fu Panda wasn't getting any love either. (Still looking at Foofa.)

Anyway, she was SO excited when saw them across the store.  I think she's totally forgotten that she's met the whole YGG crew before, including DJ Lance.  So thankful for pictures.

Anyway, it was a great weekend.  I actually relaxed a little and got some things done.

Also, I said I would start recording some of the stuff Morgan says.  The stuff I remember anyway.  Here are some recent things:

Our conversation on the way to school one morning:

Morgan: Mommy, look at that!

Me: What do you see, Morgan?

Morgan: It’s the moon! (She's always been fascinated with seeing the moon in daylight.)

Me: Wow, it sure is!

Morgan: Mommy, let’s go there.

Me: Go where, Morgan?

Morgan: To the moon!

Me: Okay, well, we’d need a rocket ship. And we don’t have a rocket ship, so we’d have to buy one.
Morgan: Mommy, let’s go buy a rocket ship.

Me: Well, do you have money for a rocket ship?

Morgan: Umm, nope! *A few seconds later:* Ummm, maybe it’s at Honey’s house! ("Honey" is Danny's mom.)

Me: Haha, okay. Well, I guess we could buy a rocket ship.

Morgan: Mommy, let’s go buy the rocket ship.

Me: Well, Morgan, the rocket ship store is far away. We’ll have to go later.

Morgan: Okay.

Morgan: *A few seconds later, talking to herself in a sing-songy voice.* Goooooing to the rocket ship store. We’re alllllllllmost there.

Me: Um, Morgan, we’re almost at school. You have to go to school today. We’ll have to go to the rocket ship store another day.

Morgan: Oooooookaaay.


At a restaurant:

Morgan:  Hey, Mommy!

Me:  Yes, Babe?

Morgan:  Where's the daddy flag?

Me:  Ummmm....*Looking around trying to figure out what she's talking about...then I notice the restaurant is flying a little flag and a big flag.  Tickled because the big flag is automatically a Mommy flag.*  Oh, I don't know, Babe...where do you think the daddy flag is?

Morgan:  Ummm, he must be at work!


On the way to school one morning:

Morgan:  Awww, she's sad.

Me:  Who's sad, Morgan?

Morgan:  The car. The car needs a tissue.

Me:  *Realizing that she's talking about rain pouring down the car windows.*  Oh, you're right, babe, the car is crying.  She's okay, though.  She doesn't need a tissue.


This one was of those days I was up to my nose with stuff to do and was running on very little sleep.  And one of those days Morgan was bouncing off the walls basically.  She did something to scare me (she's so rough!) and I yelled at her.  I immediately felt bad and told her:

Me:  Morgan, Mommy's sorry she was ugly and yelled, okay?

Morgan:  Okay.

A few seconds later...
Morgan:  Mommy, you're ugly.

It took everything in me not to laugh until I cried.  Especially since she looked at me with that guilty look like she KNEW that wasn't a nice thing to say.


When it's nearing bed time, I start singing this little song I made up -- especially if Morgan gets cranky and starts misbehaving. It's almost like it's my warning to her.  It goes like this:

It's about that time...*Insert beat boxing.*
It's about that time... *Insert beat boxing.*

And repeat.

Well, she responded one day with own version:

It's time to play...*Insert beat boxing*
It's time to play...*Insert beat boxing*

I could have died.

And then when I told her something like, "No, ma'am, it's bed time..." 

She told me: "Mommy, just relax."  (Something I tell her when she gets too antsy about something.)


Speaking of bed time, tonight, she called me from her room and told me she had to potty. 

After we went to potty, she told me, "Mommy, I had a good nap."  Something we always say after nap or after getting up in the morning.  That meant she thought she would be staying up

So I said, "Um, no, babe, you're going back to bed."

Morgan:  Mommy, I"ll go to bed next week.

Me (so tickled):  No, babe, you're going to bed right now.

*Insert mini-tantrum.*


One night at bedtime, after the usual story, hugs, kisses, and I Love Yous, I start walking out her bedroom door:

Morgan:  Mommy! I love you!

Me: I love you, too, Morgan. *Walking toward the door.*

Morgan:  *Blows kiss.*

Me:  *Blowing a kiss back and closing the door.*

Morgan:  "Mommy!" *Trying to get one more thing in before I close the door.*

Me:  "Yes, Babe?*

Morgan:  ROLL TIDE!



And there are so many others -- I can't keep up.  She has the funniest responses and explanations for things.  I can't believe the conversatios I have when I'm talking to my 2.75-year-old.  Kids are a whole lot smarter than I gave them credit for (in my pre-mommy years).  If I'm having a long, busy day, I can definitely count on my toddler to say or do something to make me chuckle.

Good times.

I hope everyone's having a great week!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Weekend in the A

Hey, y'all.  Oh, my poor blog.  Every day I say I'm going to update it, then evening comes.  After putting Morgan to bed, I only have enough energy to do a few things before crashing.  The poor blog just never seems to make the list of "things to do before bed."

I looked at it today and saw that it's been almost a week since my last post.  So I had to step on in here and do a quick update.

Life's been super busy. I would tell you how I'm averaging just a few hours a sleep per night, and how it's catching up with me.  And how I dropped out of my 30 Day Shred group just to get an extra 20 minutes of sleep in the morning (go here, here, and here to see how they're doing!). And how those two pounds I lost are back.  Or how my house looks like 30 people live here and it's just the three of us.  Or how I had an overwhelming few days at work last week where I thought my To Do list would surely kill me.  Or how I spent two hours in Best Buy today and learned that my laptop would need to be shipped off for repairs.  Or how I've looked at my life the past week and told myself how absolutely NUTS I am to be taking classes this semester...

I would have told you all of that, but I try to keep it positive here.  So I'll just tell you about our fun weekend in the A.  I recently realized that we didn't really go to Atlanta at all this past summer, which is so unlike us.  So I was thrilled when my sister-in-law told me our friends C & G were hosting a tailgate party for the Penn State vs. Alabama game at their house.  I thought it was a perfect reason to get away from home and temporarily forget about all of my To Do lists.  And grad school due dates.  And work due dates.  Yep, I needed it.

We typically don't go to Atlanta without seeing some of my family, and this time was no exception.

We got to hang out with Aunt Linda.  Here she is showing Morgan one of the new toys she had for her.  My Aunt Linda is such a give-away-er! She sent us home with several toys for Morgan, stuff for my kitchen, and all kinds of miscellaneous items.  I remember when I was a little girl, I thought Aunt Linda's house was SO cool. She always had unique pieces and she still does today.  I enjoyed seeing Morgan walk through her living room admiring the stuff and wanting to touch everything just like I did when I was a little girl. 

Of course I saw my dad, stepmom, and sister, too!

They also had goodies for the monster. 

 Too funny.

I have a picture with my daddy holding me just like this.
(Dad, do you know what picture I'm thinking of?)

Morgan and her Big Daddy.

Uncle Mike stopped by, too!  He and Morgan are posing with his new golf clubs.  :)

We love being able to spend time with family we don't see as often as we'd like.  That was such a wonderful day!

We headed back to our friends' house where we were staying, and ate and watched some football.

Then someone pulled out these:

...which made for a very animated night.

You see how intense these faces are?  We were SERIOUS about our UNO! We played a few games before realizing it was exactly five guys and five girls.  So we made it a guys vs. girls game. SO FUNNY!  

The guys ended up beating us in a very close race (after lots and lots of cheating).  It was fun, though!

By the time we finished, it was midnight.  And just like they always do, they stayed up playing spades and talking and having a good time. And just like I always do, I headed upstairs and hit the sack!  I can't hang!  Plus I'd only gotten one hour of sleep the night before, and I was pooped!

A picture of the kids from earlier that night. 

(C & G just had their second child -- a baby boy -- two weeks ago, and boy did I get baby fever from holding and smelling him.  But ONLY for a minute, folks.  I couldn't IMAGINE having another one right now.)

As always, we had a great time with our family and friends.  It was JUST WHAT I NEEDED.

Enjoy the rest of your week, guys!

Note:  I didn't use my camera at all this weekend.  All of these are phone pics. I could get used to this...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My 2.5 Year-Old Morgan

My Sweet, Spunky Morgan,
This post is a little overdue, but I'm finally sitting down to write this little letter to you.  You're two and a half right now (a little more actually), and I can't keep up with all the new things you're doing and saying on a daily basis.  So here's a little taste of who you are at this age:

Your Personality:  You have a very strong personality.  You have for a very long time, and I don't think it's going away (and I don't mind).  You're very passionate, very independent, and you like to be right.  You are also very loving, which completely melts my heart.

Physically:  You're still pretty tall for your age (and slim).  You wear a 3T in clothes because of your height, and most of those are loose in the waist.  We could get away with smaller sizes in the summer since you mostly wore dresses, but it is already proving to be a challenge when buying pants for the fall.

Now for the fun tidbits:
  • You love dressing up.  You love to find little outfits in your drawers (or in the clean laundry!) and create your own styles (that usually don't match).  Your favorite clothing item these days are skirts.

Also a great way to recycle too-little clothes.

  • Favorite TV Shows:  You love Team Umizoomi, Dora, and Olivia.  You still watch YoGabbaGabba sometimes.  You've almost completely ditched Fresh Beat Band and your love for drums.  Kinda glad I never got a chance to buy you a set.
In my classroom one day watching Mickey Mouse, I think.  Didn't last long.  You're not a big fan.
  • Favorite Books:  The Little Engine that Could, I'll Always Love You, and any Clifford book.  You also loving rhyming books, and hearing you "read" them is hilarious.
  • You're obsessed with Princess Tiana.  I finally bought you your first Disney movie, and I thought it'd be fun to start with The Princess and the Frog since I'd never seen it.  LOVE IT!  We quickly learned all the songs and even act out some of the scenes.  You always want to grab my hand when Tiana grabs her mommy's hand in one of the songs.  Aww.  Anyway, you've only had the movie maybe a month or two, and you already have three Princess Tiana dolls.
  • You're "A Big Kid Now."  You've been doing #1 in the potty for months, but only recently have you decided that #2 is worth putting in the potty, too.  I told myself I'd never stress about potty training, and I'm proud to say I didn't.  Even after my mom and grandma told me how I was being a lazy mom (out of love, of course).  I just figured you'd do it when you were ready.  So after some encouragement at home and plenty of help from your teachers, you're all good and potty trained.

  • You have good manners for the most part.  You say please and thank you regularly, but we're still working on "yes ma'ams" and "no sirs."  I actually heard you say it this morning to Dora (yes, Dora) when, during the episode, she was asking if you wanted to help her with her adventure for the day.  We've just gotta continue to work on you saying it to real people and not just cartoons. :-/

  • You like to talk.  A LOT.  Nonstop.  You're nothing like your daddy or me in that way.
  • You like to sleep with books.  After we've read our story for the night, you insist that the book goes to bed with you. And then you'll sit up in your bed in the dark and read the story about five more times before talking yourself to sleep.  (We've got to stop that soon because apparently you talk yourself to sleep at school, too.  Not really okay at naptime when you have other classmates trying to get some shut eye.)
Got a few books in bed with you here.
  • You still sleep in a crib.  Several months ago I planned to convert your bed to the toddler bed, but when I went out to the garage to get the piece, I realized (after two years of having the piece) that it was the wrong piece.  We actually brought home the full-size bed pieces (at least we have them for when we need them).  When I went to order the toddler piece for your bed, it was out of stock.  So we never ordered it.  So what I did was take out the springs on your crib and sat your mattress on the floor.  Otherwise, you'd climb out every time.  It's worked perfectly for months.
  • You eat oatmeal for breakfast every morning.  Still.  And the same kind -- the kind that you give babies at six months old.  It's basically whole grain oats with some banana and apple flakes.  Pretty much no taste at all, but you love it and ask for it every morning.

  • You still love singing and dancing.
  • Though you can be a girly girl, you're actually pretty rough.  You nearly give me heart attacks with the stunts you pull.
  • You love school and look forward to going all the time.  You even ask on Saturday and Sunday mornings if you can go to school.  After all that asking all the time, you still get a little clingy in the mornings when I drop you off.  But I think it's more of an act and/or routine.
  • You're really good with my phone.  You know how to open your games and music to access your favorites.  You also know how to take pictures with my phone and go through the albums and videos.  
You took this pic of me early one Saturday morning.  Though I'm not crazy about the way I look, I love this picture because you took it.  
  • You're probably going to be a terrible liar - much like your daddy and me.  You never actually lie (not sure if you're old enough to know how to lie), but you sure give yourself away all the time.  Every day when I ask you how your day was at school, the first thing you'll tell me is whether or not you'd been in timeout.  And why.  And at home, I get super nervous when I hear you say, "She broke it" or "What happened?" while you're playing independently.  That always means something is spilled, broken, ruined, etc.  Never good.  And whenever you've just done something wrong, I can ALWAYS tell from your facial expressions.  ALWAYS.
  • You recently went through a little period where you'd say "my brother" or "my sister" during imaginary play.  Um, you DON'T HAVE a brother or sister, little girl, and you made mommy nervous that month with all that crazy talk.   

  • You pretend to be me all the time.  Goodness gracious, people don't lie when they say your child hears and watches EVERYTHING you do.  Just listening to you play, I realize just how much you're watching.  For example, the other day while you were pretending you were on the phone, you said, "Hi, Amberly (not sure who that is), this is Gerri Kimble.  Yes, K-I-M-B-L-E. (I always spell our last name when giving it over the phone.)   Good, how are you?" I. COULD. HAVE. DIED.  
  • You have no secrets.  Last weekend we were guests at a friend of the family's house to watch football and eat dinner, and you ran into the kitchen in front of everyone and said, "I poo pooed in the potty!"  Lovely.
  • You love nature (rainbows, sunsets, clouds that look like "turtles" or "dinosaurs," as you say).  That makes me happy because maybe that means you'll be like me and will have a soft spot in your heart for the simple things in life.
A rainbow we saw one day.
  • You love wearing high heels and/or shoes that make sounds on the floor.  
At your TeeTee Ash's house one day in her red pumps.

A video from that day.

And there's so much more that I could add but can't think of right now.  I guess I should start doing these as mini posts so I can remember all the funny and memorable things you do and say.  All I can say, Babe, is that you are hilarious, fun, spunky, strong-willed, loving, kind, and super silly!  My kind of girl!

We love you and think the world of you!


Note:  These are all random phone pictures taken in the past few months.  Good times.

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