Saturday, February 22, 2014

Snow, Straight Hair, and Other Tidbits

Hey, good folks!  Hope February has been treating you great. Hope you're having a fantastic weekend, too. We have done absolutely NOTHING this weekend, and it feels good. Church in the morning, and then hopefully spend the rest of the day doing absolutely nothing again.

Lately I've been watching some TV!  I have FOUR shows that I DVR that are my guilty pleasure on weekends like this: Single Ladies, The Haves and the Have Nots, Being Mary Jane, and Downton Abbey. I'm usually weeks behind, but I'm finally caught up. Scandal comes back on this week.  My life will be complete again!

Did I tell y'all I've gained 10 pounds since summer?  I'm at my heaviest, non-pregnant weight ever. I'm actually just seven pounds shy of what I weighed nine months pregnant.  Womp! That may or may not be related to all the TV-watching that's been going on around here. Or the fact that I'm eating every thing I see. Or the fact that I haven't run in...forever.  Or the fact that my TSH levels are STILL off.  Bottom line is this: my health is being put far down on my list of priorities, and if I don't fix it soon, I'm gonna pay for it even more.

Speaking of health and doing something about it, I have a race in exactly three weeks.  The problem is, I'm as rusty as all get out.  I haven't run in MONTHS, y'all. I registered for this race last month to motivate me to start back running, but so far it's produced little motivation.  This race is three weeks away and I'm SO out of shape. Should be interesting!

Enough of the whining...remember on my last post I mentioned that we were scheduled to get more winter weather?  Well, we did, and we ended up being out of school another three days.  Woohoo!

The snow started that night, so of course we went out and played a bit.

I don't do cold/wet/snow very well, so it was mostly an M and Daddy thing.

With their snowman, Olaf. 

The next morning, the fun continued. 

And they built another Olaf.  Good times!

And would you believe we had some days in the 70s this week?  This southern weather, I tell ya...

Lastly, I straightened my hair this weekend!

(Excuse the blurry pics!  They were taken by my five year old photographer.)

Big deal?  Why yes.  Yes, it is. Because I haven't straightened my hair since I cut off all the relaxed hair back in July.  I've been curly or rocked a fro this whole time and have loved it!  I've learned so much about my hair since then!

I've been getting the straight itch lately, though. It HAS been seven months, you know. It's time for a trim, so I've been thinking about going to get that and a blowout while I'm there. But today I got the itch to do it myself (straightening, not the trim -- still in need of that).

Now that I know truly know my hair, I'm pretty protective of the curl pattern. I was a little nervous about the heat.  I was sure to use thermal protective products, though, at every step. I don't plan to make a habit out of the straightening, though. Love my fro too much.

Every inch of the hair that was cut in July has grown back. I have to wash and style my hair in sections because it's so much of it!  Which is another reason I can't do this straightening thing too much.  Takes much longer than the curly styles!

My students this year have never seen me with straight hair.  IF my hair makes it through the weekend (IF!), they're in for a little surprise.  I can imagine the comments already...

"Mrs. Kimble!!!"

"Mrs. Kimble, you look better with curly hair."

"Mrs. Kimble, you look better with straight hair." 

Teenagers crack me up...

Anyhoo, hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend!  Be good and be safe!


Tuesday, February 11, 2014



Hope everyone is doing well!  My blog has certainly turned into one of those "periodically updated" blogs. As you can tell, though, I'm okay with that.  I still capture all our little just takes me a bit longer to record them here. 

All is well in our neck of the woods. M is obsessed with Frozen at the moment. She's seen it three times in the theater now. Between her daddy and her PaPa, she has three Frozen dolls.  I may or may not have downloaded songs off the soundtrack.  We know all the words and some of the choreography.  M browses YouTube for Frozen music videos in her free time - ha! We're Frozen crazy around here and are counting down the days to the DVD release.

DK has been busy with basketball. He's actually taking a break from coaching football, so he seems to be home a lot more. No football spring training for us, which I have to admit is kinda nice. We've gone on a few dates lately, which has also been nice (movies and dinners - my favorite). We've also been talking about what's next for us -- new house, baby #2, etc. -- but neither are in our immediate plans.  We've got work to do on our house, and I've still got to get my thyroid situation under control. We'll get there, though. We're just chilling -- enjoying life as it is.

And me? Well, I've been working on growing professionally.  Got a couple of things up my sleeve. Things that may or may not pan out. I used to be afraid of failure, but not so much anymore. Failure brings lessons and growth. I'm hungry, and I'm willing to accept the lessons and growth that come with it.

Anyhoo, last month on MLK Day, we went to the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. M has been learning a little about civil rights at school, and has been very curious. So I thought it was the perfect time to take her back to the museum (went went a few years ago when she was pretty young). 

She enjoyed it.  We tried to teach her as much as we could (the preschool version, of course), and she was pretty interested.  Every time I visit the museum I'm reminded just how much was sacrificed so that we could live the way we live today.  I'm grateful.

Speaking of grateful, I'm also grateful for our family.

Like my in-laws, who are so good to us. They've kept M a few weekends lately while DK and I have gone out, or when I've had professional obligations. M LOVES going to her Honey and PaPa's house, and doesn't miss us at all while she's there.

They had us over a few weeks ago for dinner, along with some of DK's aunts and uncles, and my mom, grandma, and aunt. 

They played cards and had a ball.

The food and company were great.  So glad we could hang out with our folks that day.

Last, but not least, the great snowpocalypse happened two weeks ago.

As you probably know, that the South was hit with some winter weather that made for a very interesting couple of days.  Long story short (that you can read here), DK, M, and I both spent the nights at our schools that night. Here's another pic I took from my classroom.

It was a bit crazy, but we were definitely some of the lucky ones.   When M found out she'd be spending the night at her preschool, she wrote this note:


It ended up being completely okay, though.  She enjoyed the "slumber party."

We were able to go home the next day. I made a Santa Fe Soup while M and her daddy enjoyed the remaining snow. Good times!

So that's what we've been up to.  We're actually at home today because of another winter weather forecast, and may be out again tomorrow.  Who knows?  This weather has been crazy.

Anyhoo, hope all is well with you! Be good and be safe!  Until next time...


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