Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring breaking...

Hey, y'all.  Just popping in for a minute tonight.  I hope everyone is doing well and having a good week.

I'm not really in a blogging state of mind, and haven't been since my last post.  Our spring break has been a little busier than expected, and blogging is just the furthest thing from my mind.

We're enjoying it, though - especially not having to be awaken by an alarm clock every morning. So far we've spent a little time with family (my mom, in-laws, grandma, an aunt, and a cousin), and done a few things around the house. My plans were to do a big spring cleaning job (especially my closet -- it's turning into a disaster again), but little of that has been done.

I did have to spring clean the car.  (Am I the only one who has to spring clean their car?)  In between M's school papers, my school papers, toys, books, etc., it was starting to look like a home office/playroom on wheels.

I made her help me since she's responsible for 50% of the pile.  (Forgive our bed hair.  I'm pretty sure we never left the house that day.)

She's awful help, by the way, and was ready to be done after the first five minutes.  She's ME all over again (now I know how my mom felt)!

We've also been nursing ourselves back to health after a little cold/virus/whatever it was.  We ALMOST made it the entire cold season with no sickness whatsoever.  My poor husband has it worse than M and me put together. I've had a few symptoms, but not enough for me to really take anything for it.  The little one has coughed a few times, but has had no other symptoms.  (Boy, am I glad about that.  There's nothing like a sick child.)

I tried "running" mine off the first day I realized I was getting sick.  Remind me to never do that again.  I could barely breathe, and my chest was killing me.  And I had to stop halfway through my run, which I did not like.

Of course I tried it again the next day.  I ran slower than normal, but I got my regular three miles in.  I still have a few days to catch up on because I'm a little behind on my running.  I don't enjoy missing days.  

I took a screenshot of my last run because I reached the 200-mile mark.  I've run 78 times since August (this doesn't include the nine weeks of training I did before August) and have burned a lot of calories (not that that even matters since I have a horrible diet, but that's not the point...). My average pace overall is 10:07/mile, and that's taking into account all of my early/beginner runs.  I'm now averaging between 9:35 and 9:50, which is nothing super impressive...but it's progress for me.  Progress is good.

And y'all, bear with me as I talk about running in all my posts.  I know exactly .0000001% of you are interested in my running, but I'm kinda proud of it.  This blog is my scrapbook, and I just can't leave out the fact that I am enjoying such a healthy hobby. I can't tell you how many times I've started an exercise routine and didn't stick with it (for even a month - 30 Day Shred, anyone?). I'm two months away from celebrating my first YEAR as a runner, and I'm kinda stoked that I've stuck with it so long. I don't even view it as exercise -- it's almost necessary for me as it has been an amazing way to work off stress.

Oh, and about my other hobby that I know you care so much about (ha):  what I'm reading. I stayed up late last Friday night to finish the 50 Shades series, and I'm so glad I did.  I liked it (book two was my favorite out of the three) and recommend it to anyone looking for an easy read.  (Well, it may not be an easy read for EVERYONE, but if you're mature enough to handle the risque content, then check it out.  It's a beautiful love story.)

I recently started a novel that's more my typical genre - Toni Morrison's Sula.  I've actually never read a Toni Morrison novel before now.  I really enjoy fiction set back in the early to mid-1900s, but for some reason, I've never read any of hers. Not sure how that happened, but I'm reading one now (and have several others waiting on my wishlist).

Anyhoo, I'm about to enjoy this last half of spring break with family, pretty blue skies, and Sula.

I'll probably update again Monday or Tuesday.  Or whenever the blogging bug bites me.

Enjoy the rest of your week and have a wonderful weekend, y'all.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring is here!

It's spring, y'all!  And even though it's cold today, I cannot be more excited about the change in season.  Like I've said before, spring to me symbolizes a new year - forget COLD January 1!  This time of year feels like new beginnings.  It may be 37 degrees today, but the sun is shining and I know in a few weeks, warmer temps will be the norm.

I hope to plant some things in my yard this spring, too.  My yard is SO boring.  No flowers or cute plants or anything. Sounds like a fun project for M and me.  I will also try convincing my husband to let ME cut the grass this year (or at least help him do it).  He usually pays someone to cut our grass (especially in the summer when the heat is crazy), but I think it's time we take our yard back. My MOM cuts her own grass and her yard is much bigger than ours, so I think we can handle it.  Plus, it's great exercise.

I've been reading the third book in the Fifty Shades series (which I'm enjoying), but am a little bummed that my loan period ends in less than 48 hours.  I'm only halfway through the book unfortunately -- I'm not sure I'll finish.  Every day I plan to go home, do my wife and motherly things, shower, and and then kick back and dig in to my readings. While that usually happens to an extent, by the time I read my daily devotional (which I have to read before I read anything else) I'm either too tired to read anymore.  Or I'm battling a four-year-old who is afraid of monsters in her room.

If I don't finish this book by the time my loan period ends, I'll just have to wait again (months!) to finish it - because I'm sure that's how long it will be before the book becomes available again.  Which is also the reason I'm reading the doggone thing waaaay after everyone else in the world has read it.  I just refuse to buy them, so I depend on my library (and it's crazy waiting lists) for books.

Anyhoo, spring also means it's March Madness time.  Got my bracket filled out and ready to go.  I don't give a flip about basketball until this time of year.  I actually do a bracket for basketball and football season. One of DK's coaching friends does a pool with friends and family, and DK and I always jump in. Unfortunately I never win, but my day is coming, y'all...(click the bracket to see it better)...

A lot of people are choosing Indiana to win it all (including President Obama), but I'm gonna be the odd one. I say Louisville. (And yes, I absolutely felt kinda smart when a co-worker showed me the president's bracket  -- AFTER I'd done mine -- and he and I had the same two teams in the final game.)

This is my first year posting my bracket on the blog, so I'm hoping that putting it out here will give me some luck! :-)

Last, but not least, spring time brings SPRING BREAK (which begins in two days)!  I look forward to spending time with our families and getting some sunshine. And of course spending longer days with my krew:

Have a great day, y'all!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Highlights from the Weekend (Easter Baskets with the Fam, a Solo Trip to Tarjay, and a "Doctor" Visit...or 10)

Hey, guys.  How was your weekend?  I had a great one, and I hope you did, too.  

I only have a few minutes to blog today, but I wanted to highlight my weekend before the sweet details are just a memory.  There's just not a lot of room in my brain these days.

The fam (my mother, grandmother, aunts, and I) got together for our Easter baskets for Bunny Aid.  This year we made baskets for seven little girls and boys. We did this on a slightly larger scale last year because I'd planned well in advance. This year, Easter (and the deadline for these baskets) came out of nowhere, so we just met up at a restaurant for lunch with our baskets.  Our little gatherings like this are always extra special to me because my folks live an hour away. I know, I know -- that's nothing to most folks.  But the fact of the matter is I don't get home nearly as much as I'd like.  So I look forward to these. 

If you're someone who lives in the area and would like to help a family in need, please consider making a basket donation to Bunny Aid.  It's fun, and it gives you the opportunity to spread a little joy.  Baskets are delivered to organizations like the Ronald McDonald House and the Salvation Army. Go here to learn more.  There's still time!

Once my family pulled off to head back their way, I just sat in the car and realized I had a day to myself.  DK and M drove over to spend the day with my in-laws, so I wasn't exactly rushing to get home.  I was already dressed and in my car, so I could actually...DO SOMETHING.

First on my list was a little shoe shopping for M.  Spring is approaching, and her fall shoes are worn.  I wish I could go just any place to get her shoes, but she's SO rough on shoes. So I have to go to boutiques and specialty/children's shoe stores to get the good, sturdy stuff.

On my way home, I passed the newest Target to open in our metro area.  I hate shopping, y'all, but the exception is Target. All day, every day.

I had no true need to go in there since I go to the one right by my house a couple of times a week ( least).  But no need to pass a brand new Target when I was husband- and kid-free, right?  The day was mine to waste.

So I whipped my car around and headed back that way.  I drove up to the most beautiful Target I've ever seen, y'all.  Seriously.  What was even more beautiful was the fact that they were having a sell on children's play clothes - a sale the one near my house WASN'T having -- so I was able to pick up some items for M for the spring and summer at a discount.  I also browsed my section (rare), tried on a few dresses, and found the perfect cardigans (that I looked all over for last year and never found). This day could NOT get any better, right?  

Well, yes.  Yes, it could actually.  Because I got me some Target popcorn and a red Icee and headed to a nearby park to read. The day was too beautiful to be inside.

A Little Bit of Happy

After that, I decided the day had been long enough.  I'd been up since 4AM, so I headed home.  There was still about an hour of daylight left, so I decided to go for a quick run.  This may or may not have had something to do with the fact that when I tried on those dresses at Target, I noticed a little extra jiggle that wasn't there a few months ago...It was also because I hate letting beautiful sunshine and spring temps go to waste. 

The best things in life are free...

By this time, my peeps were headed back.  M had initially called and asked me if she could stay with my in-laws for the night.  When she realized her daddy wouldn't be staying there with her, she decided she didn't want to stay either.  What is up with that?  She could stand to be away from me for a day, but not her daddy?  A dagger through my heart - ha!

The funny thing about it is she came home and was back to the old M.  She and I played "check up at the doctor" 1,589,153 times, and we put some miles on her new Olivia playset her daddy bought. 

She's been stuck under and snuggling with her mama like usual the past few days, so maybe, just maybe I'm getting my girl back.  We'll see!  I wouldn't mind putting off the daddy's girl thing for a few more years. She's still all squishy and cute and lets me kiss her and hug her, so she can become a daddy's girl when she's too cool for parents.

Have a great week, guys!


Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy Friday! (+ Beating Records and M's New Favorite Parent)

Okay, let's try this again.  I actually posted a version of this post yesterday, but it did some kind of disappearing act as I was fiddling with the Blogger app yesterday afternoon. So I'm posting it again (with an addition here or there).

Okay, I remember mentioning the time change, and how it's taken me a few days to get used to it.  I've given my alarm clock the side-eye every day this week.  And by the day's end, I've been completely exhausted.  But today is Friday, and I feel great.  But then again, maybe it's because today is Friday...

I ran four days straight this week just so I could take Saturday off (got a date with my peeps!).  I usually take a day off between Monday and Thursday. I didn't feel like running at all a couple of days this week, but decided at the last minute that I'd feel better afterwards.  I was right.

Speaking of running, I forgot to mention last week that I'd done one of my March runs (for bling).

I didn't beat my best time, but I managed to beat two of my own records (1K and 1 mile).  Apparently at one point during the run, I was jogging my fastest ever.  So beating records, even small ones, feels kinda good.

On a completely different note, here's a picture of my sweet girl this morning.

I was tickled because she chose Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer to take for Show-and-Tell today...just in time for...SPRING. Ha!  My intention was to get a pic of her and ol' Rudolph, but somehow he never made it to the pic.

My sweet girl is becoming a daddy's girl these days, and that makes me a little sad. I knew it would happen eventually, but it doesn't mean I was ready for it. Don't get me wrong -- I think the daddy's girl concept is really sweet.  To me it means a little girl adores her daddy in a way much different than everyone else, and that she begins to favor her daddy over most others - including her mama.  And that's the part that's been more apparent around my house.  M's been choosing her daddy for things she used to choose me for.  And I don't think it's necessarily jealously (at least not very much of it).  It's more of seeing her grow up and not depend on ME for everything that hurts my heart a little.

It's funny because DK and I had always made a game of it...I would poke fun at him every time M chose me -- which was most of the time. Now that the tables are turned, the game's not so fun anymore. Womp!

Ah, well.  I guess I need to suck it up.  At least she still depends on me for some things. Even if it is stuff like this:

Me *Taking a nice, hot shower.  Literally the only time I'm alone all day.*

Someone walks into the bathroom (I should lock it).  I see a tiny shadow through the shower curtain.

Her:  "Mommy, I'm thirsty."

Me:  "Um, did you ask your daddy?"

Her: "No, ma'am, daddy's busy."  

***Watching TV, y'all.  DK is watching TV.  My showering doesn't qualify as busy.*** 

Me:  "Okay, I'll be out in a sec..." or if I'm just getting in the shower, "Go ask your daddy!"

I guess I should be glad that she still thinks that I'm never too busy for her. Ha!

Have a great weekend, y'all!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Case of the Disappearing Post

Hey, y'all. I had a FULL POST up earlier today. I opened it later on my phone after I noticed a typo, tried to edit it through the Blogger app, and the entire post disappeared. Just GONE. I know that the post was published (I saw your comment, Quiana!), but now it's like it never existed.

Why, Blogger app, why?

I'll post again tomorrow probably.

But in the meantime, I'm deleting this app from my phone. Like RET now. It's never been any good, anyway. Get it together, Google!

Have a good day, peeps! :)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hey there, sunshine!

Hey, peeps!  It's been over a week since I've updated, and that wasn't exactly on purpose. I wanted to blog during my lunch on Monday, but Monday turned into one of those work-through-lunch days.  Same thing on Tuesday. Before I knew it, was a work-through-lunch WEEK.  You know how that is. :-)

I never have time to get on the computer once we get home in the evenings, and I have a feeling this will be another work-through-lunch week at work.  So I needed to pop in this Sunday night before my little blog goes two weeks without an update. 

First thing's first:  last weekend. We didn't do much.  Honestly at this point, I don't even remember last weekend. But I do have this picture to remind me of something I did.  

My sister-in-law's friends took her to dinner for her birthday, and she invited me to tag along.  I rarely turn down dinner dates -- especially if it involves seafood!  

I also finished the second book in the Fifty Shades trilogy (I liked it) and jumped right into book 3.

And that's about all I remember from last weekend...

THIS weekend I was super excited because of the weather forecast -- sunshine and warmer temps.  And boy, was it great!

We went to a local state park to enjoy the sunshine. We started with a visit to the petting zoo, but my kid apparently has no interest in animals right now (translation:  if they got too close to her, she was crawling up our legs).  So that part didn't last long...

"Any closer, Billy, and I'm running for my daddy!"

Then we did a little canoeing.  M loved paddling.

It was still early when we got home, and that gave us plenty of time to soak up more sunshine and eat some good food.  The husband grilled steak, burgers, dogs, chicken, corn, and mushrooms. Cousin J came over to see M and brought cupcakes (which earned her a spot in M's prayers that night, too.  She thanked God for J
"because she brings me cupcakes." Ha!).  So it was a great day!

We spent the rest of the weekend outside.  

It's made me so excited for spring...


I hope all of you are doing well.  I hope to blog again before the week is out, but just in case I don't, I hope you have a great one!  Be back soon.

Love, G

Friday, March 1, 2013

Randoms on a Friday (+ a Little BLING!)

Hey, peeps!  It's the weekend!  Oh, what fun!

No major plans over here. My house is a jungle, so I'll be cleaning as usual.  Between Monday and Friday, my house becomes a war zone. I have a habit of not putting things back where they belong, so they build up to mountains of clutter by the time the weekend rolls around. So of course I spend time every weekend doing damage control, only to have the same thing happen again...

Luckily that only takes a few hours out of my weekend. I'll be squeezing in other things, too, of course.

Like reading. Apparently I was next on the waiting list for the last two Fifty Shades e-books at my library, so I'll be trying to read those before my time is up. I'm about halfway through the second one.  

A couple of my co-workers told me that I'd find myself skipping through "those" parts to get to the real story, and now I know what they mean. I really just want to get down to the bottom of what the heck is wrong with Christian Grey.  Rich, powerful, and beautiful, but as lost and fragile as they come... (Find out what else I'm reading here.)

On another note, let me share a little bit of awesomeness with you:

Remember when I did the I HEART RUNNING virtual 5K on Valentine's Day? Well, I got my bling this week!  I got a little carried away and signed up for three more runs between now and the end of April, but they should keep me on my toes. Over the holidays I got a little lazy and was only doing about five or six miles a week. Now I'm back at nine miles a week, sometimes doing as much as 10-12. 

If you'll remember, my 30th birthday present to myself was to become a runner (something I NEVER thought I'd be).  I started training in June, and by the time my September birthday rolled around, I was running like it was nobody's business. So you know what that means?  In just three months, I'll be celebrating a YEAR as a runner!  I'm hoping no injuries keep me from celebrating such a cool anniversary!

Anyhoo, have a great weekend, y'all. Much love!


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