Friday, June 29, 2012


A cousin recently sent me this pic she took of M back during football season, and I just love it.  M is so happy with those big, bright eyes.  She and I sing "You Are My Sunshine" together all the time, and this pic just puts me in the mind of it.  Can't wait to see Little Miss Sunshine today and hear all about her trip.

Happy Weekend, y'all.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Fashion Show Never Ends

As I've mentioned before, M has very strong opinions about what she wears.  She went through this whole skirt and leggings phase, which is definitely still going strong.  But now her choices are leaning more toward dresses.  

The reason?  Because it's pretty much what I wear every day in the summer. For the past several weeks, she's been saying, "Mommy, I want to wear a dress like you."

Now anyone who knows me personally knows that I absolutely love putting my kid in dresses.  Nothing fancy.  Just simple, sweet dresses.  So I welcome this phase with open arms.

But because I want to remember this little skirt phase of hers, over the past month or so, I've taken pics of some of her random outfits.  She cracks me up with the stuff she comes up with.

There are actually two skirts here.

Bumblebee and ladybug combo.  

I finally just threw this tutu away.  It's (clearly) been through a lot.
(You can't really tell, but she's also carrying a yellow handbag of mine.)

She's always rummaging around in her room finding 
things that I've purchased for when she grows a little.
Like these shoes that are clearly too big.
But she's been wearing them a lot around the house.

And these pool shoes (that I bought last year for THIS year) that are still too big.
But she loves 'em.

PJ shorts and tights.

She found a box of headbands in her room 
and decided to wear them all at once.
So like her.

There are a couple of things wrong with this picture, but hey, that's her style.

*sigh*  I miss my little munchkin.  So glad she'll be home tomorrow.  She's told us several times she's not ready to come home, but maybe she'll be a little bit happy to see us.  Such a big girl.

Hope everyone's having a great week! :-)

~ G

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ramblings on a Summer Day

Hey, y'all.  I meant to post yesterday but the day was too busy.  I'm here today, but I just want to ramble.

June is almost gone -- seriously, that was fast!  A couple of days ago I created our Summer To Do list.  Lots to look forward to!

My baby is 500 miles away!  She went to Raleigh with my in-laws a couple of days ago to visit DK's great aunt and uncle.  This is actually her third time visiting and her second time without her mama and daddy.  Such a big girl.  I miss her so much, but I'm glad she's spending time with family she doesn't see very often. Plus Facetime makes everything a little better. {Last Summer's Visit}  {Summer 2009 Visit}

Summer reading has been different this year.  I'm not as consistent with recording all the books M reads because she'd much rather "read" them herself these days (with the exception of bedtime).  It's harder for me to keep up with them like I have in previous summers, but l'l do better when she gets back.  

As for MY summer reading, it's been a little sparse since I've been taking a grad school class (that I've finished -- woohoo!).  I've been trying to get through book two of the God Don't Like Ugly series.  It's a six-book series that follows a couple of friends from their teen years (in the 1960s) to when they're adults raising their own children. This second book isn't keeping my attention as much as the first, but I'm going to keep reading because I've heard the series gets better.  I love Mary Monroe's books because they're based in the mid-1900s when times were different.  Life wasn't so fast. Her novels are kinda dark, so you won't find unicorns and rainbows, sexy vampires or werewolves, or "spicy" scenes, but they're definitely interesting.  I'd suggest starting with the Mama Ruby two-book series (based in the 1950s) if you're interested.  Again, kinda dark and crazy, but interesting!  

Speaking of spicy, I admit to being curious about a certain book EVERYONE'S been talking about.  My reading preferences have changed over the years, so I'm not sure I'll enjoy it as much as I would have in my younger days.  But I kinda want to see what all the fuss is about (it's the only way to form my own opinion, right?)!  I'm too cheap to pay for the $10 Kindle-app version, and I'm #200-something on my library's waiting list, so I guess I won't be reading it anytime soon.

Anyhoo, I have a ton of random pictures I want to save to my blog -- all kinds taken on my camera and my phone (and even pics sent to me from relatives) -- ranging from years ago to weeks ago.  I'll be randomly posting those over the summer (while I have the time) so they can be saved to my beloved memory book (this blog).

I'll start with these, though, because I miss these big, bright eyes so much.  These are pics her daddy sent me several weeks ago when they went to Panera after school one day.

DK doesn't like Panera much, but he took M
because she loves their broccoli cheddar soup 
(she is her mother's child).

I love these pics so much because 
she's actually looking at the camera.  
I love her eyes.
Did I mention that I miss her?

Hope everyone's having a good week!  I'm going to try to make use of my child-free days by being semi-productive.  Be back tomorrow or the next day!

~ G

Monday, June 25, 2012

Trip to the Art Museum

Hope you had a good weekend.  Ours was pretty laid back, but we did get into a couple of things.

We met up with the cousin- and sister-in-law Friday evening.  We ended up browsing the mall for a little bit and trying a new dinner spot.  As always, M loved hanging out.  Plus her night ended with ice cream, so she was ALL GOOD.

Riding the train with her daddy while we browsed.

And then on Saturday afternoon while DK was working an event, M and I decided to check out the new kids' exhibit at the art museum.  

I didn't know what to expect since I'd never actually been to our art museum, but I was pretty impressed with this exhibit.

They have a room designed for children ages 5 and under with several different stations that foster learning and creativity.  It also has bins of creative toys and shelves of books if you want to make it a story time.  M LOVED this room.

There was also a room for older children that was really cute.  We found a couple of things in there to get into.  M loved the digital painting board (very much like the iPad apps she like to play, but obviously much bigger).  You could also email yourself your kids creation directly from the board.  The "older kids" room also has an Asian brush painting station that she liked (that I liked, too, because it only involved WATER -- no actual paint)!

She and I both enjoyed the museum. We were sure to get a "passport" that rewards the kids for their repeat visits because we'll definitely be going back (oh, did I mention that the art museum is FREE* -- we love free entertainment). Over the summer, I hope to show her one "real" exhibit (in the actual museum area) per visit before we visit the fun rooms.  They have a scavenger hunt sheet that you can complete that adds a little fun for the kids while they look at the "real" art.

For local mamas who haven't visited this new kids exhibit yet, it's really cute.  We happened to go at a time of day where it wasn't crowded (there were only a couple of other famlies in there), so we could see everything when we wanted to.  The rooms aren't very big, so I could imagine it getting a little uncomfortable if you have more than a few families in there. But again, it's free, so you could just leave and come back without feeling like you lost something.

All in all, it was a great weekend.  Trying something new is always fun.  Enjoy your week, folks!

* with a suggested donation of $3 per person.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Water Love

We have no definite plans for the weekend, but there's no telling what we'll get into. 

We stayed inside a whole lot last weekend, which we're not really used to.  I had grad school work to do, was tired from the week, and just didn't feel like going anywhere.  So I put my kid in front of the TV hoping she'd be as happy as can be.  And she was...for like an hour.  Then she called my name approximately 48,689,733 times (for a thousand different reasons) and climbed all over me accidentally knocking off papers and such before I realized this kind of day just doesn't work for us.  While I still had no plans to go anywhere, I knew we had to get out for our fresh air.  So I closed the laptop, went out to the garage, and opened this little contraption I bought a few weeks ago. 

Last year we used a little splash pool for days like this, but donated it when we were cleaning out the garage a few months ago.  We could have easily gotten another summer out of that thing. 

I couldn't bring myself to buy another one, so I bought this little $5 hopscotch set as it's watered-down replacement (pun intended):

She liked the hopscotch set well enough that day, but I can tell I'm gonna have to add something to it. I saw this awesomeness on one of my favorite blogs and thought "oh, yes!" (but after Googling this awesomeness, my wallet said "OH, NO." *sigh* A mama can dream...)

Snack time.

Oh, how I love this little girl.
Looking forward to all our summer days.

Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mugshot of the Mischievous :)

I texted this picture to my husband yesterday.  I go to put a load of clothes in the washing machine, and I come back to find my child all in the suncreen lotion.

Rubbin' it in.

I wish I could say this was an isolated incident, but we're going through a solid phase of mischief.  When I say solid, I mean all the time.  This same thing happened a few weeks ago with Vicks Vapor Rub.  And this past weekend, I found my deodorant and little squirts of lotion in the potty.

I wish I could say that she didn't know that this was wrong, but that wouldn't be true.  I'll walk in the room and she'll have these big, bright eyes that say, "I know I'm not supposed to be doing this, but it's so fun."  And then when I don't catch her, she comes to me after committing the crime with a look on her face that says, "Mommy, I sure hope you don't discover what I just did."  (Oh, yes, I can count on her for that.  She always tells on herself with those guilty eyes.) 

Fortunately this phase isn't a hard one for me.  In fact, I struggle not to laugh most times.  But I've got to find a way to get her to think her actions through before she does these things.  Her actions yesterday cost her an afternoon treat -- a cupcake.  And yes, for her it was the end of the world. Mission accomplished.  It's an experience watching her learn from her mistakes.

I just hope it sticks.  Because I can't imagine next time it being my phone or iPad in the potty. 

*shuddering at the thought*

Despite our little incidents, we're having a great week.  Hope you are, too! 

~ G

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pretty Thrifting

This was a random day in the yard last week...

...but I actually took my camera out because I wanted to get pics of M in this dress. It's one of my mama's thrift store finds (like I said, she's a longtime pro).  She's given us probably 20 dresses from the thrift store this summer, but this is one of my favorites.  So classic and simple -- just the way I like 'em.

I wish I found awesome things in thrift stores.
It's is a gift, I believe --
an eye for treasures combined with time and patience.
While I've scored a few random things (like the desk in our office/guestroom),
I usually have very little luck.
(Though I tend to have better luck
in kids' consignment shops. Kinda the same thing.)

So because I'm not a great in thrift stores,
I live through my mom and blogs like this and this.
Maybe I'll learn something.

This little stool right here is another thrift store find of my mom's.  It's a "Time Out" stool complete with the words "TIME OUT" on the top and a timer.  Unfortunately the timeout method doesn't work very well for us.

But the timer is fun to play with apparently.

She's such a country girl at heart.

Then someone decided she wanted to sweep the leaves out of the garage.

No way was I stopping her.  We may be on to something here...

Hope you're having a great week so far.

~ G

Monday, June 18, 2012

Thankful on Father's Day

Hope everyone had a great Father's Day weekend.  I know how blessed I am that my dad is alive and well and active in my life and my daughter's.  I realized very early in life that parents don't have to be together for them to be good parents to their children.  My parents split when I was very young (young enough that I don't even remember them as a couple), and my dad lived (and still lives) in a neighboring state.  It didn't matter that I didn't get to see him every single day. His love for me was evident through the many summers and holidays I spent with him, my stepmom, and sisters, and through the phone calls I'd get when I wasn't with him (that I still get today).  I"m very grateful.

And then I married a guy who I felt would be a great father someday.  Even though I was right about DK, he has still exceeded my expectations.  I love watching him love our daughter.  I'm so glad God gave him to me. 

My daughter is also blessed to have two GRANDfathers.  I have no memory of my dad's dad (unfortunately he died either before I was born or when I was too young to remember him), and my mom's dad (deceased, too) was never actively in her life or ours.  So I appreciate that M knows her grandfathers and has already made many memories with them.  They love her dearly and she knows it.

As for what we did over the weekend, we pretty much stuck around the house.  DK worked a football camp, so we didn't get to see him much.  Besides going to a convention with my in-laws yesterday and going outside for some waterplay in the yard, M and I didn't even leave the house.  I stuck her in front of the TV while I did some grad school work and got a lot done.

We also made our Father's Day gifts for her daddy. DK and I don't really buy gifts for each other for holidays, but we still try to somehow make the other feel special.  I knew M and I would probably be making DK a gift for Father's Day, but I didn't know what exactly.  So while I was (*ahem*) finishing up a can of Pringles this weekend , the idea came to me. 

DK is the type to throw his change in different containers, so we have random little boxes, glass jars, plastic animal cracker containers, etc. with coins in them.  All very attractive (not).  So I decided we'd make him a Father's Day piggy bank using the Pringles can.  We ended up with this:

All of this was made with craft stuff we already had in the house (scrapbook and construction paper, washable paint, glue, and ribbons).  It has her handprint, an "I Love You" message, and a little Father's Day 2012  message on the back.  It was fun to make.  What was super sweet about it was that as soon as M woke up on Father's Day, she remembered that she'd made it for him the day before.  The first thing she said was, "Daddy, wake up! We have a surprise for you!" and ran to get it.  She was so proud of it. :)

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend.  Have a great week!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

DREAM BIG (read a phonebook if you have to)!

Last week kicked off our summer reading fun at the library.  This year's theme is Dream Big! Every week there's a different show for the kids in the library theater, and we always try to go (rarely do we turn down free entertainment). 

Last week it was singing with Roger Day. 

This week it was a Madcap Puppets show, Wish Upon a Fish.

If you remember last year we had an issue with M wanting to go onstage.  Then she improved a little.  We had a tiny incident last week with her wanting to go onstage, but it was quickly corrected.  She's older now.  She gets it.

We've been reading a lot, but I've been bad about recording every book.  We have a big goal of 2,500 pages this year, so I need to write down everything.

Which reminds me of a funny little incident from a couple of months ago.  We went out of town for the weekend and forgot to pack toys and books.  We didn't really worry about it because we knew we'd be out and about, but we underestimated the downtime...

We had the iPad, which had some of her games and shows...

..but that got old.

My baby wanted her a BOOK.  And in true M fashion, she found one.

I found her in the corner
reading the yellow pages.

Apparently ads make good stories, too.  Dream big, right?

Hope everyone's having a Happy Wednesday.


Looking for a good summer reading list? 
I ran across this blog on Facebook and kinda fell in love.

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