Thursday, May 30, 2013

M's Very First Time at the Mic (One to Remember)

Hey, y'all. Hope everyone's having a good week.

My little one is still with my in-laws, so the house has been unusually quiet. While this was my first official week off from work, I did kinda go to work this week.  I attended two days of training for my district.  It wasn't training we had to attend, but they paid you if you did.  Being paid to learn is usually not something I'll turn down, so I was there. Plus I walked away with some great tools I can use in my classroom next year.  Win-win.

We've got air conditioning now.  We were fine for a few days without it -- that is, until it reached 90 degrees up in here. DK had a guy come out yesterday evening who saved us from melting.  I always get so nervous that one of these tech guys will come out one day and say, "Your system is dying.  You need a new one."  Thankfully that has yet to happen.

So, remember I told y'all that M had her preschool program last week?  And that her, um, "performance" was one to remember?  Well, I have the proof on video.  

She takes over the mic (which is already bad), but I didn't notice until we watched the video at home that she discreetly moves one of her friends out of the way so that she could have better access to the mic. *sigh*


Yeah, we've got some things to talk about. I hope that kid's parents didn't notice that little move.  I'm proud of M's confidence -- no doubt -- but we've gotta make her aware that this was not just HER moment.  (This may be our punishment for not yet giving this child a playmate at home.  Sheesh!)

On a brighter note, the program was so adorable and the kids did GREAT. Here is some of what they did:
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Pledge to the Christian flag
  • Pledge to the Holy Bible
  • Books of the Bible 
  • The 10 Commandments
  • The Beatitudes
  • Nicene Creed and the Lord's Prayer in English AND Latin (the five year-olds, not M's class)
  • States and Capitals
  • US Presidents
  • Phonics
  • Planets
  • Recitation of a few scriptures
They did a few songs for us, too, including this adorable one:

I know videos like these will mean more and more as the years go by.  I thought I would cry at this little program, but I didn't.  Probably because M's not one of the kids heading to kindergarten in the fall (she doesn't turn five until December).  I can't believe we only have a year of preschool left. :(

Anyhoo, just wanted to share.  I know my dad will get a kick out of that first video...I'll be waiting for his call. :)

Be back soon, folks!


Edited to Add: I took a few pics, too:

Cake and punch afterwards!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hey there, summer.

Hey, y'all.  How is everyone?

It's been a week since I've blogged, but I wanted to pop in and say hi. I plan to blog a little more since I have more free time this summer. I'm looking forward to that.  I enjoy blogging and always wish I had more time to do it.

School/work ended for me last Friday.  Since then, I've been getting settled in my new, more chilled lifestyle. It's been GOOD.  I've been trying to decide how I want my summer to look.  I have some goals that fall into a few categories -- baby girl, self, house, family, etc.  Y'all know I'm a little silly and like to share that kinda stuff, so I'll be sharing those here on the blog soon.

Our summer has started pretty much like every other summer the past few years -- our doggone air conditioning unit has decided to act up.  It reached 90 degrees in my house today. Our unit HATES US.  The hubs is getting it looked at tomorrow.  I'm afraid we're gonna have to replace it sooner than later. Not looking forward to that.

BabyCakes is with my in-laws this week.  I'm sure she hasn't thought about us once. She's spending time with cousins, riding the golf cart with PaPa, and cooking with Honey. I know she's having a good time.  She's a blessed little girl.  I miss her SO much.  So thankful for FaceTime.

Speaking of my little one, she had a her little preschool program last week. I have pictures and video that I hope to post soon.  One of the videos is a bit embarrassing since my kid took over the microphone. Every time I look at the clip, I cringe.  I felt so bad for the other parents, though, who were ready to see their kids shine at their time at the microphone.  Yet that one overly confident little girl (MY girl) kinda made it her moment.  *sigh*  I know I'll laugh at it one day.  And to be honest, I'm kinda proud that M is so confident in front of an audience. But hopefully next time she can share the limelight.

Speaking of light, we've been getting out in the evening hours and seeing some beautiful sunsets.  Sunsets tickle my fancy. Summers in the south are humid, can-barely-breathe hot, so our time outdoors have to be around this time of day (or early mornings).

We helped DK in the yard one day.

M mostly blew bubbles and rode her bike, which is what we'll be doing many evenings over the next couple of months.

I'm SO glad summer is here. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Hey, good people.  Hope everyone's having a good week.  Ours has been pretty good so far. I cannot BELIEVE we only have two days left of school.

I can't say our week has been uneventful though, since we were in the Children's ER last night getting stitches...

Yes.  My child is her mother's child.  She's carefree and half the time isn't watching where she's going.  Somehow I made it through childhood without a broken bone or ever getting stitches, but my kid?  Not so lucky.

Last night while getting ready for bed, I heard a loud bump and then a cry.  Never good.  I left whatever it was I was getting out of the kitchen to find my child with a bloody cut above her eye (she'd fallen and bumped her eye on the wood/metal part of her bed). I immediately calmed her and patted the wound clean.  The tears stopped pretty quickly.  They weren't even long enough to alert her daddy, who was in the next room, that something had gone down.

We went to let him know that we'd had a little accident, and he immediately transformed in to Dr. Daddy. He grabbed ice to stop the swelling and bleeding, and held her close.  All was well.

Until the thing kept bleeding and we'd gone through a few Band-aids.

And the more her daddy looked at it, the more he was convinced that we should take her to get checked out.  I initially didn't believe a visit to the doctor was necessary, but her daddy thought differently (good call, Daddy).  So we headed to Children's.

It was drama free. She'd asked us if she'd have to get a shot, and we were honest with her.  "We'll have to see, babe.  But we'll be right there with you, though."

For some reason, she had no fear.  I'm sure I have Doc McStuffins to thank for that.  We told her everything as we went along.  When we learned she would, in fact, be getting stitches, we had a Doc McStuffins episode to refer back to to help her understand.  No fear whatsoever.

She wasn't afraid of the nurses, she had a conversation with the doc as he was sewing her up (at one point telling the doctor she was "having fun" getting stitches), and left with not a single tear shed.

What's even funnier is she was PROUD of her three stitches.

One for the memory books, for sure.

And here's my girl heading to school this morning ready to get there so she could tell her friends and teachers all about her stitches.


I am so thankful that this wasn't serious and that she was so tough through the whole thing.  Now if only she could be a little less like her mama and be more aware of her surroundings, then maybe we won't have this "fun" experience again. :)

Enjoy the rest of your week, folks!


PS - No shot was needed since they now apply numbing paste before stitches. I'm sure our how night would have gone very differently had this not been the case! :)

Monday, May 20, 2013

Books, Birthday, and a Baby (Not I)

Hey, good people.  Everybody have a good weekend?

We did.  We had a few things going on that gave us a chance to hang out with some of our peeps...

Friday night we took the little one to the summer reading launch event at the library. They had all kinds of cute things for the kids to do.

My sis-in-law was passing through, so she hung out with us, too.

They had rooms set up with games and goodies.  
(This is M and SIL making snow in the Chronicles of Narnia room.)

They also had a Willy Wonka room complete with candy, giant cupcakes and all kinds of other goodies.  M had fun, and it was a great way to kick off summer reading!

Saturday we had two events - a birthday party and a baby shower.  One of my cousins I grew up with came home (from Virginia) to celebrate his boy's birthday with family.  At Chuck E Cheese!

M with the Birthday Boy

She'd been excited about Chuck E Cheese all week.

I was so glad we were able to spend time with my cousin and his family.  They come home ever so often, but we don't get to see them every time.  I was so thankful for that time.

Then for some adult fun:

My dear friend E is having a baby soon!  Last year around this time, we were wedding dress hunting and showering her as a bride-to-be.  This year, we're awaiting the arrival of her and her husband's BABY GIRL!  My heart is melting already!  

What's even sweeter is that she recently left Atlanta to be closer to family when the baby comes. She now lives just 30 minutes from me -- I CANNOT BE MORE THRILLED.  My dearest friends all live in other states, so now I can see at least one of them more often (and love all over her baby girl)!

As expected, her shower was great.  Lots of people, fun, and FOOD!

I ran into an old cheer squadmate at the shower. 
I'm sure there's a picture of us similar to this from 13 years ago!

Last, but not least, M stayed with my grandmother while I was at the shower.  She picked flowers from Granna's yard, ate popsicles, and was fascinated with a neighborhood cat. She had a great time. (Unfortunately Grandma opted out of a pic.)

My Aunt N also came over, so M was able to spend time with her, too:

I love this pic of these two!

I LOVE that we got to see so much family over the weekend. It was a real treat!

Friday is my last day of work.  No more classrooms, bells, or students until August. Initially I was a bit disappointed about not being able to teach summer school this year...but as summer nears, that disappointment is wearing thin. I am actually very excited about having a couple of months off. I feared I'd be bored, but who was I kidding?  There's enough stuff to do with my little one (and stuff around the house that needs to be done) that will EASILY keep me occupied.  Yay for summer!

The countdown begins...

Have a great week, y'all!


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Cool. Stuff.

Hey, good people. I wanted to drop in and share a little bit of what I've been up to.  I particularly wanted to share a few cool things I've been doing/using in my "me" time. Be warned, though, that my cool and your cool may be completely different - he!

Staying Accountable
I kinda scaled back on my fitness routine last month. My schedule was crazy and making time to exercise was even harder than it was before. Naturally after my schedule finally became normal again, I was rusty.  The last thing I wanted to do was go run or workout. comes GymPact

This little gem of an app (no pun intended) has really been holding me accountable. What's really cool about GymPact is you actually make money if you stay true to your goal for the week.  I should add that this app is NOT meant to be a big money maker (I've been using it for three weeks, and I've only made about $7.50). It's meant to simply help you meet your goals (while making you a dollar here and there while you're at it). It's for ALL FITNESS LEVELS. Go check it out (and if you use my referral code, we'll both get $5. Code: tbarGerri)!

Big Library Read
I started reading the novel for the Big Library Read last night. The book is The Four Corners of the Sky by Michael Malone. I've never read this author (not my typical genre), but I LOVE the idea of people worldwide reading the same book at the same time.

And so far, the book is pretty good. Go here to learn more about the Big Library Read.  Visit your local library's Web site to download your FREE copy of the book (join the fun)!

Speaking of reading, I took a break from my own Bible-reading plan to study Nehemiah with the girls over at She Reads Truth.

Again, there's something about reading/studying with people from all over that fascinates me. It's a 21-day study, and it's only three days in.  Go here to jump in!

Okay, clearly I'm a nerd because just about everything I'm sharing today involves reading. This one is too good not to share, though:

Have you heard of  Well, it's kinda awesome. If you love reading, you need this in your life. BookGorilla sends you a daily list of free and hugely discounted Kindle* books (catered to your tastes).  I rarely purchase books, so I'm always looking for the "free-free." I've started a pretty neat library just from the list of free (and highly reviewed) books I've found through

Do you remember that library Beast gave Belle?  Let me refresh your memory:

Am I the only one who's always been fascinated with this scene? I mean, lucky girl, right?? Thanks to technology, I'm building the virtual version of this.  And I'm having a lot of fun doing it.

So anyway, I wanted to share these cool apps and sites with y'all. If you didn't find anything cool in this post, then you should really check your coolness. For realz.

(I kid.)

On another note, the season finale of Scandal is about an hour away. I've gotta go do my breathing exercises to prepare. I have NEVER watched anything on TV that has caused me to forget to BREATHE, y'all. If my husband finds me passed out on the floor tonight, then y'all know why. I have a feeling tonight's episode is going to wreak havoc on my heart, soul, and overall well-being. Yes, it's like that.

Enjoy the rest of your week, peeps, and have a great weekend!


Edited to Add:  Saw this on Twitter last night:

This is exactly what this show does to millions of people every Thursday night.  Last night's season finale...I'm still in shock.  Shonda Rhimes and her team are BRILLIANT.  

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day + "Girls on the Run" 5K

I hope everyone's having a good week. Mine's been pretty good.  We're wrapping up the school year around these parts.

Hope you had a good weekend.  Here's mine in snippets:

My sister-in-law was in our area this weekend.  Sometimes when she's in town, we'll all go to Cheesecake Factory and chow down. I had a running event the next morning (more on that in a minute), so I didn't order my usual.  My usual happens to be a dish that made news earlier this year for being super fattening, so I ended up going for a less carby dish. I went with steak and shrimp scampi, which may be my new Cheesecake Factory favorite.  (I skipped the cheesecake.  Thankfully I don't LIKE cheesecake.)

For Mother's Day, my mom came our way:

(The fact that we have on an almost identical outfit was NOT planned.  It's kinda scary actually. Who wants to walk in and find themselves dressed like their MOM?? Ha!)

Now I wouldn't mind looking like her 20 years from now. I mean, seriously, does this face look like it's in its 50s? (I LOVE this pic of her and M, by the way.)

Speaking of M, I am so tickled that she eats salad. When I was a little girl, I had no interest in eating ANYTHING green. I guess I should be happy she'll eat a salad because she "doesn't like" veggies in general.  She has to be tricked into eating them usually.

Anyhoo, Mother's Day was great.  After lunch, my mom took M to the mall to get a cookie because she'd been good at school. She'd had a rough few days (my talkative, STUBBORN child...), so my mom promised her a "cookie from the mall" if she did better.  She was so excited about that cookie. 

So anyway, about that run I mentioned last week... was my local Girls on the Run 5K. Girls on the Run is an organization geared toward helping girls grades 3-8 realize the importance of emotional and physical health.  It inspires young girls to be joyful, healthy, and confident. What is there not to love?

The girls were so adorable in their tutus, pretty ribbons, face paint, and knee socks. And their enthusiasm was contagious. It was such a fun environment.

Doing the Wobble

I'd signed up to be a Running Buddy.  A Running Buddy encourages her "assigned" girl as she completes the 5K.  She is her girl's personal cheerleader, running beside her the whole time. I looked forward to meeting a sweet little girl, but was I nervous, too. My fear was that I'd get the oldest age group, and my "buddy" would be taller and more athletic than my 30-year-old self, 5'1 self - ha!

I ended up being assigned to an elementary school. The team to which I was assigned had enough Running Buddies than girls thanks to heavy parent participation (which I think is awesome).  The rest of us were told we could just run and enjoy, so I ended up joining the regular runners (adults who were there for the general 5K experience).

I ran into A (above), whose mom taught in my department before she retired.  A and I happened to be assigned to the same team, so we snapped this pic to send to her mom. 

So the question is, HOW DID I DO?

Well, I didn't pass out.  And apparently I wasn't as rusty as I thought - I ended up placing third in my age group. And while I didn't beat my personal record, my time was a whole 3.5 minutes faster than my very first 5K back in October. That feels great.  It certainly helps with my runners confidence. {Edited to Add:  Forgot to include my official time, which was 31:09. Nothing spectacular, but good for me.}

The Girls on the Run 5K was a great event that I hope to help with again next year.  If you're interested in learning more about Girls on the Run, go here (or here to find an event near you). 

Enjoy the rest of your week!


Friday, May 10, 2013


Hey, y'all.  Hope you've had a good week.  It's been a minute since I popped in.  I've been uploading pics and/or typing up posts for the last few days, but could never finish and publish. I have three posts I've been trying to get up this week, and guess what.  They're all going up today (posted below). I live on the wild side.

So what have y'all been up to?  Me?  Well, it's been one of those weeks where I can't sit still long enough to form a complete thought.  Which is the reason today's post is given to you in snippets:
  • I'm so glad the month of May is finally starting to look like the month of May.  The 50-degree temps earlier this week were just weird. 
  • Warmer temps means pretty dresses and outfits for the little one.  I've said it many times how I LOVE dresses on little girls, and that's hard to do in the winter.  M picked this one out yesterday morning -- I love it, too.  It's a cute little thrift store find of my mom's last year.
  • I've been slacking on my running because of how crazy the last month has been. I haven't had a solid run schedule since before spring break (March!). Instead of running 3-4 days a week, three miles a time, I've skipped days and shortened runs. And boy, I can tell the difference in my body. I've packed on a few pounds, and my runs have been harder in general.  Yuck.  Yesterday I pushed myself to do an entire 5K because guess what?  I HAVE an official 5K event this weekend.  And I'm rusty.  Taking a month off (basically) has done my body no good.  Thankfully yesterday's run gave me a little bit of confidence.  I can still do it, but I'll probably pass out at the finish line.
  • This pic is from earlier this week as Babycakes and I waited on her swim lessons to start.  I had no idea at the time of this picture that this swim session would be our worst yet. She all of a sudden decided she was afraid (?), and refused to get in the water. Imagine the drama. Thankfully between the teacher and me (and promises of fruit snacks when we got home), she got in the pool the last 10 minutes of the lesson. She did much better the next lesson, and is already excited about continuing next week. 
  • I got the pretty-much-official word that the summer school class I teach isn't going to make. *sigh* I'm not sure what I'm going to do with myself this summer.  I seriously considered finding a regular job to keep myself busy, but I doubt I find something that will only let me work part-time -- particularly 8:00 to 1:00, Monday - Friday. I have no desire to work full-time, evenings, or weekends during my summers, so I'll have to find other ways to keep myself busy.
  • M will still be going to preschool this summer (it's more like a camp in the summer versus preschool).  While I could keep her out this summer, we run the risk of losing her spot in the fall.  We just can't let that happen. (We recently learned that once again, her preschool has won Best Preschool in our metropolitan area.  The waiting list is insane. Just can't risk it.)  I'll probably only take her a few days a week, though, and only for a few hours. Mama's summer vacation = baby's summer vacation, too.
Don't forget to check out my long overdue posts below. Also, I'll be sure to let y'all know how my run goes this weekend - ha.  Last but not least, Happy Mothers Day to the mamas (and like-a-mamas) out there. 


Weekend Wrap-up (TV! Park! Dance Party!)

I know the weekend has come and gone and is now here again, but I wanted to save these fun pics from last weekend.  We'd planned to go to Atlanta for a Braves game, but the rainy, 50-degree weather left no desire.  We decided at the last minute to just stay home, and I was THRILLED.

You know what I did last weekend?  WATCHED TV. Not a big deal for a lot of people, but watching TV requires planning for me. During the week it's not an option, and even on the weekends, there are certain things I have to do before I feel settled enough to indulge. (I've started to make an exception for one show, though - SCANDAL! I try to watch that once the little one goes down on Thursday nights.  Even if I am an hour or two behind, I get my fix.)

Anyhoo, this unexpected weekend at home was PERFECT because I had episodes of Grey's and The Game to catch up on. I was SO excited.  Saturday I climbed in my bed with the goal of watching TV for three hours straight -- no interruptions.  My baby was fed and clean, and if she needed anything her daddy was right there. 


You know how that is.  

They left me alone for the most part, but this happened a couple of times:

Me to Baby:  Why are you in here?

Baby to Me:  Because I love you. (Clever, clever girl.)

Me to Baby: I love you, too, now please get out.

What did I say that for?  It quickly turned into a game of Let's Interrupt Mama!

And then Daddy joins.

I question their love for me.

Anyhoo, despite the clouds and dark skies, we didn't get much rain at all.  So we took the little one to the park.

Saturday night we also had a mini dance party, something M and I like to do.  You know...get in front of the mirror and rock out to the Fresh Beat Band or Justin Bieber or sometimes my music.  She's been getting into her daddy's hats lately and insisted we wear them at our dance party that night.  Nice touch, don't you think?

So it was a pretty cool, laid-back weekend.  I'm looking forward to longer days like this in the summer! 

Graduation Season (w/Loved Ones)

It's graduation season!

To be honest, I am no fan of graduation ceremonies.  They're just...LONG.  :-) The only snippet of excitement is when you/or that loved one walks across the stage. And that lasts, what, five seconds? In fact, I dread graduation ceremonies so much I didn't walk in my OWN ceremony last weekend (for the degree I finished back in December). Yeah.

But every once in a while, I do go to a ceremony.  This one was for my peeps!

Aunt T

Cousin T

I had two relatives graduate in the same ceremony last Friday.  Perfect. 

My aunt who graduated is my dad's sister, so M got to see her Big Daddy.  Of course she was glued to him the whole time.

W/my sweet stepmom. 

Both of these are my dad's sisters.  They are hilarious (in fact, my dad and his siblings all have that funny gene), so they're always fun to be around.  My aunts are SO sweet and supportive, and I just love them. 


My cousin T also graduated. She's from my mom's side. We grew up together, going to the same schools all our lives. That's my Aunt E on the other end (my mom's sister).

I also grew up with A (pictured right).  I don't see them often, so this was a treat.  
The last time were were all together was here

And this one is my "baby" cousin, who just finished her first year of college. 
She is SO cute and sweet (and stylish).  I'm so proud of her.

It was kinda surreal getting to see two sides of my family that day.  I am so proud of my aunt and cousin because they did this degree thing while being mothers and working full time. If you've never had to go to school while working and being a parent, consider yourself lucky. It's TOUGH. I am SO proud of them.

Have a great weekend, folks!


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